• Is this forum moving to 3D SWYM?

    There is apparently an email from Dassault circulating about this?  Well if this is the case what happens to the content here? 3D SWYM is a disaster of an interface. Opaque searching. Zero participation as a res...
    Kevin Quigley
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  • Mate reference doesn't snap (video)

    Trying to mate reference snap an insert to an sheet metal, seems like everything should be in order. Do you see any reason why it doesn't snap?   If needs be I'll upload the models too.   https://youtu.be/...
    Valery Volkov
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  • "Kitty Dump"  -  SWIFT  -   "Dumpty Dump"

    John Stoltzfus
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    Hello,   I write program with DELPHI to modify card on files in pdm. But I obtain error E_EDM_MISSING_PLUGIN_COMPONENT on the instruction UnlockFiles. I don't understand this error because I can unlock th...
    Marc Baumstimler
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  • Missing mate, but it doesn't exist anymore?

    Hello,   Solidworks throws the following error at me when I rebuild my model.   However I cannot find this mate anywhere in the list. And I have deleted all unused mates already. What can I do?  
    Rien Euser
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  • How would I turn this into a complete solid?

    I have modeled a part but it consists of the original solid core and a geometric shaped surface which I made (took me more hours than I would care to admit).   My questions is, how would I make the cavity b...
    Angus Anderson
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  • Import settings for STEP/IGES/ACIS

    I want to change these settings but for some reason they're grayed out. Does anyone know why?   I'm using SW2020
    Roberto Neto
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  • If a command is seen as enabled through ISldWorks::IsCommandEnabled, how do you stop that command?

    I am using ISketchRelation::ReplaceEntity, but after it's used, there is a green check box in the top right hand corner. It appears that when I execute this command, even when done successfully, it never fully leaves ...
    Casey Balderson
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  • pictures of solidworks projects

    hello i would like to start a thread with pictures of what people use solidworks for, just for general interest. what do people think? heres one from me.
    Greg Hynd
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  • Why Don't my pulley teeth line up?

    Hi,    So I've been working on learning to make toothed belts and  pulleys inside solidworks over the last few days, I'm not even that interested in getting them to move because I'm working on a pretty...
    David Nolan
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  • Limit mates concentric pieces?

    Hello Forum, I need some help/direction to creating limit mates for interlocking "leg" parts. This is a cut away drawing of the stacked cups I want to 3D print. I want to be able to position them in SW within the lim...
    John Gaertner
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  • Simulate Vacuum cleaner flow simulation

    Hi,  Have anyone tried simulating a vacuum cleaner? my setup was I did an outlet velocity round split line and then in the middle I used a porous media, I used the Based on pore size formulation type, and in the...
    Andy Canas
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  • Wrap is not the same shape as my sketch

    I'm having trouble with the wrap command. I currently have a trapezoid shape in a sketch and I want to emboss it onto a curved surface. The surface is symmetrical about the Right plane, and the trapezoid is centred on...
    Charles Billington
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  • import diag

    Hello  i'm working with a few stl files and i have few questions regarding the import diag tool: 1) from experience i know that there are few errors that can appear in the import diag message . is there a cha...
    Shalit Salama
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  • Width Mate Issues - Tab is not centered in Width?

    Hi all,   First of all, let me tell you where the relevant files are...   -The assembly file is in the overall "Desk Fan" folder, specifically "SUBASSEMBLY Back". -The component files are in the sub folde...
    Clark Jacobs
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  • Flattening a spiral curved surface - stumped!

    Have been toiling away on this for an hour or so. It's part of a 26M spiral walkway. 2 sides of mold outer and inner.... and yes there are more columns under ... it's not superstrength concrete  ...
    Neville Williams
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  • How long will it take moderators to approve my question.

    I updated my question and it has been pending review by a moderator for about 2-3 hours... I don't mind, I'm not in any rush but is this normal or should I just repost the question. Maybe something went wrong?
    David Nolan
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  • I created a crude drawing of a potential energy generating machine. In the least it would create a good mathematical exercise for students and at best open new ideas for energy producing machines

    Principles to run the machine [1] an enclosed container (X) of air submerged in water has a lifting force (Y) equal to the volume of the water displaced minus the weight of the container; [2] connecting multiple ...
    Brian Johnson
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  • Pack and GO

    Is it possible to delete any files from the pack and go based on the name of the active configuration? I have a pack and go to work but export all the drawings of the piece, but I just wanted the design of the curren...
    Mário Nunes
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  • Simulation on weldment keeps crashing - instability issue

    Hello All, I recently was given the task of making a model of a crane that was designed on an old hard to read drawing around 45 years ago.  It oddly never had the tonnage rating on the drawing called out. ...
    Dave Krum
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