• How to cut saddle joint end of nozzle pipe for weld grind?

    I have a pipe that comes out of a head perpendicular to the header, a basic T configuration. I am trying to model the weld for that saddle joint. It requires that the end of the pipe have a 45 degree bevel all the way...
    Scott Friday
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  • Barrel Cam in a sewing machine

    hi fellas, I want to make a barrel cam just like the video I am gonna upload but I can't, I've tried so much but every time there is a problem in it. here is the file
    Mahdi Amirabadi
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  • Hiding clutter lines on drawings?

    Often times I have drawing views  where lines are visible "thru" the feature that I am adding dimensions to (such as holes, slots, etc.) Is it an acceptable practice to hide those lines on the drawing view to in...
    Shane Davis
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  • Mating Shaft in Assembly

    Hello guys,   i have created the following assembly (is a CSWA sample; i'm training for the exam) but i 'm facing a problem as regards the mating of the shaft.   All other parts are being mated but i can'...
    Manos Karamichos
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  • I need to subtract this shape.

    I have this in assemble but one part isn't a "solid" and I really need to get the outline of this shape transferred to the other piece so I can laser cut it.  Tell me what I'm doing wrong or a method on getting t...
    Chris Brown
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  • The "Kitty Dump" - Watercooler - Trash it Here

      How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing that..  So when I'm acting stupid tell me to trash it here, g...
    John Stoltzfus
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  • Center of mass of the face/part

    A center of mass of the face is selected for this part. I wish to know whether in this case center of mass of the part and center of mass of the face is same point.  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Multiple Base Flanges

    I am creating a moment frame that requires stiffener plates, as shown in photo. I would normally create beams and column as a weldment and insert that into an assembly so I could then insert the stiffener plates as pa...
    Lee Campbell
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  • Pdf Export makro

    Hi, I have made a macro which creates PDF`s of my drawings.   Our MPS system can only handle A3 as maximum sheet size, We are using A1 A2 formats on larger drawing`s.   Is there a way to scale down the o...
    Jan Hallvard Myhren
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  • Construct a MathTransform

      Hey guys, I have a question about MathTransforms.     I'm trying to construct a MathTransform that I would otherwise get from a "Coordinate System1" feature manually. I have access to the face2 ...
    Amen Allah Jlili
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  • Selection filter for Part, Assembly

    When working in an assembly, is there any way to select a part or sub-assembly in the graphics window? Currently you select a face on a component which highlights it in the browser, then you must go to the browser and...
    Anthony Fettig
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  • High strength steel K factor

    Hello,   I am working with high strength steel grade S700MC and I would like to know if somebody here work with it and which parameters you use in SW for it. I think the K factor should be between 0.4 and 0.5 bu...
    Arnaud Henry Lefort
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  • Need help with hand calculation question in CSWP-FEA sample exam

    I tried to solve this problem, but I did not get the correct answer. The correct answer is 13.57KN-m. Can anyone show me the steps to solve this problem? thanks
    Harry Zhong
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  • Cut and bend

    Hi, How do I make this cut and bend ?
    Victor Fagerlund
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  • Using a hook across multiple classes

    I'm not sure if what I want is possible. If it is not possible, I will just create two separate add-ins.   Here's what I want my program to do: When a user adds a new document to the vault with this add-in, the...
    Tara Campese
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  • Bolt hole pattern centerline and circular center marks

    Using Solidworks 2016, in a drawing, is there a way to add a bolt hole pattern centerline and the corresponding circular centermarks similar to the attached file? I've attached an image I made using an old Solid Edge...
    William Bibaeff
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  • Is it ok to not dimension the molds?

    I wouldn't think you need to dimension the molds because the people at the shop can just look at the drawings for the parts. I would think you only need an assembly drawing to see how all the molds fit together. Also ...
    Eric Eubanks
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  • Epdm states as individual workflows

    Hello,   I am in the process of creating a new Vault.  I've been contemplating setting every state that we currently use into a separate or miniature workflow, and using workflow transitions. I would be usi...
  • Assembly Mating and Reference ID API

    I'm trying to figure out how to automate a process and need some assistance. There's an assembly where a macro inserts four of the same component and they have the next instance IDs. I added face entities so I can sel...
    Al Beau
    created by Al Beau
  • Flow Express crashes swx EVERY time I close it out...

    Excuse me for sounding frustrated here, but......   EVERY f*cking time I close out of FloXpress Analysis Wizard, my system crashes and I am greeted with that lovely "Please tell us how you crashed the system" sc...
    Kevin Andrews
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