• Simulation on weldment keeps crashing - instability issue

    Hello All, I recently was given the task of making a model of a crane that was designed on an old hard to read drawing around 45 years ago.  It oddly never had the tonnage rating on the drawing called out. ...
    Dave Krum
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  • Non-Technical thread: Covid-2020 Beta

    Non-Technical thread: Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease). See how long this will last. If you don't like it here, don't read. Why It Feels Like You Can't Breathe Inside Your Face Mask — and What to Do About It | D...
    Frederick Law
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  • Need Help?

    The 1st thing you need to do to access all the features of the forums is to insure you have an account.   While you can read many of the discussions without logging in, you will not have access to all the featur...
    Greg Jankowski
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  • student license serial number registration refused

    Hello,   I could install SolidWorks and got a student serial number 9020 from Solidworks Community Access. I also have a MySolidWorks account.   In order to switch MySolidWorks account from 'guest' to 'stu...
    Cedric Papy
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  • File Properties not working in eDrawings 2021

    Installed Solidworks 2021 (SP 2).   Gave saving parts and assemblies to eDrawings a go to give the new File Properties feature a test.   2021 eDrawings Help - File Properties    Classics Solidwo...
    Oliver Tilbury
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  • Non-Technical thread:Favorite (clean) jokes

    I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait...
    Vance Wright
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  • Export DWG and rotate

    Due to nature of model positioning in 3D space the sheet metal is exported to DWG file under some xxx angle. Probably because flattened sheet metal is not on a plane or something.     So is it possible to...
    Damir Galic
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  • Solidworks flow CFD cut plot black screen

    Hi all,   I'm a student from Antwerp, Belgium. I'm not too familiar with CFD, but I've got some weird things going on here. My screen turns black after using a 'cut plot'. Does anyone have any idea how I can fi...
    Salma Yachchou
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  • SW PDM file view problem after upgrading to 2021 SP1

    SWPDM Standard.   After updating from SW 2021 SP 0 to SP 1, and upgrading the PDM database, the Column Set / File View settings in the Explorer messes up the data.   The data headers in the Explorer are sh...
    Thymen De Vries
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  • Creating Chamfer Feature

    I am creating a fairly simple program that will create a part depending on the user input size. I am only having trouble using the InsertFeatureChamfer method when creating the part. The program successfully selects t...
    Hudson Hill
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  • Converting block to part in Layout results in "sketch is over defined" warning

    I have created an assembly, went into layout mode, made a sketch, and converted it to a block. I then tried to make a part from the block, and when I did, it's now coming back and saying that my "sketch is over define...
    Robert Brookover
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  • Miter Flange on Different Planes ?

    Hi Guys   I am new to solid works and am wondering the best way to do a miter flange on different planes as the miter flange tool wont let me . I can use edge flange tool but it takes a long time. Can anyone poi...
    Thomas Blokker
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  • Why does Solidworks append "_new" to design table file name?

    When I save a Design Table for the first time (Right Click-->Design Table-->Save Table), I'm prompted for the name of the part/assembly and where I'd like to save it. When I click on Save--even if there is no sp...
    Jim Lancaster
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  • Help with Plane Alignment in Assembly Modeling?

    Hi all,   So this is a problem that I've run across countless times when assembly modeling, probably due to my inexperience. What I'm referring to is when I'm unable to add a mate between the origin planes of tw...
    Clark Jacobs
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  • Non-technical Thread: Favorite Quotes

    Let's try to keep this thread on topic.  Just post your favorite quotes.  Let's keep the non-contributing banter to a minimum.   I keep a file to accumulate inspiring quotes.  I ran across this on...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Sketch relations move the wrong sketch entity

    When making a sketch relation, it is often the case that one sketch entity or the other will need to move, even if only miniscule amount. This is assuming that both entities are undefined in the axis of the movem...
    Carmen Brown
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  • SQL statement - show configuration references in search

    I want a report of what is the lead document and the variants attached to it if they exist. The history search is just not working...     SELECT DISTINCT Projects.Path , Documents.Filename, DocumentConfigu...
    Douglas Folk
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  • Helicoil diameter does not display properly in hole callout.

    I am trying to display the major thread diameter of an 8-36 helicoil in my hole callout. The proper value is shown below in the Hole Wizard Toolbox under the "Diameter" title. However, when I insert the variable (<...
    Braden Grim
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  • Large Plate thickness and materials in Costing

    Is it me or is Costing another Toolbox in the making? Gives us some abilities to customize it but doesn't give us all the abilities that are actually available in the real world?   We can cut up to 1.500" thick ...
    Scott Baugh
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  • show open surfaces in edrawings

    is this possible? thank you
    Ryan Gilmore
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