• how to avoid this tile effect?

    what setting must a fiddle with to avoid this artifact repetition tiling effect?
    Gordon Rigg
    created by Gordon Rigg
  • Nvidia Turing/RTX Questions

    I'm guessing this should be directed to Brian Hillner?   The new Nvidia architecture sounds pretty awesome. To go along with Nvidia's announcements, I had a few questions regarding it support in future service p...
    Jeffrey Model
    last modified by Jeffrey Model
  • Disappearing model in preview window...

    At certain model angles and locations the preview will disappear. In the attached screenshot you can see that some model components are highlighted yet not shown. Changing the angle or position of the camera slig...
    Dale Johnston
    created by Dale Johnston
  • satin stainless steel

    Hello,   Recently started using visualize more, I am struggling to get a good satin stainless steel appearance, looking for something like the attached. I have seen some good appearances in the visualize picture...
    Greg Hynd
    last modified by Greg Hynd
  • Visualize rendered content

    Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single ...
    Brian Hillner
    last modified by Brian Hillner
  • Glitchy geometry

    Has anyone else encountered this? How do I solve it? Been pulling my hair out trying to make it go away but to no avail. It's messing up my renders. Geometry looks normal within Solidworks 2017 but messed up in Visual...
    Andreas Olofsson
    last modified by Andreas Olofsson
  • Scroll wheel stopped working all of a sudden

    I am using Visualize for the first time to make an assembly video and everything was going well. Then all of a sudden the mouse scroll wheel stopped working. I don't recall doing anything, I have restarted and tried o...
    Alexander Valenze
    last modified by Alexander Valenze
  • How to define Joints/Connections in Visualize?

    Hi,   I am trying to animate an industrial 6 axis robot in Visualize.   Is there a way to define joints or connections?   Just pulling the pivot point to the center of the joint is not really practic...
    Clemens Ambros
    last modified by Clemens Ambros
  • Application Error on render

    Visualize 2019 Standard...   "Application Error" on render. Happened immediately on completion of render.   Thanks for any assistance.
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Re-import doesn't replace the previous model?

    As you can see in the attached picture I've performed a re-import and a second model is applied in the same space over the original. Only one instance appears in the feature tree. Shouldn't the Re-import delete the pr...
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Rollover text missing

    Visualize 2109 Standard...   I was watching a what's new video on YouTube and I see rollover text pop up while the host is navigating 2019, yet on mine I get no rollover text at all on anything?   It also...
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Visualise won't open a new project

    I have an issue where I cannot open a new or existing project in visualise. It will load up the project but when getting to the initialising it will just freeze and crash. I have done numerous re installations and eve...
    Aiden Dryburgh
    last modified by Aiden Dryburgh
  • Group Selection no longer functions

    Virusalize 2019 Standard...   When I started using Visualize a few months ago the group selection tool was very handy for applying a single color to a whole subassembly, making the process of rendering quick wor...
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • How to render a volume of water.

    Hi guys!   Any sugestions how to properly render a volume of water like the attached swimming pool? In the attached image I've used a glass material with zero roughness, I slight tint of blue in the color, solid...
    Bjorn Wallen
    last modified by Bjorn Wallen
  • SW Appearances not showing in Preview viewport (or render too) when model/project is reopened.

    Has anyone experienced SW Appearances not showing in Preview viewport (or Render)  when certain SW model/projects are reopened? Visualize 2019 SP2.   The model geometry is correct, the appearances show in t...
    Hal Seltzer
    last modified by Hal Seltzer
  • SP3 still has LiveUpdate failed problem!!!

    This is one of the issues that I was told was a focus of SP3.
    Dale Johnston
    created by Dale Johnston
  • Shadows quit working.

    Solidworks Visualize Standard...   I no longer get shadows when rendering. It used to work. I've checked the advanced features under the scenes tab. Floor shadow is enabled and I've cranked it all the way to 1.5...
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Ability to zoom changes randomly.

    Visualize 2019 Standard.   For no apparent reason sometimes I can zoom in so far I can pass my model, other times I cant zoom in close enough to select a part. Am I missing something?   Thanks in advance.
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Duplicate decals imported from Solidworks do not show up on model

    Visualize 2019 Standard...   When importing a SLD design that has multiple instances (component array?) of the same decal the subsequent ones do not appear. I have to manually add them in Visualize which is not ...
    Dale Johnston
    last modified by Dale Johnston
  • Appearance data missing after save, close and re-open

    My patience is running thin for this program. I just spent over an hour assigning appearances and getting the product to look perfect, saving after making each change. I had to close the project and open another for a...
    Dale Johnston
    created by Dale Johnston