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Minori Wakabayashi
Hi, I begin to use Solidworks Visualize 2017. Any preview is not shown in the Visualize. How to show the preview? I have not set anything from downloading it. I just want to open and show the preview of some solidworks data. My OS is windows 10. Solidworks 2017 is working without problems.   こんにちは。 Solidworks visualize 2017を使用し始めたのですが、… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Paulius Jatautas
Hi there, A simple question but still... I have a Dell Precision Tower 5810 workstation with one Quadro M4000 GPU and I want to add one more Quadro P5000 or P4000 to speed up Visualize Pro workflow and rendering. As I understand Quadro and GeForce GPUs dont mix, right? So is there anything I should know about multiple different architecture… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Andreas Olofsson
Has anyone else encountered this? How do I solve it? Been pulling my hair out trying to make it go away but to no avail. It's messing up my renders. Geometry looks normal within Solidworks 2017 but messed up in Visualize. I've tried using "repair normals" and "rebuild normals" or whatever, but that had no effect. I'm assuming it's related to the… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Brian Hillner
Hello Visualize Community!   I'd like to start a thread where we can share our Visualize images, animations, and other rendered content for feedback from the community. I will also use this thread as the single place to select Visualize Featured Users, a recurring blog post with an interview and your images!   Post away and don't forget to use… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Peter Hildebrandt
I tried to map an image around the edge of a box. First, I used the decal option, but the image was distorted all the time. Second, i tried an apperance with the image as a color map. It was a really difficult to get this result: - The Preview Mode is different from the accurate/fast mode. - how can i avoid repeating the image? - the Fit to… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Daniel Metz
So I have a modeled bench in Visualize that has a long curved shape to it. On one end of the bench the appearance is showing up correct, but as it goes along the curve the appearance does not rotate with the curve. Is there a setting that will help me fix it? I'd like to share the file, but I can't.
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Bjorn Wallen
Is thera a way to force Visualize to always start in Preview Mode? As of now it seems to remember the rendering mode last used. This is annyoing if you leave a simple project in Accurate mode and the open a very large scene.
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Mark Jackson
Since a recent update to Windows 10, Visualize now only utilizes 30 to 40% GPU in hybrid render mode. It used to utilize 95% GPU before the recent updates. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?  
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Ivan Mladenovski
Hello.   Any solution on this? - I think it should be a numerical adjustment (like all other camera settings.. ), it can be in percentage or something..   Cause if we like to have same transition on more keyframes (which is very often case in my work), after we find the perfect combination, we can input the numbers on other keyframe. Just… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Anne Struwe Christensen
When i want to use more than one motion study, on the same visualize project. I first import one study into my visualize, with export advance, and then make the change in Visualize (appearances). Then I save the visualize file as a visualize project 1. Then i save it again as visualize project 2. In solidworks i now save motion study 2 with;… (Show more)
in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
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