• camera bug?

    The camera will move up to 89.90 in latitude and not the full 90 degrees. This can be a problem in orthographic view when importing objects into a scene and trying to align them. Is this a bug?
    Marios Pazaitis
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  • Is it possible to apply a normal map to a decal?

    I have a cloudy film with flexographic printing on sections of it which I would like to replicate for renders. I have the base material looking about the way I want it. When I apply the printing as a decal with an alp...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • graphics problem with importing file from SW and not only.....

    Is there something I'm doing wrong when importing or it's just my model.... This is screen from SW: Now when I use 'Simple Export' from SW to Visualize i get this (so hidden parts are showing) : It shows items ...
    Wojciech Paterski
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  • Turntable animation does not fully render every other frame

    I'm attempting to produce a turntable animation with 600 render passes at 1800x1440 pixels. The animation was 5 seconds long at 30 fps. It was a CPU render running on a system with 32 gb of ram, a Ryzen 5 3600x, and a...
    Jeff Ahlers
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  • Duplicated Cylindrical decal

    Hi guys,   Does anybody know how to get rid of the duplicated decal? It is being added to the inner side of the cylinder. I have played with the settings and I cannot get rid of it. I just want to show the decal...
    Fabio Ruiz
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  • Having trouble with GPU renders

    With Viz 2020 SP1, I had issues with it switching to the CPU during GPU renders within the first 200 passes. Did a little research, turns out that SP2 is current. So, upgraded to that. Now, instead of switching to the...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Import/open model from PDM - folder display BUG?

    Is it just me or do others have the same problem, we work with PDM Enterprise, and if I go to import/open anything from MY LOCAL pdm folder, I always get this style of folder preview: doesn't matter if I select, ti...
    Wojciech Paterski
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  • Animation Workflow discussion for complex animations.

    Hello.  I'd like to start a discussion on workflow, best practices and tips for animating in Visualize.    I see a lot of demo animations on exploded views and walkthroughs and some basic motion of a ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • how can I add key frames to the lights?

    Am trying to animate on and off the lights at different key frames how can I do it?
    George Miltiadou
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  • Nothing appears when opening a file

    I've been trying to play with Visualize off and on since it was introduced. Trouble is, when I try to open a file in it, nothing appears, and it crashes.   Heck, I'd use Photoworks 360, but it doesn't work like ...
    Alan Knapper
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  • Duplicate decals imported from Solidworks do not show up on model

    Visualize 2019 Standard...   When importing a SLD design that has multiple instances (component array?) of the same decal the subsequent ones do not appear. I have to manually add them in Visualize which is not ...
    Dale Johnston
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  • state of rendering

    This is more of a start to a conversation than a specific question. As a guy who's been around for a while, my head spins every time I think of rendering in SolidWorks. How many different names/products have we been t...
    Matt Lombard
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  • Decal error

    Hello,   Hoping someone can help.   I have a couple images applied as appearances within an assembly. the one on the wall is fine, however the one on the screen mirrors itself once in visualize. Its fine i...
    Greg Hynd
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  • Decal appears to be floating on surface

    The effect occurs when placing a decal on a galvanized or metal surface. The decal has a high gloss appearance, but the refraction of the light on the (sub)surface does not seem to be in the right place. The unrealist...
    J. Prins
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  • Visualize 2019 SP3  Import Failed of assembly with motion study

    Hello Visualize Community!   I need to create a couple of animations with visualize and I have some assemblies with a motion study. When i try to export them with Advanced Export from Solidworks 2019 SP3 to Visu...
    Davide Battistello
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  • Phantom jobs in queue - Visualize Pro 2020 SP2

    Good afternoon. I'm having an issue with phantom jobs stuck in my queue, identical to this issue from 2017: Visualize Queue not Purging  I have tried all the recommendations listed in that thread: Hitting ...
    Kristina Smith
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  • Visualize - solid surfaces rendering transparent

    I am diving into Visualize 2017 ..... rough lol. I get things set up and in the basic view everything looks solid and correct but when I start to view it rendered some surfaces are displaying with transparency. Any id...
    Jeremy Brock
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  • Help! Lines showing up on cylindrical objects

    Lately I've had lines or streaks showing up on cylindrical objects when rendering in accurate mode. I think it might have to do with scaling an object, but I'm not sure. The problem occurs with: any appearance othe...
    Kristina Dougherty
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  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Feature Requests

    Hello Visualize Community,   Some of you have asked me to create a single forum post where all global Visualize users can request product features for future releases, and bounce these ideas off each other. This...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Visualize 2020 compatible with SolidWorks 2019?

    Title says all. Having reliability issues with 2019 crashing and renders failing.
    Gabriel Mazzitelli
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