• Parts in Assembly Disappear

    I am having a lot of issues with parts disappearing in assemblies. They are not hidden and they are not suppressed.   Yesterday I saved a complete working assembly, this morning I opened and parts were missing. ...
    Gabe McGinn
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  • The "Kitty Dump"  -   ****18 DAYS LEFT**** SWW 2019 - TOP TEN IDEA LIST - *** VOTE *** NOW *** VOTE *** NOW ***** - Watercooler - Trash it Here - Food For Thought - Talk About Whatever Here ;)

        SWIFT = SolidWorks International Forum Team   How many times do you see a great thread get trashed or hijacked for various reasons and I'll take the "Stand" and say I'm the worst for doing tha...
    John Stoltzfus
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  • TTL L'esprit de l'escalier - getting ready for 2020

    Top Ten List   This is the place to put those ideas you had too late for 2019, or any ideas you have during the upcoming year.   Hopefully this will achieve a few things..   Allow Collaboration Help...
    Rob Edwards
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  • To run a frequency analysis after a non linear large displacement analysis.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I would like to know if it is possible to run a non linear static analysis on a structure I have and THEN running a modal analysis on the resulting deformed structur...
    Matteo Coda
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  • Porosity Numbers

    I've been using a Brand X CFD for awhile.  We recently picked up SW of which I have a decent amount of experience in most of their Simulation packages, but not Flow Simulation.  I am validating the software ...
    PJ Pisczak
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  • How to remove all metal and leave only the pretty texture?

    In short: I have a heavy, detailed 3D model good for fabrication, but I only care about its looks. Call me superficial if you must.   :-)   See this model of a vintage 1963 USPS Street Collection Mailb...
    JFK Numbers
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  • Could you share the <Linear Static Benchmarks - Volume 1> electronic document with me?

    Could anyone share the <Linear Static Benchmarks - Volume 1> electronic document with me? https://www.nafems.org/publications/browse_buy/browse_by_topic/linear/p07/   Thank you .
    李 加 贤 李 加 贤
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  • How to identify a moment when a user interface is updated (VBA)?

    Hi all,   Can someone help me to find the way how to identify the moment (and write a timestamp to a log file) when some processing is ended and SolidWorks Interface is updated?   For example - I have an a...
    Nazar Maslov
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  • Activation Wizard Initialization Error 72 (SW Student Edition 2018)

    I downloaded a fresh copy of SW 2018 over my copy of 2017, which was already on my computer. I put in the serial number, and things seemed to run fine the first time around.   Subsequent attempts to open it res...
    Eatone Cheng
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  • How do you handle standard cables in PDM with multiple products?

    Hi All. We are about to start using PDM in our Engineering department after years of contemplation and procrastination. I'm trying to plan out how we will handle the various flat flex cables (similar to ribbon cable)...
    Martin Houston
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  • 3D Sketch of Chassis Overconstraining

    Looking for some advice. I'm playing with weldments (which is confusing enough) and trying to figure out how to "properly" 3D sketch, since it seems insanely easy to over constrain lines versus normal 2D sketches. I'v...
    Toby Harvey
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  • Compare 2 Parts through the "Document Manager API".

    Hello, How to compare the parts(both sldprt) use the "Document Manager API" ?   Newbie, Thanks!
    Chunsheng Zhao
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  • Editing of multiple blocks in the same drawing?

    Greetings,   My issue is the following: I want to use a custom block from the Design Library in a drawing. But when editing its text, all the copies the library one, also change.   This didn’t happ...
    Raivis Ositis
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  • Locking mechanism clearance

    Hi, I am still learning solidworks. I have designed a part and need help on knowing whether it will work or not. The end strap is to lock into the locking mechanism without being pulled out. I have attached a screen s...
    Michelle Patterson
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  • save as

    Hi, I want to save a part and then modify it for use it in some other place.  When I try to save a part using "Save As", I get three choices, "Save As", "Save As copy and continue", and finally "Save As copy and...
    Robert Gillis
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  • Molding Issue

    I try to replicate the work of a post (Parting Line for Molding ) with little modification but in core and cavity I got a copy of the part. How to fix it?  
    Maha Nadarasa
    created by Maha Nadarasa
  • Weldment cutlist shows more items than in the actual cutlist

    after i organize my cut list, in the cutlist properties it keeps using the old labels of things.   i have done the same thing i am doing while in a test file and it updates perfectly.   This is what i am t...
    Ben Langdon
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  • Link balloon text to specified table missing

    I just updated to 2019 sp1 and now find when I right click on a part on a sheet and choose properties, the Balloons box with (Link balloon to specified table) is not populated with any tables to choose from, even thou...
    Ted Andreas
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  • Please suggest SolidWorks compatible virtual reality device.

    Hello,   Our team wish to buy VR device for present our design  to end user. In this case we need to show them what is end experience they can have with the new design. Using this we needed to show actual...
    Heshantha Manupriya
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  • What do you listen to at work?

    I found this article and peaked my curiosity.   What's your go-to music while you work? Do you use a streaming service?   What Do Engineers Listen to While They Work? | Design News
    Rick Becker
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