API: Automating and customizing BOM tables (VBA)

Version 3

    This archive contains:


    • NewBomTable.ppt (Automating and Customizing Bill of Materials PowerPoint presentation)
    • wrench.slddrw
    • wrench.sldasm (and its child component assemblies and parts)
    • 1_View_InsertBomTable2.swp
    • 2_BomFeatureByFmtTraversal.swp
    • 3_BomFeatureByAnnotTraversal.swp
    • 4_BomTableAnnotationCustomProperties.swp
    • 5_AddColumnsForTotalWeight.swp
    • 6_MinimalMacroFeature.swp
    • 7_BomTemplateConverter.swp


    To learn how to automate and customize BOM tables:


    1. Unpack the archive in a convenient location.
    2. Open wrench.slddrw in SolidWorks.
    3. Open NewBomTable.ppt in PowerPoint and read the slides and notes.
    4. Open and run the VBA macros as instructed in the PowerPoint slides and notes.


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