Starting a Forum Discussion

Version 5

    Once you have gotten the basics down, it's time to ask questions, discuss topics with other members of the community, or just search and browse the Community Forums. Learn how to find what you are looking for, review existing topics, and how-to start a new discussion. For a general review of the forums, review the Getting Started within the Forums document.

    Before creating a new discussion thread it is always a good idea to search for existing discussions that may answer your question.


    There are a number of ways to start a new discussion:

    1. Select Discussion from the New pull-down menu.
      After this you need to select the Category to post within. Using the Categories you are following section is a shortcut to the areas you are interested in (check the action menu within each category to follow a category) and most likely would post within.
    2. Browse into the category and select Start a discussion from the Action menu.

    3. Select the Start a discussion button from a main category page and select the location.