• weird camera behavior

    Hi,   I imported a motion study from Solidworks into Visualize including the camera.   This camera does behave quite weird when I try to change orientation and position. It seems like it's turning around a...
    Clemens Ambros
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  • I get an error message when trying to start Visualize.

    I cannot start Visualize. After the normal startup screen (with the render) I get an error message saying Solidworks Visualize has encounterd an error.   Bunkspeed.objectpanarchy.panarchy.builder.buildfailedexep...
    Joost Hopmans
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  • Preview/ rendered lighting disparity

    We're on Visualize Standard 2019 R4, just learning how to use it. Having problems getting the light level right. The SolidWorks model just has a plain white background (graphics guy wants no background, shadows, etc.)...
    Carl Finney
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  • visualize cloud downloade is not working

    Dos anyone know why I can't downloade from the Cloud library. Anyone else with this problem? error: 'An Error has Occurred. Please see log file for details Some times I do not get an error, but it just hangs...&...
    Anne Struwe Christensen
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  • Choppy Edges on Curved Surfaces

    This is rendered in Perspective Mapping Mode. I've also tried UV.   Any suggestions to make these go away?
    Armand Matossian
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  • Why has Visualize SP2 tessellated my models?

    Hello,   After updating Visualize 2019 from SP0 to SP2 i have noticed that models no longer have smooth surfaces. The image below shows the same file before and after the update (ignore black part). Arrows show ...
    Sam Billington
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  • What does "End of Central Directory record could not be found." mean?

    I have a project file that is not opening and giving me this error. Any suggestions in how to recover the file? The file finished saving 2 min before a power outage. Computer lost power and turned off.  
    Chris Cunningham
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  • SW Visualize - Creating a Speckled paint/finish

    Hi Forum, Does anyone have tips for creating a speckled paint like finish in Visualize? Similar to these images:    
    Ben Zuckerman
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  • Queue 2020 Beta 2 and Beta 3 does not work. is always initializing!

    Widows 10 / 64 all updates   Queue 2020 Beta 2 and Beta 3 does not work. is always initializing! Even the smallest objects.  With Beta 1 everything worked wonderfully.   Now the question is:   -...
    Peter Michael Weber
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  • Using 3D scanner for renderings?

    Hello. We've got some parts that we don't have CAD models of and we're considering purchasing a 3D scanner as a "quick" solution to providing a model. Does anybody have experience using a 3D scanner for use in render...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Is it possible to get a decal perfectly aligned?

    I may have missed it in the options somewhere. But I need to get a decal perfectly straight and perfectly centered. I am having a difficult time doing this by eye balling it and dragging it.  
    Chris Cunningham
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  • Import only specific model?

    Hi, does new SW Visualize allow to import and update only specific group within model?
    Damir Galic
    created by Damir Galic
  • Interactive Images flickering/white as it loads the images in most browsers. Is there a way to force them to load at the same time?

    I created an 800x800, 72ppi interactive image. When I open it in Chrome, it works without any issues. I can freely rotate the image with smooth results.   When I open it in Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firef...
    Kristina Smith
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  • Rendering of Plywood Edge

    Hi, I have big troubles to do the settings for plywood. I want to render a picture that matches the attached photo.   - How do I do the correct settings in the apperance and environment? - Do I need to use dif...
    Fabrice Knecht
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  • Duplicate Visualize Project and SolidWorks Part

    Hi there, How do I duplicate both a Visualize Project together with the Solidworks Part? I have the same furniture/table but in different sizes and colors I will need to render. thanks, Fabrice  
    Fabrice Knecht
    created by Fabrice Knecht
  • Grungemap in Mutli-layer problem

    Hello. I'm trying to use multi-layer appearances to apply grungemaps.  I've been following the information in the 2 tutorials below without much success. I can get either of the base appearances to show correct...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Help with glass rendering and realistic settings

    Hello all,   I'm practicing more on Visualize especially with higher pass, transparent models starting with the tablet attached to this post. I output this at 1920 x 1080, 96dpi and 3500 passes but I wasn't impr...
    Uchenna Offor
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  • Appearance is not solid after rendering, you can look through it

    Hello everybody,   After rendering, some parts are not solid, you can look through them, in the included image I show an example of the problem. Has anyone a solution for this?   Best regards,   Mic...
    Michiel Trappeniers
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  • Is it possible to combine a keyframe-animation with a rotation-animation?

    Hello, i'd like to animate a camera-motion as follows: first, the camera rotates around my model and then it transitions into a path set by keyframes (moving in, showing details and leaving again). The problem i am h...
    Linus Toennishoff
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  • Save and view image cut in half

    I am currently in the middle of a background render and when I click save and view image it is cut in half. I want to know if I should let the render complete which will take more than 24 hours.  I am concerned ...
    Justin Halpin
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