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    John Stoltzfus
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  • Missing mate, but it doesn't exist anymore?

    Hello,   Solidworks throws the following error at me when I rebuild my model.   However I cannot find this mate anywhere in the list. And I have deleted all unused mates already. What can I do?  
    Rien Euser
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  • How would I turn this into a complete solid?

    I have modeled a part but it consists of the original solid core and a geometric shaped surface which I made (took me more hours than I would care to admit).   My questions is, how would I make the cavity b...
    Angus Anderson
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  • pictures of solidworks projects

    hello i would like to start a thread with pictures of what people use solidworks for, just for general interest. what do people think? heres one from me.
    Greg Hynd
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  • Why Don't my pulley teeth line up?

    Hi,    So I've been working on learning to make toothed belts and  pulleys inside solidworks over the last few days, I'm not even that interested in getting them to move because I'm working on a pretty...
    David Nolan
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  • import diag

    Hello  i'm working with a few stl files and i have few questions regarding the import diag tool: 1) from experience i know that there are few errors that can appear in the import diag message . is there a cha...
    Shalit Salama
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  • Flattening a spiral curved surface - stumped!

    Have been toiling away on this for an hour or so. It's part of a 26M spiral walkway. 2 sides of mold outer and inner.... and yes there are more columns under ... it's not superstrength concrete  ...
    Neville Williams
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  • Pack and GO

    Is it possible to delete any files from the pack and go based on the name of the active configuration? I have a pack and go to work but export all the drawings of the piece, but I just wanted the design of the curren...
    Mário Nunes
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  • Non-Technical thread: Covid-2020 Beta

    Non-Technical thread: Covid-19 (Coronavirus disease). See how long this will last. If you don't like it here, don't read. Why It Feels Like You Can't Breathe Inside Your Face Mask — and What to Do About It | D...
    Frederick Law
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  • Non-Technical thread:Favorite (clean) jokes

    I know we've had some great favorite quotes, but sometimes I just need a laugh.  So, I'm proposing that everyone post their favorite joke.  Make sure it's PG.  Post no matter how corny.  Can't wait...
    Vance Wright
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  • Solidworks flow CFD cut plot black screen

    Hi all,   I'm a student from Antwerp, Belgium. I'm not too familiar with CFD, but I've got some weird things going on here. My screen turns black after using a 'cut plot'. Does anyone have any idea how I can fi...
    Salma Yachchou
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  • Creating Chamfer Feature

    I am creating a fairly simple program that will create a part depending on the user input size. I am only having trouble using the InsertFeatureChamfer method when creating the part. The program successfully selects t...
    Hudson Hill
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  • Non-technical Thread: Favorite Quotes

    Let's try to keep this thread on topic.  Just post your favorite quotes.  Let's keep the non-contributing banter to a minimum.   I keep a file to accumulate inspiring quotes.  I ran across this on...
    Dennis Dohogne
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  • Large Plate thickness and materials in Costing

    Is it me or is Costing another Toolbox in the making? Gives us some abilities to customize it but doesn't give us all the abilities that are actually available in the real world?   We can cut up to 1.500" thick ...
    Scott Baugh
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  • Dynamitic Highlight

    I have a new co worker coming from an Inventor background and he is asking questions about parts and Sub assembly highlighting.   When in assembly, he picks a sub component in the graphics area. The feature high...
    Bryan Obermeyer
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  • PSA for BOMs using "Combine Identical Components"

    Thanks to Alex Lachance and Goengineer, I believe I made a breakthrough in BOM reliability. For those of you that use multi-body part files and generate a cutlist BOM from a top-level assembly, have you ever seen issu...
    Michael Miller
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  • Custom Property Drop Down Dictates Which Part Number to Use

    Hi All!   I've got an interesting question for ya.  We have a number of Custom Properties defined for Part and Assemblies, two of which are the "Vendor Part Number" and "Internal Part Number."  In our ...
    Max Rodgers
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  • How can I search within Toolbox

    I noticed that the assembly toolbox doesn't provide enough space for the individual parts' descriptions: Currently, I can't find anything in the toolbox because the important, distinctive parts of the description (...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • Error with solution: Some of the components that were disable are lost

    Recently we encountered the following error statement from FloEFD (SolidWorks Flow) which prevent the simulation to start run. "Some of the components that were disable are lost" This error statement showed up ...
    Keagan Chee
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  • SLDDRW is shown incorrect in eDrawings

    When I opened SLDDRW files by eDrawings, I saw some of following erros: 1. 15830-03.slddrw - The hidden line is shown as  a solid line.  Image 1 shows eDrawings on the left and SolidWo...
    Thanh Hai Dang
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