• Unable to find how features are related.

    I am attamplting to move a feature up the design tree. It gets stuck on a feature that seems to be unrelated to the feature I am moving. It is listed as a parent but i cannot find out why. Is there a tool that shows w...
    James McKinney
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  • Change Middle mouse button settings

    I just purchased a seat of solidworks and I am configuring the controls.  I need to change the MMB to pan.  I use many other programs that have MMB as pan and it is a pain when going back and forth to have d...
    Brandon Bihn
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  • Keyboard short cuts list

    Is there a list of all the keyboard short cuts in the SW Help manual if anyone knows ?   Thank you.
    F. Leatin
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  • How can I turn off "Quick Copy" in Measure tool?

    Hello SW community!   My question is about the Measure tool. I just recently upgraded at work from SW 2015 to SW 2019 / SP 2.0. I use Measure tool frequently, as a part of process designing new parts. It has wor...
    Becky Suciu
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  • What is the name of the default function bound to the "A" key

    Preface: Don't know if this is technically the right place to post this but none of the other subs seemed appropriate.   I only just learned about the cycling function that's applied by default the the "A" key. ...
    Nick Lemon
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  • Consistently Inconsistent Solidworks UI

    I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWo...
    Frederick Law
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  • I seem to have lost the arc flyout toolbar

    The arc flyout toolbar button is gone from the sketch toolbar in my command manager. I can't seem to find out how to add it back. It isn't under the flyout toolbars in the customize menu. I can add the three...
    David Margolis
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  • Interface problems

    My interface as just changed and I'm not sure how to fix it. Please check my before and after images.  As you can see in the first image all the commands in the command manager have the title of the buttoms. The...
    F. Leatin
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  • Accidentally removed the tutorial/appearance library/toolbox menu?

    I really need to know how to get it back. I just went through the bother of a full reinstall and it didn't bring it back. Help me locate and reattach it please.
    Dan King
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  • Screen Redraw Buffering Issue

    Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong place.   I hope I can explain this problem well enough that someone has a good suggestion to fix things.   First, the specs:   Lenovo P51 Laptop ...
    John Weed
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  • Dual Monitor setup

    Hey guys,   I have just set up dual monitors on my computer, and wanting to get it right with solidworks.   I have done a search and found no real answers for what im after.   I want to be able to ha...
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  • how to make those insible sketch hidden

    R.E.F the attached picture. The red line segments are generated by Sketch20. Now what I am curious is, these two line marked by ellipse should not be visible, because the flange of sheet metal covered these two lines....
    Yin Bruce
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  • Swept Boss Normal view problem

    On a stack, i have added a swept boss pipe. When i try to add a flange end of the pipe, after selecting to normal view, view is not perpendicular to stack. Swept boss plane is referenced front plane has an angle....
    Ibrahim Sanal
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  • Solidworks Command Manager Disappeared

    The Solidworks Command Manager does not appear anywhere.  It has appeared until now and I don't know what happened to cause it to disappear.  The Command Manager box shown under Customize is checked. &#...
    Carl Entemann
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  • [Updated 10/27] Shortcut Bar/Gesture Xtender: add more than 48 total/12 per gestures (288 max unique, unlimited dupes), easier gesture usage, group gestures as you wish

    UPDATED 10/27/2019: New version (v2.01) of "Gesture Xtender.exe" (and the derived "GXSheetMetal.exe"): Setting the UseCustomIcon key to 1 in the INI file is no longer required to use a custom ico file. Now, if a cus...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • [Updated 10/25] Custom context [& pulldown] menus: you build your own menu(s) of favorite/often used menu items (HoverRiteCustomContextMenu V2)

      Updated 10/25/2019: V2.04: Fixed several errors in the code. Should be more stable now. As a reminder, for menus that share the same underlined letter, like the Insert submenus: Annotations and Tables, an Ent...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • High DPI scaling with dual monitors with different DPIs

    I have the following set up:   Running SW2019 sp3.0   Main Display:   DPI: 3440 x 1440 Scaling: 100%   2nd Display:   DPI: 3840 x 2160 Scaling: 175%   When I drag a program betwee...
    Ryan Hochstrasser
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  • Shift Key

    Has anyone one seen this? When I hold down my shift key and select an entity, my system reacts as if I am right clicking on my mouse because rather that letting me select the other entity that I want to add a relatio...
    Mukesh Prasad
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  • New Animated Tooltips in SW2020

    Okay, these new animated tooltips are great...Be sure to turn them on, especially for anyone working with you that is new to SW:
    Matt Peneguy
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  • custom properties problem|SolidWorks2019

    I'm having a problem when i make section in my SolidWorks assembly which make any solid part hollow part as show in figure 1 .this problem happen with a message from custom properties tab which shown in figure 2 . Ple...
    Mohamed Essam
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