• Change Middle mouse button settings

    I just purchased a seat of solidworks and I am configuring the controls.  I need to change the MMB to pan.  I use many other programs that have MMB as pan and it is a pain when going back and forth to have d...
    Brandon Bihn
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  • Add relations of multiple entities selected to a single entity

    If I select multiple Arcs (e.g. Arc1, Arc2, Arc3 and Arc4) and want them all to have a relation to Arc1, which already has a defined diameter, I simply add all Arcs to 'Selected Entities', select OK and all will be re...
    Michael Mazon
    created by Michael Mazon
  • Utility to click green OK check by keyboard/mouse (Ctrl+RMB) w/o moving to OK or selecting menu OK

    Hello,   Although this available in mouse gestures, I don't believe you can add an "OK" as a keyboard shortcut.   While running this utility, press Ctrl and the right mouse button (RMB) to send an Enter (f...
    Kevin Chandler
    created by Kevin Chandler
  • Can´t turn sound off

    Hej   I can´t turn the sound off in SolidWorks 2017.   I uncheck the box for sound in the General Systems Options and I haved set all sounds in the dialog box "Configure Sounds" to none.   Soli...
    Gert Laustsen
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  • Can I add to default material list?

    From the feature tree if you right click a part you see the "material" option with a list of default materials or the "edit material" option. Can I add to the list of materials diisplayed or do I have to go to edit ma...
    Dale Murley
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  • Organize Manager Pane Tabs?

    Is there a way to edit/organize the Manager Pan tabs?? Similar to how I can organize the Command Manager?
    Sarah Dwight
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  • Graphics View Glitch

    Is anyone else seeing a Graphics view glitch when they mouse over a part or assembly as shown below.     As I move my mouse over the part every edge is selected that the mouse crosses, either showing as h...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • Mouse wheel click now only rotates view after selecting surface or edge

    I previously would hold the middle wheel down anywhere and could move the mouse to rotate the view angle. Now I have to click on a surface or edge then click and hold the middle wheel while on that surface/edge to rot...
    Michael Mazon
    last modified by Michael Mazon

    Is there a way to keep the bounding box that was added in 2018 from showing besides the setting in Visibility on/off or not using it at all. When the size of the part changes any the bounding box turns itself back on....
    John Lhuillier
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  • 2019 face selection issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with selecting faces in 2019? Sometimes when we select a face there is no highlight until we roll the mouse wheel. We've noticed it happens on part faces in parts files and assemblies. W...
    Eric Allen
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  • Change UI font color

    Hello, Does anybody know if it's possible to change the font used throughout the UI in Solidworks? I know it can be changed from black to white or visa versa by changing from the light to dark theme but I was hoping ...
    Cody Murphy
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  • What does support for Dual Monitors mean to you?

    Hi All, If you saw me on stage at SolidWorks World, you'll note that one of the things I mentioned that we are looking into for the future is better support for multiple monitors (especially two, side by side, sin...
    Jim Wilkinson
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  • Rotate pan spin zoom turn roll at the same time?

    Can solidworks not rotate multiple directions together while using a 3D mouse? Its acting like it cant do 2 things at the same time. to get the proper orientation I need to rotate multiple directions. but instead it s...
    Nicholas Ward
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  • How to make context toolbar reappear?

    I really like the pop-up context toolbars but find it frustrating that they disappear when you roll the mouse off of the toolbar.  If I'm designing at a quick pace, it's not uncommon that I'll move the mouse a bi...
    Jim Paige
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  • Is it possible to copy/trace an elipsed edge of a part and make it a sketch in another

    I have a circular part that had to be cut at an angle. I need to make a mating part to the edge which is now an ellipse. Can I trace or copy the edge of the ellipse to place as a sketch on the mating piece that needs ...
    Angie Dirks
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  • SW doesn't open files directly from Windows Explorer

    Hi Guys,   Since we installed the SW 2013 here, all the computers don't open files (parts, assemblies and drawings) directly from Windows Explorer by double click or right button and open. This is the error t...
    Paulo Monteiro
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  • Bug changing theme on SW

    Hello When I change the theme to black on SW2018 SP3.0, the writing gets all mixed up. It's not a version problem, because it happened to me since I started using SW, all my drivers are up to date. I couldn't find ...
    Jean Giacomoni
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  • Solidworks theme writting bug

    Hello everyone,   As you can see in the image, when I change que theme to Black on Solidworks, sometimes the feature options starts to get all mixed up. I'm using SW2018 SP3.0 but this is not a problem from this...
    Jean Giacomoni
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  • Property manager Tab

    Hi, i am doing a tutorial re. sketching in 3D planes, the property manager tab up in the left hand corner has dissappeared and i can't retrieve it. the tutorial I am working on is directing me to click on it. HELP!
    Tex Clauss
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  • 2019 shortcuts based on tree selection don't work anymore

    I always have used a shortkey to edit the sketch of a part  (ALT+W)  and that has always worked both in part mode and assembly mode since far before 2000.   But since SW2019 when selecting the bos ext...
    Richard Wagenaar
    created by Richard Wagenaar