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Jessica Alejandra Avila Figueroa
Hello. I have a question is posible in solidworks visualize can animations be generated with 3D people models?
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Thach Do
Hi everyone, I select 'Plane 1' as the floor, offset = 0, but the shadow is not on display on the 'Plane 1', there was an offset. It is so strange. Please help me to solve this problem.     Thank you so much!
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Jam Jameston
Hi everybody   In SW Visualize 2016, I was using the physics simulation option ( on the top right of the time-line ). It was perfect to dispose elements randomly on the floor. Even to simulate a car suspensions.   I was lucky to test SW Visualize 2018 and I was surprised not to see this option in this version. I looked around the time-line and… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Reid Sisson
Hello.  Why does my render look blotchy?  Is it my graphics card ( NVIDIA Quadro P2000) I'm a SolidWorks novice, just trying to create a rendering.    
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Peter Hildebrandt
When assigning appearances to a model, Visualize  2017 and 2018 crashes after a while. Maybe after 30 or 17 or 3 appearances. It starts with the yellow screen and after some few more clicks the red screen appears. I tried different models,drag-drop,shift right click,different view mode. Any idea?
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Matt McMillan
Has anyone got either a moving cutting block or a color to change working during a visualize animation?  After my cut block failed to export I just used a section view which was not as effective at illustrating my subject.    As for animating a color change (IE sensing tape darkening in the presence of H2S), I think I must be going about it… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Brian Hillner
Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single place to select Visualize Featured Users, a recurring blog post with an interview and your images!   Post away and don't forget to use… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Bill Toft
Just starting with 2018 (upgraded from 2017) and working my way around the new interface. I cannot figure out how to save a modified appearance to my local library. In 2017 it was obvious: The 2018 Help says: "(Optional.) Add the appearance to the Appearance library: select the appearance in the Appearances tab and under Save Appearance,… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Scott Ellery
I am trying to render out a sizable (usually between 6K and 8K resolution) Virtual Reality scene from SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2018 and I have tried using the Queue and also the offline renderer as well and every time I send it through it initializes the render and then fails.   I have tried between GPU and CPU rendering with no luck   I am assuming… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Dave Goetsch
This question is for the GeForce users out there. Particularly those using the higher end Pascal cards.   Yes, I know, we are the Red-Headed-Step-Children on this forum and never get any definitive answers from the moderators here when it comes to these questions so I thought I'd just ask the real users of these cards. The fact is many Visualize… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
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