• High DPI scaling with dual monitors with different DPIs

    I have the following set up:   Running SW2019 sp3.0   Main Display:   DPI: 3440 x 1440 Scaling: 100%   2nd Display:   DPI: 3840 x 2160 Scaling: 175%   When I drag a program betwee...
  • "Try Solidworks" - How to save a part?

    I'll try this again. There's a free trial called "Try Solidworks" on the Mysolidworks website. Despite the instructions that claim there is a way to save a part created using "Try Solidworks", it appears to not be tru...
    Kevin Ezell
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  • Shift Key

    Has anyone one seen this? When I hold down my shift key and select an entity, my system reacts as if I am right clicking on my mouse because rather that letting me select the other entity that I want to add a relatio...
    Mukesh Prasad
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  • SW Interface Locks up When Windows Setting is Applied

    I was changing some settings in Windows and it caused my SW2019 SP2 to lock up. The only way to get out, was to mouse down and click on anything in the Windows taskbar.   It would lock up SW when I was in a part...
    Dan Bovinich
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  • In "Configurations", "Properties" then "Custom Propertires" I'll make a change then click "OK" followed by clicking on the Green Check Mark.....The software hangs for a minute or two. Why?

    Bruce Landi
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  • New Animated Tooltips in SW2020

    Okay, these new animated tooltips are great...Be sure to turn them on, especially for anyone working with you that is new to SW:
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Consistently Inconsistent Solidworks UI

    I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWo...
    Frederick Law
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  • custom properties problem|SolidWorks2019

    I'm having a problem when i make section in my SolidWorks assembly which make any solid part hollow part as show in figure 1 .this problem happen with a message from custom properties tab which shown in figure 2 . Ple...
    Mohamed Essam
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  • Switching out Emails 

    What's the best way to which my email from my work (the one I used to create a log in) to my personal email?   I'm trying not to delete my account and sign up for a new account under my personal email.
    Michael Bridges
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  • As of August 2018, have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved? Considering to buy a laptop with 4K screen option.

    Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop with a 4K screen (e.g. Yoga 920 14"). Have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved?
    Peter Cohen
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  • Missing "Update Model" function when importing STEP with 3D interconnect

    Is it bug that i can't see the "Update Model function, when i have imported a STEP-file with 3D-interconnect, and a new revision of the file is available?
  • Your serial number does not entitle you to SOLIDWORKS 2016. If your license is new, you may want to try again later. Otherwise contact your reseller to verify that the number is correct. You will still be able to choose the products you want to install, b

    Your serial number does not entitle you to SOLIDWORKS 2016. If your license is new, you may want to try again later. Otherwise contact your reseller to verify that the number is correct. You will still be able to choo...
    Bindhu Supraja
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  • Flickering icons

    Hello, I'm a student in a french engineering school and they gave us a licence for solidworks. I downloaded the package and installed it perfectly fine. However, when i try to use it, the bar on the left isnt displ...
    Nicolas Sylvestre
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  • [Updated 09/19] Utility to [automatically] reverse mouse wheel direction (for programs w/o this option)

    UPDATE 09/19/2019: Added "Reverse Mouse Wheel V3.exe": Run multiple V3 exe files to conditionally reverse multiple programs. V3 now recognizes its own file name and looks for a text file of the same name, whatever i...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • How can i change the language of feature tree to English?

    Hello, After insatalling Solidworks 2016, I have changed the language to English from Options>Use English Language menus. But in feature tree; planes, mates or origin still in native language. Anyone could help?...
    Ibrahim Sanal
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  • Number pad drop down on dimension field?  Where did this come from?

    A coworker had this appear a couple days ago.  He had no idea how it got activated.  I don't have it and I can't figure out how to turn it on let alone how to turn it off.   Does anyone know anything a...
    Andy Sanders
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  • Weird views in 3D model

    My company just upgraded from Solidworks 2014 to Solidworks 2019. Since the upgrade, I've been having issues with viewing the occasional 3D model. For instance, a fixture I'm working on now won't allow me to view cert...
    Chris Polito
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  • How do I save all parts to the same location?

    I have a complex assembly and some of the parts/sub-assemblies are located in different file locations on my hard drive. What is the best way to re-save the assembly so that all parts are in the same folder location? ...
    Stephen Edelblut
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  • Keyboard Shortcut to "Select Other"-list

    Hi All!  Is there readily available Keyboard Shortcut entering the "Select Other" list tab? While sketching, now I need a right click + point + left click in order to navigate into the list. Does more straightf...
    Heikki Jalonen
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  • Properties window in Solidworks from the PDM resized

    The Properties Window that opens from the Solidworks PDM menu is all of a sudden larger.  There is a large amount of white space to the right of the properties border.  It has happened for several of our use...
    Kimberly Phillips
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