SASUG, San Antonio SolidWorks Users Group Charter

Version 3

    The purpose of SASUG is to promote the free exchange of information related to the use of SolidWorks among the membership of the user group.  It provides a forum in which the membership could assist each other in furthering their knowledge about and advancing their abilities in the use of SolidWorks.



    · SASUG will be organized and operated completely through volunteering participants.

    · Participants need not own a copy of SolidWorks.  

    · SolidWorks Corporation, SolidWorks VARS, and SolidWorks business partners are welcome to participate as sponsors but are not eligible to hold elected positions.



    · SASUG will elect a President from volunteering participants.  The President represents the group, keeps meeting minutes, and is responsible for organizing meetings, activities, and the expense account.



    · SASUG will meet on a regular basis 4 times yearly. 

    · Participants and Sponsors will be encouraged to host the meeting.

    · Meeting Agenda and subjects should be planned in advance, preferably at the previous meeting.

    · A time during every meeting will be designated for an open forum on subjects related to SolidWorks.

    · SolidWorks Corporation, VARS, and other solution providers may be invited to give demonstrations of their products.

    · Attendees are encouraged to volunteer to give case studies related to SolidWorks. 

    · Participants will be notified of meetings via E-mail, or Phone.

    · Non-members may attend the meetings, but are not eligible for prizes, and are not allowed to vote.


    Problem solving:

    · SASUG will be a resource for answering questions related to SolidWorks in addition to the VARs and SolidWorks Corp.

    · Members will be encouraged to field questions by others in SASUG on a voluntary basis.

    · The SolidWorks User Group will not be a resource for SolidWorks BUG related issues.  This is the business of SolidWorks Corp. and its VARS.


    SolidWorks User Group Database:

    · A database of participants will be kept and distributed among the participants upon request.

    · It will not be available to any company or persons who are not active participants in SASUG. 

    · Required information for all participants will be:

    o       Company Name & Address

    o       Member’s Name

    o       Member’s email

    o       Member’s Phone number

    o       Member’s Fax number

    · Each member submits all information in the database with the understanding that it will be distributed amongst the SASUG members.

    · Anyone using this information for purposes not related to SASUG will be denied membership and attendance.