• Tab Builder get User Specified Name

    I want to modify the "User Specified Name" in the Configuration Properties tab using Property Tab Builder (PTB).   Can I change "User Specified Name" using PTB?   To read the field I use: $PRP:"SW-BOM Part...
    Todd Bennett
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  • How to resize feature manager

    How can i resize the feature managers, it covers the whole screen and i cant reach the side of the panel to resize it, i tried resetting the workspace and it still didnt so anything
    Samee Syed
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  • Feature manager covers the entire drawing area including the icons that allow the drawing to be closed, restored, minimized, etc. Solidworks cannot be extended to the right far enough to catch the right edge of the window. I have more than 1 drawing with

    John Ambrogi
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  • My escape key does not de-select the current tool.  Is this  a setting in SW?  Escape works in other applications

    I have read online where people have had escape key issues related to Photoshop, but I do not have Photoshop installed.  Has anyone else experienced the escape key not functioning in Solidworks?  It has neve...
    Donna Hewitt
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  • How to change language of design tree menu?

    I want to change the language but these 2 options (Use English language menus)  are not selectable. 
    Jay Curry
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  • Switch back to Solidworks when clicking taskbar, without having to choose which open file?

    Seeing if there is a simple solution for this annoyance... I usually have a lot of stuff open, ie lots of programs and lots of model files open in Solidworks. Often I just want to click the Solidworks icon in the ta...
    Terry Raymond
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  • SW2020 Display

    each time I run SW2020, half of the menu bar is off the screen I have to hit F11 twice to fit the SW2020 on the screen to see the full menu bar Is any setting causing this behavior? I'm using Dell 27" monitor
    Jake Bakerin
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  • Restore default setting

    I tried to "copy setting" in sw2018 and restore setting in SW2020. There are many missing  icons in the customize CommandManager toolbars  How to complete restore to the stock SW setting?
    Jake Bakerin
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  • Is there a way to keep the rollback bar from automatically moving on rebuild?

    I recently made the switch to Solidworks 2014 and became aware that the rollback bar moves up to a broken feature automatically on rebuild. That part is fine, but I have also had it jump to that previous spot after fi...
    Sam Wells
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  • SW2020 SP3.0 UI issue

    After updating to SW2020 SP3.0 I have noticed that the active file name is being cutoff by the search box. All I can see is the first few characters, anyone else having the same problem or know of a fix for it?  ...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • How can I swap mouse right click with middle scroll button click?

    The function of right click and drag and middle click and drag are not intuitive for me. I want them to be swapped. Is there a place to change this mouse function?   There are probably only hardware and software...
    Dan Power
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  • what is the meaning of this sketch icon?

    it is different than the 'normal' sketch icon.
    Andre Schalkwijk
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  • Will this Message ever go away?

    If I said no yesterday, and again this morning, the answer is probably still no, and it will probably still be no tomorrow.  I don't want the new buttons, and I don't want to lose my customization.  I know i...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Small Triad

    Hi,   Does anyone have any idea why my Triad has gone small? It's still active, if I roll over it I can move parts in the X, Y, Z axis or rotate about X, Y, Z but it's difficult to see which one you are on &...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • Solidworks 2021, Hard to see selection on command manager

    From 2020 to 2021, the highlight for selected item seems to have changed. It makes it very difficult to see what tool you have selected. I believe in 2020 it was a very dark gray on Dark color scheme, and now it has c...
    Jeremy Grigsby
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  • Recent Folder list limit

    Is there any way to limit the number of recent folders list to one or, even better, to get get rid of it completely? There is an option to limit the recent file list to one (why not to zero?). Removing recent folder f...
    Igor Smirnov
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  • 2021 pc1 Black box in dialog, Move/Copy Bodies

    When performing this operation in at least the light and dark color scheme, the window is black around a portion of the dialog box.  
    Jeremy Grigsby
    created by Jeremy Grigsby
  • Icon keeps coming back

    I thought I knew how to customize toolbars. One day I placed the measuring icon on a toolbar, then realized I didn't need to do that since it is already on the evaluate tab. I moved it back to the commands window but ...
    John Woodward
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  • Assembly colors too dark

    I have difficulty with some color combinations, so when my parts appear to be light gray but everything becomes darker in an assembly, it is difficult to see some of the parts. I would like assemblies to be the s...
    John Woodward
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  • Feature Manager and Property Manager side by side without Property Manager overlaying the graphics area?

    Is it possible to display the Feature Manager and Property Manager side by side without neither overlaying the graphics area, please?   There's a possibility to float the Property Manager on the s...
    Anatoly Ivanov
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