• Solidworks Visualize models disappearing?

    I'm using Solidworks visualize 2020, I'm now trying AMD prorender, I have AMD RX on my PC, in preview mode, everything looks normal, but when I turn on accurate mode, all the models disappear. Also, there is no fast m...
    Itai Hoffman
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  • Bohrung auf Mantel Innenseite

    Hallo, ich versuche über den Bohrungsassistenten M4 Bohrungen (siehe Bild) auf die Innenseite einer Mantelfläche zu bekommen. Wie kann ich die symmetrisch zu einander setzten und bemaßen, denn wenn ic...
    Jan Rechenberg
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  • Duplicated Cylindrical decal

    Hi guys,   Does anybody know how to get rid of the duplicated decal? It is being added to the inner side of the cylinder. I have played with the settings and I cannot get rid of it. I just want to show the decal...
    Fabio Ruiz
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  • Having trouble with GPU renders

    With Viz 2020 SP1, I had issues with it switching to the CPU during GPU renders within the first 200 passes. Did a little research, turns out that SP2 is current. So, upgraded to that. Now, instead of switching to the...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Animation Workflow discussion for complex animations.

    Hello.  I'd like to start a discussion on workflow, best practices and tips for animating in Visualize.    I see a lot of demo animations on exploded views and walkthroughs and some basic motion of a ...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Visualize 2019 SP3  Import Failed of assembly with motion study

    Hello Visualize Community!   I need to create a couple of animations with visualize and I have some assemblies with a motion study. When i try to export them with Advanced Export from Solidworks 2019 SP3 to Visu...
    Davide Battistello
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  • Visualize 2020 compatible with SolidWorks 2019?

    Title says all. Having reliability issues with 2019 crashing and renders failing.
    Gabriel Mazzitelli
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  • Interactive Foto

    I want to make an interactive foto where i can look unter the object too. I need an orbit from 90 to -90. Is this possible? I tried different things, but the orbit seems to be limited to 0-90 degree.
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Interactive Photo Bug

    If you render the Animation for the first time, everything is ok. But if you render it again, e.g. with higher resolution, the open.html and the js-Folder are missing. The images folder is written only. You have to ...
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Visualize extreme unstable

    I´ve a new machine with fresh installation,driver up-to-date, but Visualize: - recognized the second Graphic-Card, but didn´t use it - switching after loading a project directly to accurate mode doesn&ac...
    Peter Hildebrandt
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  • Endless crashing

    Just loaded up Vizualize 2019 SP3 for the first time in months. When I try to open a couple of projects which used to work just fine and haven't been touched since then, I get a few seconds of spinning cursor and then...
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Rendering appears blended in places

    I'm rendering a screen on one of our products, and the area around the perimeter looks like it has the screen rendered properly. However, the entire middle section of the screen is a solid gray color- almost as if the...
    Luke Thompson
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  • Visualize crashes every time when i try to import MDL appearance

    Hello,   when I try drag-drop MDL appearance from exporer window to model - nothing changes. When I import MDLfrom appearance  from pallette - a message window appears (see attachet pic). Also, I copied t...
    Antanas Sulskis
    created by Antanas Sulskis
  • Decrease in render quality in 2019?

    Has anyone else noticed a significant decrease in the render quality in 2019? Here are a few things I am experiencing. (the example below is the SAME file. The left image was rendered in 2018 the right rende...
    Kristina Dougherty
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  • Visualize GPU compliance warning?

      Is this a message to check if my graphics card is compliant? Or has it actually detected my graphics card isn’t compliant? My graphics card was approved until it was recently culled from the approved l...
    Gordon Rigg
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  • Learning tip

    Hello fellow users,   I've been getting in touch with Visualize lately and couldn't help but notice that I am missing some key points in achieving a good rendered image.   I believe that what I need th...
    Jean Giacomoni
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  • Who can share a material similar to dog food?? Thank you.

    My vs version is 2020
    李 波
    created by 李 波
  • How to approach this problem...

    Hello, I am looking for some input on how to make an appearance for a layered material. The material that I am working with is called G-10. I'm just not exactly sure how to approach this problem as I've only...
    Cody Rowen
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  • How to change turntable's axis of rotation in SolidWorks Visualize Pro

    I have an object that looks like a box with two long poles sticking out perpendicularly on two sides. I want the turntable to be centered about the center of the box but it defaults to a center point out side of the b...
    Daniel Strang
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  • New Version - old Problem

    Now we are in Vis2020. Two full versions and 10 Service-Packs later and the queue is still not working correctly---Wow......!   Now we can edit MDL Materials and have PBR-Material.That´s really good and a...