• Re-import Error

    I'm getting this popup when I try to re-import the model. It says to check the log, and when I go to the Visualize log folder, no log has a timestamp of the correct time, and the main Visualize log doesn't show anythi...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Hello, I am a High School student trying to render an assembly with purple leather as appearance.However when its rendering it comes out black. How could I fixed this?

    Hello, I am a High School student trying to render an assembly with purple leather as appearance.However when its rendering it comes out black. How could I fixed this?
    Franko Sanabria
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  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Feature Requests

    Hello Visualize Community,   Some of you have asked me to create a single forum post where all global Visualize users can request product features for future releases, and bounce these ideas off each other. This...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Camera Positioning  XYZ or lon. lat.

    In modifying parameters of a camera, I need to modify the position XYZ of the camera without changing the Longitude, Latitude, or Twist. Right now I can't change one without changing the other. I've got a camera ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Having trouble re-importing SW models

    Running Viz 2019 SP2 at the moment, but this has been an issue for me for a while now.   When I'm working on a project with source geometry from a Solidworks assembly and then try to update/reimport the models, ...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • UV Unwrapping Advice

    Hi Everyone.   I am a Solidworks 2015 user and a Visualize 2017 pro user. I am hoping to get some advice on how to UV unwrap a model and apply a texture that I can render within Visualize.   I'm a total ne...
    Alexander Smith
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  • Object up against wall, how to get similar floor and background as without wall.

    Hi, I have this piece of furniture in open space. When adding a wall as a part in SolidWorks, in Visualize light and shadow change too much. The floor gets grey and does not fade into white. How to have exactly the s...
    Fabrice Knecht
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  • Decal Rendering

    I'm having an issue rendering a decal. In the preview renderer it looks perfect, but when I change to the fast or accurate renderers, it looks horrible. Its a png file and the black version seems to be rendering just ...
    Casey Bemis
    created by Casey Bemis
  • Visualize Add-In

    Hi my name is Sebastian, i have a SolidWorks standart license. I would like to export motion studies from SolidWorks standart in to SolidWorks Visualize Professional. To export these motion studies i need the Visuali...
    Sebastian Hoyer
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  • Can I prevent "tiling" in large renders

    Hi All   I'm trying to render a large scale image (20.14k x 12k pixels) for a display.   Visualize builds the render from a series of tiles, as you'll have seen if you ever watch it rendering a final ...
    Warren Isaacs
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  • Moving parts between projects?

    Is there any way to take a part from one visualize project and add to another? I work with various vendors who give me CAD files of their projects.  A current project is a chainsaw rendering.  One vendor gav...
    Casey Bemis
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  • HDRI Floor Flatten Issue

    I downloaded a free HDRI from HDRI Haven (a GREAT site!). (Using Visualize Professional 2020 SP0.1) I set my model Position to be Center and Snap to Floor. See screen captures. 1. When the Scene Transform does NOT s...
    Bill Toft
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  • visualize passes

    ¿Cuál es el numero máximo de pasadas que se puede conseguir con visualize profesional?
    Bego Munoz
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  • When rendering - scene is split in pieces...

    When I render in VIsualize scene it splits it in 4 pieces. so efectivelly it's not doing render in amount of passes I've specified.   This is screen after doing 50% and doing agaoin 64/150passes: so it's now ...
    Wojciech Paterski
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  • Why is my export animation option greyed out in Visualize 2018?

    Hello, My only option is single frame export (green arrow) and the animation option is not available to click as shown in the attached image (red arrow).  It is a 9 second animation, simple enough 270 degree ro...
    Kealan Devlin
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  • Broken opacity in Animations

    Is anyone else encountering the issue in Visualize where parts are not obeying their opacity keys? I've got several parts that appear later in my animation that now are visible from the start and only parts are v...
    Luke Thompson
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  • new problem

    so now, no matter if i open a current project or a new project, my pointer stays as the windows progress wheel. i can still select anything like its the arrow, however, when i try to change something in the current pr...
    J. Buckallew
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  • Offline Renderer fatal error

    Hello, I’m having issues with our Solidworks Visualize Queue server not functioning. Visualize seems to be able to send the rendering job to the queue server just fine and the server initializes it but as soon ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • turntable rotation

    How can you change the rotation point in a turntable animation in Solidworks Visualize, I have tried moving the model so it is central to the world axis but it still rotates outside of this so some of the assembly goe...
    Paul Oliver
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  • Trouble with Fast render settings?

    Hi All,   after testing that for some reason shadow definition seemed to be better using the fast render option, I've found that my computer will produce a fast render but it wont show me any of the progress or ...
    Joshua Sharp
    created by Joshua Sharp