• Keyboard shortcut for "Tile right" and "Tile left" buttons

    Hi,   I'm using SolidWorks 2012 with dual screens and I like the "tile right" and "tile left" feature that comes with this new version, however I want to be able to assign each of these to a keyboard short cut (...
    Dustin Elliott
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  • Is it possible to have an audio alert when a file has finished loading?

    Our master projects can generally take up from 2 to 5 minutes to open. During that time, we generally do other things to either kill time or advance in the project. I was wondering if it was possible to have an audio ...
    Alex Lachance
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  • Why is ''Show external references'' so often at different places..?

    We work with external references a lot and one thing that has been bugging us for a while is the fact that the ''Show external references'' button is never at the same damn place. Makes us have to look all over the me...
    Alex Lachance
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  • Can't do anything with this Component

    Hi, I have these components in my assembly that are giving me this error message: "Cannot locate the file for the component to complete the operation." So I go to unsupress them and every time that I click unsup...
    Cooper Proulx
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  • snaps and dots very small

    I use Solidworks 2018 SP5 and I moved from windows 7 to windows 10. I have a problem with the size of the dots and of the snaps. They are too small. Is it possible to enlarge them ?   Best regards Emanuele Fl...
    Emanuele Florian
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  • Consistently Inconsistent Solidworks UI

    I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWo...
    Frederick Law
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  • Dynamic Connectors

    When I create a new dynamic connector and select which pins to show on the diagram it does not place the number (mark) of the pins I selected, but it renumbers all of them from 1 to whatever number of pins I selected....
    Edgard Serrano
    created by Edgard Serrano
  • Change number of places in callout box

    How do I change the number of places shown in callout graphics? My document units are set to 2 places, yet these callout boxes will show 8 places.    I'm on SW 2018 SP5  
    Joe Geitz
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  • Rogue Window Off Screen Unselectable

    I'm having a tough time explaining this but here it goes:   I have solidworks up and running. Sometimes I will do an operation and then I get an alert window (not visible) in the upper right side of my screen. I...
    Tim Cochrane
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  • New View Creation - Disable Auto Perspective?

    Whenever I create a new view from the View Heads-Up Toolbar, it changes my new saved view into the perspective mode.   This is very frustrating when working with drawing documents. Has anyone had this issue and ...
    Michael Dirisio
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  • Desktop Background seen through Solidworks

    Whenever I open Solidworks on my laptop now (this started mid last week for seemingly no reason), I only see the top and bottom menu bars and see through to my desktop background everywhere else. I'm unable to see any...
    Gareth Conner
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  • Flyout Feature Manager Tree

    Is there a way to turn the Flyout Feature Manager tree off? I can see where some might find it useful but there are 3 engineers in the company I work for and none of us like it. I find it hard to believe that we are t...
    Jeff Stanifer
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  • Find lost dialog/window utility (using Autohotkey) V1.01 update

    V1.01: Changed search from beginning portion of the title is required to input any portion of the title. Hello,   I've written an Autohotkey (https://autohotkey.com/ ) script that with try to find a lost dialog...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Disappearing dialog boxes

    We just recently upgraded to version 2012.  The problem that I'm having is, randomly when you open a dialog box the dialog box will disappear.  The problem is the dialog box is still opened somewhere and is ...
    Steven Ducotey
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  • CONTEKS: CONTExtual Keyboard Shortcuts for SolidWorks

    06/26/2019 UPDATE:Updated "CONTEKS Setup.exe" to include version number in the file name. Added Always On Top (AOT) feature to CONTEKS Editor to allow the editor and SW to sit side by side when editing keyboard short...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • How can I turn off "Quick Copy" in Measure tool?

    Hello SW community!   My question is about the Measure tool. I just recently upgraded at work from SW 2015 to SW 2019 / SP 2.0. I use Measure tool frequently, as a part of process designing new parts. It has wor...
    Becky Suciu
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    My settings must have changed but every time I hover over a part or make a change the part gets analyzed. I'm not sure what feature is causing this and it is slowing me down because i have to wait for it to finish ana...
    Johnny Nguyen
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  • Unabe to scroll to checkboxes at bottom of SW screen.

    I have a dell Inspiron 13.3" screen laptop. There are parts of the solidworks screen below the bottom of the page which I am unable to scroll to, but need to access as there are checkboxes I need to enter data into bu...
    Mark Habel
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  • As of August 2018, have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved? Considering to buy a laptop with 4K screen option.

    Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop with a 4K screen (e.g. Yoga 920 14"). Have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved?
    Peter Cohen
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  • Auto Show Property Manager "auto uncheck?"

    Why is it that Solidworks will randomly turn settings off on its own? The Auto Show Property Manager will uncheck itself now and then and this happens to everyone in my company and has been a problem on every version ...
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