• Component "ghosting" when rendering

    Hey everyone! I Keep getting these weird traces on some components, anyone know how to fix it?Preview Rendered for 6 passes (it doesnt make a difference if i let it fulkly complete rendering)   The full animati...
    F. K.
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  • PBR and corner radius option

    I noticed that the corner radius option in advance does not work for PBR appearances. Is this a bug or a limitation of PBR materials?  I've read other posts on the corner radius not working when bump is applied -...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Environment blurred while doing motion blur

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to do visualization of my aircraft, but what I want to achieve is to have propeller blurred like it was rotating. I can add motion to the project, so it spins, all nice and well. But when I...
    Wojciech Boruch
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  • How to get rid of differently textured circle around hole

    As can be seen, here is a part that is a simple 0.5" thick sheet that has a hole through it. The appearance is "oriented strand board" as described in Solidworks and "chipboard" in Visualize. I am not sure why there ...
    Daniel Featherby
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  • Toolbar Error

    Hi,   I am facing a strange problem, I made some mistake while customizing my solid works and now Toolbar have next icon action. For Example if I click Filter Axis, operation will be previous Icon means Filter&...
    Sanjeev Kumar
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  • Selection issue in Visualize

    This is an issue that recently thru me in Visualize. Wondering if there is some way to "select thru" decals so that selection mode is respected?   visualize-decal-issue-200514.mp4 - Google Drive 
    Mark Biasotti
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  • Can Visualize Be More Like Keyshot Please :)

    I used Keyshot previously for rendering, but we are switching to Visualize as it comes free with the license. I find really frustrating when trying to get the same effect as you can get on keyshot.
    Lina Teiserskiene
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  • Solidworks Visualize models disappearing?

    I'm using Solidworks visualize 2020, I'm now trying AMD prorender, I have AMD RX on my PC, in preview mode, everything looks normal, but when I turn on accurate mode, all the models disappear. Also, there is no fast m...
    Itai Hoffman
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  • Why is my export animation option greyed out in Visualize 2018?

    Hello, My only option is single frame export (green arrow) and the animation option is not available to click as shown in the attached image (red arrow).  It is a 9 second animation, simple enough 270 degree ro...
    Kealan Devlin
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  • Jagged Accurate Mode

    I'm seeing massive errors in Accurate mode. Is anyone else having issues like this?   Solidworks 2020 Assembly Visualize 2020 SP2 HP Z8 Workstation 3xNvidia P4000        
    Neil Marten
    created by Neil Marten
  • Glass color lost when rendered as transparent PNG

    I'm trying to develop a rendering that will be used on a website and I need it to be a transparent PNG file. The object i'm rendering is a sheet of glass using the "glass" appearance type, with a transparent grayscale...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Bohrung auf Mantel Innenseite

    Hallo, ich versuche über den Bohrungsassistenten M4 Bohrungen (siehe Bild) auf die Innenseite einer Mantelfläche zu bekommen. Wie kann ich die symmetrisch zu einander setzten und bemaßen, denn wenn ic...
    Jan Rechenberg
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  • duplicate decals disappear applied in Visualize

    I'm currently on Visualize 2019 SP5   It is similar to this issue that Dale posted: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/959568?q=duplicate%20decals%20disappear%20applied%20in%20Visualize    I am...
    Mark Biasotti
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  • AMD Radeon Pro WX5100 Not Detected

    I have an eGPU setup through thunderbolt, everything is working fine other than Solidworks visualize is not detecting it. Solidworks is detecting it fine but for some reason, visualize only detects my processor. What ...
    Austin Cassel
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  • Exporting fbx with animation from Visualize

    For some reason when I try and export an FBX file from Visualize to open up in 3ds Max, it doesn't include the animation data? I have animated an assembly in Solidworks and exported it into visualize. The animation pl...
    Tango Charlie
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  • Steps to Report a Visualize Crash & Capture Log Files

    Hi Visualize Community,   On the developer side, SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a complex bit of software that creates a powerful application for our users to create amazing photo-quality content. And just like any oth...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Will AMD RX 5700XT Work with AMD ProRender/Visualize 2020?

    Hi Everyone,   I just recently found out the 2020 version of SolidWorks Visualize will support AMD ProRender and included a list of recommended AMD workstation GPUs. But my question is will Visualize 2020 b...
    Kuan Liu
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  • camera bug?

    The camera will move up to 89.90 in latitude and not the full 90 degrees. This can be a problem in orthographic view when importing objects into a scene and trying to align them. Is this a bug?
    Marios Pazaitis
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  • Is it possible to apply a normal map to a decal?

    I have a cloudy film with flexographic printing on sections of it which I would like to replicate for renders. I have the base material looking about the way I want it. When I apply the printing as a decal with an alp...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • graphics problem with importing file from SW and not only.....

    Is there something I'm doing wrong when importing or it's just my model.... This is screen from SW: Now when I use 'Simple Export' from SW to Visualize i get this (so hidden parts are showing) : It shows items ...
    Wojciech Paterski
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