• Visualize rendered content

    Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single ...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Exploded View Animations - How to Blog Post

    Hi everyone,   I recently finished working on an animated exploded view and wrote up a blog post on how you can create one with your own models. If you're interested in learning more about SOLIDWORKS Visual...
    Jonathan Delaney
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  • Copying lights between scenes

    Hi    I'm having some difficulty and wonder if anyone can offer some insight.   I have a 2018 viz file with the scene of a table and some chairs. I have a few different table options so I saved-a...
    Alexander Smith
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  • What's your render rig?

    Lots of discussion about builds and GPUs lately. Figured I'd start a dedicated thread for folks to talk about and show what they're running Visualize on.
    Jeffrey Model
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  • Visualize 2019 sp02 - Denoiser Improvements

    The release notes for 2019 sp02, have a small bullet point regarding de-noiser improvements: "Integrated an updated version of the Denoiser leading to significant improvements in handling very noisy images"   I...
    Ron Bates
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  • XR (VR/AR/MR) and Visualize

    I'd like to start a discussion about photoreal models brought into a XR experience of some kind trying to utilizing Visualize. The applications I am creating are for use by sales & marketing teams, for training an...
    Mark Jackson
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  • triangles?

    Why doesn't solidworks support something such as bezier surfaces, nurbs for circles? It works with triangles which generate multi-edged circles. This defects are visible mostly on cones where flat triangle surfaces ex...
    Damir Galic
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  • What's New in Visualize 2019

    Hey fellow Visualizers! Want to know about all the exciting, new features in our latest Visualize 2019 release? This year, we've packed loads of new customer-requested workflows, including a few features unique to onl...
    Brian Hillner
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  • what I miss in visualize

    I miss: 1. gravity snap, snap to object plane. 2. Align and center camera to object axis so Y axis of the object is right in the middle (important because of perspective view)   anything else?
    Damir Galic
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  • siggraph 2018

    I've seen this video and they mention solidworks... SIGGRAPH 2018 - NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang - Reinventing Computer Graphics - YouTube   What are they doing here and what program are they using? Anything relate...
    Damir Galic
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  • 3d volumetric textures?

    Hi, I've seen this picture below and it got me thinking... are volumetric textures a thing in the future, especially something like wood textures. So basically the texture would show appearance the way body is shaped ...
    Damir Galic
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  • [request] re-import from visualize project

    Hi, it would be nice if it was possible to re-import from another visualize file, instead of from the model. Assuming you import a model from visualize file you also import all appearances made from there so it would...
    Damir Galic
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  • Visualize 2018 SP3 - adding Denoiser; dropping Fermi support

    Hi Visualize community,   As you've hopefully heard by now, we're about to release new integrated technology to make your Visualize renders finish 10x faster! It's called the AI Denoiser, which uses machine lear...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Passing my forum Baton

    I am transitioning to a new job and currently training a coworker on Visualize. His name is Mario and will be taking over for me in regards to rendering. He will be using this login for the company. I absolutely loved...
    Chris Cunningham
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  • Visualize Monthly Contest

    Seems like we some interest in creating a monthly contest. This would be a good thread to flesh out some details.
    Chris Cunningham
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  • Rendered vs Real life

    I wanted to start a thread dedicated to those of us that make renderings, and then make the actual product we rendered. I'll start with an anniversary present I made for my 10 year wedding anniversary last year. I tri...
    Jeremy Grigsby
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  • Visualize 2018 Pro SP0.1 + Two GPU's + Accurate Render = Instant GPU Crash - RESOLVED !

    Definition of GPU crash:  Loud click, screen goes black, all 6 GPU fans go max speed.   I've been using Visualize/Bunkspeed since the split with KeyShot. I've had no problems with this workstation and Visua...
    Dave Goetsch
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  • Utilizing Motion Studies for Still frame Renders, Even with Visualize Standard

    Hi Everyone ,   this was a topic from the SOLIDWORKS World Presentation that myself and Alen Topic presented this year and it received a fair amount of interest so I turned it into a blog with a quick video. &#...
    Scott Ellery
    created by Scott Ellery
  • Visualize 2018 desktop calendar image

    Hi Visualize community,   Each year I create a Visualize desktop calendar image that can be downloaded and used on your own machines. This year's edition comes to us courtesy of customer AX Tech, created in Visu...
    Brian Hillner
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  • Visualize 2018 SP0 available now!

    Hi Visualize Community,   SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 SP0 is available now! LOADS of new features, improvements and of course pesky bugs squashed! You can't hear me, but I'm clapping right now for the Visualize R&a...
    Brian Hillner
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