• Realistic animation struggles. Is there hope?

    Hello, I'm trying to learn animation for the purpose of generating functional demonstrations of our products as well as installation videos for our marketing department. Solidworks Visualize has been pretty great for...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Can´t export Visualize appearances

    Hello, I want to export some appearances from my Solid works Visualize Model, however when I click on the appearance I like to export, the export button is just greyed out and I don´t know why.   See the a...
    Sven Bruning
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  • How to add visual affects

    I saw the 2021 new features. Good improvement. I love SolidWorks and hopefully visual affects features will be added.  Is there a way to add visual effects for example: to show fire inside an internal combustion...
    Shad Gawad
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  • Rhinoceros with Visualize

    Hi all, I'm using Rhino for modelling and Visualize for render. Earlier it was a charm to import Rhino files into Visualize and keeping layer structures. Since upgrading both Visualize to 2018 (soon to be 2019) and R...
    Thomas Ulrik Christiansen
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  • Visualize Professional 2018 queue license error

    Hello,   i have a problem for one of our clients in Visualize 2018 pro. When sending several rendering jobs to the queue, some of them just fail with a "No license seat available" error.   Other jobs can ...
    Bogdan Antemia
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  • Appearance seems to be transparent when it should not be!

    When I render out this machine some parts of my appearance seems to be half transparent/see through when it all should be an inox material.   I've tried adjusting all the appreances inside Solidworks but they se...
    Steven Vandermeulen
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  • Changing Watermark

    Does anyone know the file location for the watermark for Visualize ? I am wanting to change it so I can have my company logo show up in its place. 
    Thomas Cleveland
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  • Render Queue not connecting

    I'm having problems with my render queue. I googled my issue and found this sollution: https://hawkridgesys.com/kb/visualize-queue-error-unable-to-connect-to-local-queue-make-sure-the-service-is-running-and-…...
  • Creating Interactive Animations with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

    Creating Interactive Animations with SOLIDWORKS Visualize    I am trying out this way of adding an animation inside my web browser orbital spin. I followed the instructions to the letter. However it does no...
    Steven Vandermeulen
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  • I get an error when starting the visualize(2017)

    I cannot start Visualize. After the normal startup screen (with the render) I get an error message saying Solidworks Visualize has encounterd an error.   Bunkspeed.objectpanarchy.panarchy.builder.buildfailedexept...
    Okan Erisen
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  • SW Visualize opens my .FBX and .OBJ models but...

    This is my model imported from Solid Works to SW Visualize, adjusted with appearances and decals. which looks how I wanted it to look. However I wanted to adjust some parts in 3DS Max and reimport the model inside SW ...
  • Visualize Boost Broken

    We are currently not able to form a cluster with our two boost machines. We have just recently obtained Visualize Pro and are at the most current version. I am told by our service provider, CATI, that this is a known ...
    N. G.
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  • Four big problems, I can't keep wasting time with these precarious working conditions, and I notice that it doesn't just happen to me.

    Max Balmenti
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  • Some opinions and questions about visualize.

    Hello everyone. 
    Max Balmenti
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  • deleted

    Umberto Zanola
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  • New Webcasts for PhotoView and Visualize

    FYI - Three new Webcasts recently created for PhotoView and Visualize:   PhotoView 360 Part 1  http://www.spannerpd.com/solidworks-webcast-episode-21  PhotoView 360 Part 2   http://...
    Mark Biasotti
    created by Mark Biasotti
  • Tips and tricks for overlaying renderings on photos

    I'd like to start a discussion on tips and tricks for how to best overlay renderings on photographs utilizing plates and HDR environments. We are looking at taking photographs but I want to make sure they are usable a...
    Luke Thompson
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  • visualize shutting down when tried to open new project

    i tried to open new file in visualize soildworks .... it was loaded fora while and turned off automatically. I tried so many times but the result is same
    Rakesh Yalavarthi
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  • Disappearing model in preview window...

    At certain model angles and locations the preview will disappear. In the attached screenshot you can see that some model components are highlighted yet not shown. Changing the angle or position of the camera slig...
    Dale Johnston
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  • Cut plane section cap possible/planned in Visualize?

    Hello fellow computer monkeys,   My work depends on doing model section renders in Visualize and having a "dumb" section plane without capping the model is a huge show stopper to me. In other words: the section ...
    Paulius Jatautas
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