• Help with glass rendering and realistic settings

    Hello all,   I'm practicing more on Visualize especially with higher pass, transparent models starting with the tablet attached to this post. I output this at 1920 x 1080, 96dpi and 3500 passes but I wasn't impr...
    Uchenna Offor
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  • Appearance is not solid after rendering, you can look through it

    Hello everybody,   After rendering, some parts are not solid, you can look through them, in the included image I show an example of the problem. Has anyone a solution for this?   Best regards,   Mic...
    Michiel Trappeniers
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  • Using 3D scanner for renderings?

    Hello. We've got some parts that we don't have CAD models of and we're considering purchasing a 3D scanner as a "quick" solution to providing a model. Does anybody have experience using a 3D scanner for use in render...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Is it possible to combine a keyframe-animation with a rotation-animation?

    Hello, i'd like to animate a camera-motion as follows: first, the camera rotates around my model and then it transitions into a path set by keyframes (moving in, showing details and leaving again). The problem i am h...
    Linus Toennishoff
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  • Save and view image cut in half

    I am currently in the middle of a background render and when I click save and view image it is cut in half. I want to know if I should let the render complete which will take more than 24 hours.  I am concerned ...
    Justin Halpin
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  • Saving Modified Appearance to Library in Visualize 2018?

    Just starting with 2018 (upgraded from 2017) and working my way around the new interface. I cannot figure out how to save a modified appearance to my local library. In 2017 it was obvious: The 2018 Help says: "(...
    Bill Toft
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  • Object manipulation tool location relative to model

    Why oh why is the object manipulation tool located so far from the model? 
    Dale Johnston
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  • Cut plane section cap possible/planned in Visualize?

    Hello fellow computer monkeys,   My work depends on doing model section renders in Visualize and having a "dumb" section plane without capping the model is a huge show stopper to me. In other words: the section ...
    Paulius Jatautas
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  • Decal Clipping

    Cylindrically mapped decal is being clipped in SolidWorks Visualize 2019. Tried changing decal size to be 1x1 but caused all sorts of crazy problems. Now I can't remove the decal from the SolidWorks assembly. Tried ma...
    Armand Matossian
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  • Visualize rendered content

    Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single ...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Visualize interface window sizing

    When I started Visualize this morning I found that the GUI doesn't match the window size. Several of the tabs are not reachable even if I span the window over both displays. It was fine last week and I haven't changed...
    Dale Johnston
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  • Please Wait....

    Yesterday Visualize started telling me to "Please Wait" and never stopped. It is not crashed and otherwise works normally. There is no background renders and as you can see I can still navigate the menus and work on m...
    Dale Johnston
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  • Solidworks and Turbosquid models?

    I've been using Solidworks for several years now and am just now getting into Visualize and rendering in general. I am in the process of modeling in SW a floor plan layout that I am going to be using to place furnitur...
    Andrew Lawrence
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  • Visualize Professional 2019 SP3 Video Driver Problem

    I run HP ZBook 17 G2 (Win 7 Pro) with NVIDIA K3100M and Approved Driver 386.07. I have had NO video problems with Visualize since it came out and up to 2019 SP2. I recently upgraded to 2019 SP3 and SolidWorks runs fin...
    Bill Toft
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  • What is your occupation?- Visualize users.

    What is your occupation or job title?   Solidworks visualize is an interesting piece of software bridging CAD design and graphics art and Animators. I'm curious what the user base is. I've seen different people ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Matching texture maps from Textures.com

    Hello. I'm trying to import texture maps from Textures.com but I'm not sure which maps correspond to the different maps in visualize. It seems the map names don't match and i'm not sure what the differences are.  ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Selection tools stopped working again...

    It did this once and it started working again when I installed SP3. I cannot select anything and I can only drop an appearance one part at at time which is ridiculously slow. Please help!    Thanks in advan...
    Dale Johnston
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  • Changing appearance type alone changes color to default gray...

    I imported a model from Solidworks and it was the correct color but the appearance type was metal rather than paint and too reflective. I did what I normally do and selected the color from the appearance layup and cha...
    Dale Johnston
    created by Dale Johnston
  • "configuration" versus "model set" and their usage together

    Hello We have Visualize Pro and i'd like to get some clarity on the distinction between and use of the "model set" and "configuration" features.   I see the page about model set and configuration below https:/...
    Luke Thompson
    created by Luke Thompson
  • Visualize 2018 shows artefacts while rendering

    Do you have an idea why in the highest quality preview the renderer goes berserk? Rendering is impossible (crashes). Is it something in the graphics settings?
    Markus Werle
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