• Consistently Inconsistent Solidworks UI

    I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWo...
    Frederick Law
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  • [Updated 09/19] Utility to [automatically] reverse mouse wheel direction (for programs w/o this option)

    UPDATE 09/19/2019: Added "Reverse Mouse Wheel V3.exe": Run multiple V3 exe files to conditionally reverse multiple programs. V3 now recognizes its own file name and looks for a text file of the same name, whatever i...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • [Updated] Utility to click green OK check [or red X Cancel] by keyboard/mouse (Ctrl+RMB/[Alt+RMB]) w/o moving to OK or selecting menu OK

    Updated 02/24/2019: Added "AltRButton-Escape.exe". Same concept as Ctrl+RMB, except hold down the Alt key instead when you RMB and you'll get an Escape. This utility was kept separate from "CtrlRButton-Enter.exe" so ...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • How to correct this text color ? Under : File - Save as

    How to correct this text color ? Under "File - Save as" see picture, i tried to search un "Setting / Colors" but i found Nothing...   maybe it's possible to solve this somewhere in regedit ?   if someone ...
    The Merovingien
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  • Problem with interface

    I have a problem, when I launch SolidWorks, not everything is displayed on my page, I need help to resolv this.
    antho pelaz
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  • Reset CommandManager Tabs

    Hello,   I'm having trouble resetting the CommandManager tabs back to default configurations in SW2020. I've tried Tools > Options > Reset All with no luck. I'm also aware that I can customize the tab...
    Thayer Tracy
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  • Problem with Standard Bar in Solidworks 2020

    hello im facing a problem in solidworks 2020 and i want some help please, here is my problem
    Yaya Tlm
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  • Task Pane went empty?

    Task pane was working fine and all of a sudden it just went black. Clicking appearances its just presents with a blank list.
    Dmitri Safonov
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  • Wacom Tablet + Pen Problem Solved, request for other tablet setup ideas

    Hi! I'd like to share a solution I found to a problem as well as solicit advice from other people who've been using Solidworks with tablet + pen setups. I'm switching away from using a mouse to using a drawing ta...
    Adan Akerman
    created by Adan Akerman
  • Change Default Tabs?

    I'm reworking my customizations to the command manager tabs and have decided to create an all-new sketch tab rather than modifying the default SolidWorks sketch tab. Every time they add a new button in a new...
    Billy Wight
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  • Translate English language to portuguese

    Drawing are created in English Language and opened in other language portuguese brazil . Is there any option to transalte English to portuguese?
    Vadivel Palanisamy
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  • Why it doesn't work anymore SOLIDWORKS ?

    Dear All, My name is David and after I installed the SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP1, I can't see the 3D parts anymore If I select it from the command bar, only the outline is displayed.   Thank you in advance...
    David Ovidiu
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  • How Do I Disable This Strange Shortcut Menu?

    Has anyone seen this shortcut menu before? It appeared one day and I can't figure out how to make it go away. I already tried resetting my settings back to default. No dice. Anyone know what this thing is? See my scre...
    Peter Novellino
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  • [Utility] (v3) Always Lock Caps: CapsLock On for user specified programs when active

    12/15/2019 Update: Version 3.00. Added "Pause" icon, so when paused, red appears in two corners of the ALC icon: The exe file name is unchanged, so to update, just overwrite your current exe file with the attached...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Screen Redraw Buffering Issue

    Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place.   I hope I can explain this problem well enough that someone has a good suggestion to fix things.   First, the specs:   Lenovo P51 Laptop ...
    John Weed
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  • Weld Gap Parameter?

    So is there a parameter for weldgaps.  Here is the situation: We put .03 weld gap into our weldments and trims as a matter of course.  The boss has this pipe cutting machine. We use it for big jobs but not f...
    Hubert Carle
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  • [Updated 10/27] Shortcut Bar/Gesture Xtender: add more than 48 total/12 per gestures (288 max unique, unlimited dupes), easier gesture usage, group gestures as you wish

    UPDATED 10/27/2019: New version (v2.01) of "Gesture Xtender.exe" (and the derived "GXSheetMetal.exe"): Setting the UseCustomIcon key to 1 in the INI file is no longer required to use a custom ico file. Now, if a cus...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • [Updated 10/25] Custom context [& pulldown] menus: you build your own menu(s) of favorite/often used menu items (HoverRiteCustomContextMenu V2)

      Updated 10/25/2019: V2.04: Fixed several errors in the code. Should be more stable now. As a reminder, for menus that share the same underlined letter, like the Insert submenus: Annotations and Tables, an Ent...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Flickering icons

    Hello, I'm a student in a french engineering school and they gave us a licence for solidworks. I downloaded the package and installed it perfectly fine. However, when i try to use it, the bar on the left isnt displ...
    Nicolas Sylvestre
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  • Weird views in 3D model

    My company just upgraded from Solidworks 2014 to Solidworks 2019. Since the upgrade, I've been having issues with viewing the occasional 3D model. For instance, a fixture I'm working on now won't allow me to view cert...
    Chris Polito
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