• Visualize rendered content

    Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single ...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Lightning fail in Visualizer

    Every time I create a project and do a render I see that there's always one side of the object that is "dead". I marked it red in pictures. I understand that the light can't fall on every side equally and one'll ...
    Liza Anikina
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  • adding appearance to face

    Quick question.... sure there must be an easy way of doing this...   How do you add an appearance to just one face in Visualize standard? Every way I try seems to add it to the entire part.   Thanks,
    Greg Hynd
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  • Interactive, Browser-Based Viewing of Visualize Model

    I'm looking for a browser-based, interactive 3D viewer of my Visualize renders; I don't really care where it's hosted, but someone should be able to view my model in their browser without having to download a separate...
    Rich Fagioli
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  • Interactive Foto

    I want to make an interactive foto where i can look unter the object too. I need an orbit from 90 to -90. Is this possible? I tried different things, but the orbit seems to be limited to 0-90 degree.
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Visualise Preview Different to Final Render

    Hi All,   I've been struggling with this for a while but cant seem to find the solution, I've attached a screenshot of my preview screen before I render, which has great shadows from my scenes windows. However, ...
    Joshua Sharp
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  • Strange artifacts on part when rendered

    I'm baffled by the strange artifacts showing up on a part when rendered in a model I'm working on. In Preview mode the artifacts don't show, but in Fast and Accurate modes they are there. I've tried a generic appearan...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Interactive Photo Bug

    If you render the Animation for the first time, everything is ok. But if you render it again, e.g. with higher resolution, the open.html and the js-Folder are missing. The images folder is written only. You have to ...
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Object up against wall, how to get similar floor and background as without wall.

    Hi, I have this piece of furniture in open space. When adding a wall as a part in SolidWorks, in Visualize light and shadow change too much. The floor gets grey and does not fade into white. How to have exactly the s...
    Fabrice Knecht
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  • Exporting fbx with animation from Visualize

    For some reason when I try and export an FBX file from Visualize to open up in 3ds Max, it doesn't include the animation data? I have animated an assembly in Solidworks and exported it into visualize. The animation pl...
    Tango Charlie
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  • where to unpack nVidia mdl materials

    I just downloaded nVidia mdl material library.  Where should it be installed?
    Walter Raczynski
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  • Why is imported HDR reset?

    I'm trying to export HDR environments from one project to another to keep settings the same but i'm finding when the scene is imported, but the brightness and rotation are reset to 1 and 0 respectively. Is anyone else...
    Luke Thompson
    created by Luke Thompson
  • No thumbs after crash

    After a crash, i´ve no thumbs/preview in any panel. Camera/appereances/textures/HDR and in all projects, even if i create a new one.
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Visualize extreme unstable

    I´ve a new machine with fresh installation,driver up-to-date, but Visualize: - recognized the second Graphic-Card, but didn´t use it - switching after loading a project directly to accurate mode doesn&ac...
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Endless crashing

    Just loaded up Vizualize 2019 SP3 for the first time in months. When I try to open a couple of projects which used to work just fine and haven't been touched since then, I get a few seconds of spinning cursor and then...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Rendering appears blended in places

    I'm rendering a screen on one of our products, and the area around the perimeter looks like it has the screen rendered properly. However, the entire middle section of the screen is a solid gray color- almost as if the...
    Luke Thompson
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  • If Solidworks is one of many software types,: CAD, Editing, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Characters and Painting to be used is the solution to run BOTH a Geforce and Quadro card with software picking one or the other?

    If Solidworks is one of many software types,: CAD, Editing, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Characters and Painting to be used is the solution to run BOTH a Geforce and Quadro card with software picking one...
    Chris Rose
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  • Issues with mirrored parts in Visualize

    I have troubles with (some) assemblies in Visualize. When a sub-assembly has mirrored parts in it this sub-assembly appears mirrored in the main assembly. In other cases, the main assembly with a part with a mirrored ...
    Nico Wessels Boer
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  • new problem

    so now, no matter if i open a current project or a new project, my pointer stays as the windows progress wheel. i can still select anything like its the arrow, however, when i try to change something in the current pr...
    J. Buckallew
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  • Group subassemblies during export

    I'd like to create an animation that switches between two different assemblies at some point.  I've created a top-level assembly that includes two subassemblies:     I'd like to switch between t...
    Rusty Mahony
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