• No thumbs after crash

    After a crash, i´ve no thumbs/preview in any panel. Camera/appereances/textures/HDR and in all projects, even if i create a new one.
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Uploading interactive image (html) file to a website

    Hello community, I have rendered an interactive image (html index file) from solidworks visualize, how can I upload this to my website? So that anyone can see my projects and interact with it? I am trying to make webs...
    Dhrumil Shah
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  • adding lighting in 2020

    have they removed the ability of adding custom lighting in Visualize 2020?
    J. Buckallew
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  • Just gone to render an animation and orbits and images per orbits choice is missing?

    Hello I have just gone to render an animation and suddenly the options to alter number of orbits and images per orbits setting have gone, they are normally there but i cant work out where they have gone i have share...
    M. H.
    created by M. H.
  • Gravel in vizualize 2018.

    Hello,I would like to simulate rough ballast gravel.With some depth in the texture.I currently have Solidworks 2018 and visualize 2018.But I have no experience with visualization.Would anyone help me with this?
    Thierry Dermul
    created by Thierry Dermul
  • GPU Rendering not working in Final Rendering

    I am having an issue where GPU Rendering only works in preview window, where I am able to get about 80 passes per second on a very complex assembly animation using GPU only. CPU only I get about 8 passes per second, a...
    F. K.
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  • Camera lag when with any movement no matter what type rendering- all versions of 2020

    I am getting serious camera lag with any pan or rotation no matter which mode of rendering is selected (even hardware shading). This only happens in 2020 and not  in 2019 sp4. It's been that way since 2020 came o...
    Jake Sclare
    created by Jake Sclare
  • GPU Performance Issue AMD WX7100 & Quadro K5200

    Hey Community,   I am looking for some assistance from those you may have already worked through the issues that I am currently struggling to get a handle on.    I have 2 work stations that I run for ...
    Cole Coleman
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  • Visualize cannot be started.

    I have SOLIDWORKS Professional. I am currently using version 2020. Visualize cannot be started.  The message "Failed to get license" appears. I thought that Visualize Standard could be used. But is Visualize not avail...
    Mz Nishimura
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  • 3D product visualization online from Visualize

    I'd like to determine if there is a way to export our product renderings generated in Visualize to an online 3D viewer. VR and AR would be pretty cool, but i'd be more focused on desktop viewing. I expect I could rend...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Multi-layer clarification

    I just want to confirm that the only thing that Multi-layer appearances will layer are the texture layers (color, specular, alpha, bump). The attributes of the individual appearances (the type of shader and it's prope...
    Mark Biasotti
    created by Mark Biasotti
  • XR (VR/AR/MR) and Visualize

    I'd like to start a discussion about photoreal models brought into a XR experience of some kind trying to utilizing Visualize. The applications I am creating are for use by sales & marketing teams, for training an...
    Mark Jackson
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  • Component "ghosting" when rendering

    Hey everyone! I Keep getting these weird traces on some components, anyone know how to fix it?Preview Rendered for 6 passes (it doesnt make a difference if i let it fulkly complete rendering)   The full animati...
    F. K.
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  • PBR and corner radius option

    I noticed that the corner radius option in advance does not work for PBR appearances. Is this a bug or a limitation of PBR materials?  I've read other posts on the corner radius not working when bump is applied -...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Environment blurred while doing motion blur

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to do visualization of my aircraft, but what I want to achieve is to have propeller blurred like it was rotating. I can add motion to the project, so it spins, all nice and well. But when I...
    Wojciech Boruch
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  • How to get rid of differently textured circle around hole

    As can be seen, here is a part that is a simple 0.5" thick sheet that has a hole through it. The appearance is "oriented strand board" as described in Solidworks and "chipboard" in Visualize. I am not sure why there ...
    Daniel Featherby
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  • Toolbar Error

    Hi,   I am facing a strange problem, I made some mistake while customizing my solid works and now Toolbar have next icon action. For Example if I click Filter Axis, operation will be previous Icon means Filter&...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Selection issue in Visualize

    This is an issue that recently thru me in Visualize. Wondering if there is some way to "select thru" decals so that selection mode is respected?   visualize-decal-issue-200514.mp4 - Google Drive 
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Can Visualize Be More Like Keyshot Please :)

    I used Keyshot previously for rendering, but we are switching to Visualize as it comes free with the license. I find really frustrating when trying to get the same effect as you can get on keyshot.
    Lina Teiserskiene
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  • Solidworks Visualize models disappearing?

    I'm using Solidworks visualize 2020, I'm now trying AMD prorender, I have AMD RX on my PC, in preview mode, everything looks normal, but when I turn on accurate mode, all the models disappear. Also, there is no fast m...
    Itai Hoffman
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