PropertyManager Page Add-In Tutorial (C#/VB.NET, SolidWorks 2011)

Version 15

    This tutorial ( shows you how to create a custom SolidWorks® PropertyManager page for an add-in using either the SolidWorks SwCSharpAddin template or the SwVBAddin template and the SolidWorks API.


    In this tutorial, you learn how to:
    • Install the SolidWorks API Software Development Kit (SDK).
    • Use a SolidWorks add-in template to create a C# or VB.NET add-in project in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
    • Compile and run the add-in.
    • Design the PropertyManager page for the add-in.
    • Modify the PropertyManager page and add-in.


    How to open the tutorial:

    1. Extract in a convenient location.
    2. Double-click otadvancedapi.chm.

            (If the Security Warning dialog appears, uncheck "Always ask before opening this file" and click Open.)


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