• dove posso trovare il mio numero seriale?

    non riesco a trovare il mio numero seriale per 'installazione del softwere e non mi è stato neanche recapitato per mail
    Giovanni Speretta
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  • How to resize feature manager

    How can i resize the feature managers, it covers the whole screen and i cant reach the side of the panel to resize it, i tried resetting the workspace and it still didnt so anything
    Samee Syed
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  • Setting default image quality for existing parts

    Hi,   I have a powerful workstation laptop with a dedicated graphics card that can handle most parts and assemblies with Image Quality setting at maximum (red zone). I have all my new document templates set to t...
    Justinas Rubinovas
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  • Viewport navigation during sketch doesn't work as I expect

    If I'm navigating (using a mouse and keyboard, not a 3d space mouse), outside of a sketch it works Almost as expected. Oddly, I have to actually select a point first. With surfaces/solids I just hover, middle click an...
    Andy Engelkemier
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  • changing system colors

    I changed several system colors to make it easier to see things such as selected items or lines that were not fully constrained in sketches. It seemed to work ok for a while. Then one day selected features like faces ...
    John Woodward
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  • 'Property Name column missing in custom properties

    For some reason the entire 'Property Name' column in my SW drawing is missing. They were literally there yesterday when I created the drawing. They also appear in part and assembly files and if I start a new drawing.&...
    Brandon Stoner
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  • Solidworks and low vision

    I have recently suffered a vision loss and this is combined with my difficulty seeing certain color combinations. I am experimenting with display settings and system colors but I keep returning to defaults. Three spec...
    John Woodward
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  • 求助:solidworks旋转卡顿

    世 泉 孙
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  • 視点操作をInventorと同じにすることはできますか?

    Inventorと同じように、 ホイールクリックで視点移動 shift+ホイールクリックで視点回転 に視点操作を変更することはできますでしょうか。   また、そのほかにInventorユーザーに向けの設定などはありますか?
    朝啓 青木
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  • No prompts to save changed files

    I've noticed in the last few days that SolidWorks has stopped prompting me to save a file. I can open a file, make a change & the asterisk appears next to the name in the top bar, I can then click the cross, File&...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • Design Binder refuses to display itself

    I'm trying to get Design Binder to automatically how up in my FeatureManager DesignTree but it refuses to honor my "Show" setting in System Options.  I set it to "show" and exit the dialog box.  No Design Bi...
    Ernie Aragon
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  • deleted

    Umberto Zanola
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  • issues with the Equations

    Hi all, just curious as unlike many i am starting from a novice level but did play with S/w many moons ago at uni. i have an engineering background so hey: i have had some issues with the equations GUI .I have tried...
    Gary Smith
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  • how do I delete a physical product in xShape?

    while learning xShape, I created a lot of Physical Products. I would like to know how to delete them.
    Peter Flaherty
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  • Is there a way to disable the "Zoom To Fit by double-clicking the mouse wheel" feature?

    I have a Logitech G600 mouse, and for some reason, when I hold down the mouse wheel to rotate a part, it zooms to fit first, then rotates. This can be exceedingly annoying if I'm rotating the part to home in on some s...
    Larry Walsh
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  • Listbox non-visible components

    Hello to all, in the user interface of the balloon function there is a listbox with the heading Non Visible Components. I did some tests, but in my test, the box always listed all the parts of the assembly, whether ...
    Hansjörg Wolff
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  • As of August 2018, have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved? Considering to buy a laptop with 4K screen option.

    Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop with a 4K screen (e.g. Yoga 920 14"). Have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved?
    Peter Cohen
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  • Input calculation in arrays not working

    We have some workstations that are having an issue with input boxes and calculation.  So far, I only see it in the Linear and Circular Arrays, for D1 and D2. They accept any number and work fine, but when you put...
    Mark Sanborn
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  • My escape key does not de-select the current tool.  Is this  a setting in SW?  Escape works in other applications

    I have read online where people have had escape key issues related to Photoshop, but I do not have Photoshop installed.  Has anyone else experienced the escape key not functioning in Solidworks?  It has neve...
    Donna Hewitt
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  • Import command manager tab to multiple users

    Hello all. I am trying to see if there is a way for me to export a particular tab setup, specifically for custom macros that we have, and then import it onto all of our users machines. I figured out how to do this wit...
    Joshua Hutton
    created by Joshua Hutton