• Consistently Inconsistent Solidworks UI

    I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWo...
    Frederick Law
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  • Why does the forum tab on the task pane only show blogs and twitter?

    Pretty self explanatory, but why is it showing only blogs and twitter/ I'd rather it show only discussions.
    Brian Brazeau
    created by Brian Brazeau
  • The "standard" toolbar always shows up when opening old documents since upgrading to 2019

    Since upgrading to 2019 and kinda using the double screen feature now it keeps showing this toolbar everytime i open a new document that hasn't been opening in 2019, how do i get this to stop showing it.   Also ...
    Ben Langdon
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  • Customised MSI laptop for Solidworks by Central Innovation

    Hi all, I purchased customised MSI laptop for Solidworks by Central Innovation six months ago. It was having display and hardware issues, after troubleshooting and motherboard replacement it was still the same. Then ...
    Dattatraya Karajagar
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  • Rogue Window Off Screen Unselectable

    I'm having a tough time explaining this but here it goes:   I have solidworks up and running. Sometimes I will do an operation and then I get an alert window (not visible) in the upper right side of my screen. I...
    Tim Cochrane
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  • How do you wrap the text in the feature manager?

    Like how you can in notepad. I think the window's name is the Feature Manager Design Tree. Is it possible?   I wanna be able to see all the text without having to expand the window. I would rather have it just t...
    Joseph Kim
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  • view selector cube not visible

    When you press the spacebar the view cube shows up. But after updating to Premium 2019 SP2.0, on frequent instances the view cube disappears and I haven't found a way to turn it back on Is this a bug? Has anyone el...
    Medequip Services
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  • Circle with different shortcuts

    Hello,   I'm learning Solidworks and I noticed on online tutorials, they have a circle with different commands on it. If anyone can help me how to add that in my Solidworks, will be really appreciated. Thank you...
    Mistry Shreya
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  • S key is blank on 2019 upgrade

    I have two things but upon an upgrade to 2019 my "S" key shortcut shows a completely blank box. uh WTF? See picture with the box circled   Also my sketch command toolbar was all jacked up upon upgrading. I'm try...
    Steve Barrett
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  • Hide and Show

    This is always confusing me. When creating layers unchecking made the dimension invisible. But unchecking made the sketch visible. What is reason for that?  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • [Updated] Shortcut Bar/Gesture Xtender: add more than 48 total/12 per gestures (288 max unique, unlimited dupes), easier gesture usage, group gestures as you wish

    UPDATED 04/12/2019: New version (v2.00) of "DisplayGestureXtender.exe": Due to the functionality of the VBA Shell command, spaces in Xtender file names are not permitted. "DisplayGestureXtender.exe" has been rewritt...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • How can I turn off "Quick Copy" in Measure tool?

    Hello SW community!   My question is about the Measure tool. I just recently upgraded at work from SW 2015 to SW 2019 / SP 2.0. I use Measure tool frequently, as a part of process designing new parts. It has wor...
    Becky Suciu
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  • How to hide configuration name in feature tree?

    Is there any way to hide the configuration name of a top assembly in feature tree? The assembly has one configuration and two display states.   Default is the name of main configuration. If only one confi...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • how can I change a language?

    how can I change a language?
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  • [Updated] Custom context menu functions you can add to mouse gestures (Gesture Context Menu Function).

    Updated 03/29/2019: Program changed to "Gesture Context Menu Function.exe", version 2.00 (was "Gesture-S Custom Context Shortcut.exe"). This was rewritten to allow running the menu items which don't have underlined l...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Font size problem in file explorer/file view

    Hello everyone, I have a user with a strange issue that I can't seem to get a grasp on. When he opens his solidworks vault in file explorer, the menu bars/columns are not scaling properly with the font size in the fil...
    Nick F.
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  • can I change the tab key to hide top-level sub assemblies and not parts?

    I have an assembly with sub-assemblies in it and I want the tab key to hide the whole sub-assembly the pointer is above, and not the individual part inside that sub-assembly. Is there a way to do that?   Thanks, ...
    Goren Harari
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  • [Updated 03/02] Custom context [& pulldown] menus: you build your own menu(s) of favorite/often used menu items (HoverRiteCustomContextMenu V2)

    Updated 03/19/2019: No program changes, just a notice: Of late, for reasons unknown to me, the "d" for the "Display Options" context menu no longer responds to the "d" sent to it, rendering the current rendition of t...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • how to remove shortcut toolbar

    Hi there,   For the last few months, there's been a shortcut toolbar on the left hand side of my screen in Solidworks 2018-19. I saw another post about the same problem here: https://forum.solidworks.com/message...
    Gearodi Cronin
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  • Remove Shortcut Toolbars

    How do I remove the Shortcut Toolbars? See image below of the Part Shortcut Toolbar. I cannot move it or turn it off.
    Tim Fischer
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