• No prompts to save changed files

    I've noticed in the last few days that SolidWorks has stopped prompting me to save a file. I can open a file, make a change & the asterisk appears next to the name in the top bar, I can then click the cross, File&...
    Kevin Pymm
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  • 3D printing materials

    Where can I find 3D printed materials for SW, how can I add these / import these to the SW material list?
    Gerard Boterman
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  • Entity Selection Problems

    I am using the latest version of Draftsight Professional. Single click selection of entities will not hold the selection. Grips appear momentarily and disappear. Tried all option settings but nothing fixes the issue. ...
    Tim Charles
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  • Problem with Standard Bar in Solidworks 2020

    hello im facing a problem in solidworks 2020 and i want some help please, here is my problem
    Yaya Tlm
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  • "New"-, "Open"-, "Save as"-, icon are missing in SW 2020 SP3

    I've recently upgraded from SW2020 SP2 to SP3, and found that my icons for New, SAve, SAve as Open, etc is missing in the header of SolidWorks. And i can't figure out how to get them back. Anyone who knows how to so...
    Klaus Falk Hansen
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  • How

    How/Where can I get a list (preferably pdf) of S/Works shortcut keys     -for 2019 (the version I have a license for) and also for 2020 
    Andre Kwan Lap Li
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  • I cannot use my spacebar to display orientation dialog box

    I hit my spacebar and my orientation dialog box no longer appears. I have looked everywhere for it, but I can not find a way to make it reappear.
    Letisha Cardosa
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  • pay  CSWP exam

    hello,   I want to pay cswp exam , someone can give me a link  where i can pay the exam cswp.   THANK
    Armel Tchobet
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  • How to correct this text color ? Under : File - Save as

    How to correct this text color ? Under "File - Save as" see picture, i tried to search un "Setting / Colors" but i found Nothing...   maybe it's possible to solve this somewhere in regedit ?   if someone ...
    The Merovingien
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  • Will this Message ever go away?

    If I said no yesterday, and again this morning, the answer is probably still no, and it will probably still be no tomorrow.  I don't want the new buttons, and I don't want to lose my customization.  I know i...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Can I disable the feature rename on long-click in the feature tree?  If I wanted to rename, I'd hit F2!

    I am tired of the "rename feature" text box appearing when I'm trying to edit a feature which has already been selected.  If I'm a split-second too slow in moving up to the pop-up menu containing icons for things...
    Daniel Nichols
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  • Task Pane went empty?

    Task pane was working fine and all of a sudden it just went black. Clicking appearances its just presents with a blank list.
    Dmitri Safonov
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  • Wacom Tablet + Pen Problem Solved, request for other tablet setup ideas

    Hi! I'd like to share a solution I found to a problem as well as solicit advice from other people who've been using Solidworks with tablet + pen setups. I'm switching away from using a mouse to using a drawing ta...
    Adan Akerman
    created by Adan Akerman
  • How do I add a drop down to a shortcut tab?

    The Sketch Shortcut toolbar has drop-downs for some of the default options, but when I add options to it by clicking and dragging under Customize > Shortcut Bars, all of the options are single features (no dro...
    Kyle Wagner
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  • Change Default Tabs?

    I'm reworking my customizations to the command manager tabs and have decided to create an all-new sketch tab rather than modifying the default SolidWorks sketch tab. Every time they add a new button in a new...
    Billy Wight
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  • Pink Box around Sketch?

    I keep getting this pink box around my sketch and I have no idea of how to remove it. Can someone help me please?
    Gilberto Nolasco
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  • Select all sketches to convert

    I have a assembly that has a table top. On the table top there are sub assemblies that all share the same mount plate. In that mount plate there is a sketch that defines the hole locations. Is there a quick way to sel...
    Charles Lewis
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  • Can't delete an item in Treehouse

    I was setting up a BOM structure in Treehouse and changed my mind on how it should structure. I can't for the life of me figure out how to delete items in the treehouse.
    Kylan Kracher
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  • I want my middle button to pan!!!

    I have a logitec mx400 mouse with middle button. The default setting when the MMB is pressed is rotate, but I want it to PAN. I dont want to press CTRL because I already have my left hand on a 3d mouse. I already get ...
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  • How can I turn off "Quick Copy" in Measure tool?

    Hello SW community!   My question is about the Measure tool. I just recently upgraded at work from SW 2015 to SW 2019 / SP 2.0. I use Measure tool frequently, as a part of process designing new parts. It has wor...
    Becky Suciu
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