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You may have seen a post I recently created on the SolidWorks Blog about Usability Testing @ SolidWorks. We are always looking for feedback on both released products and new things under design and development. There is no need to travel to Concord to participate in our usability feedback sessions - you can participate right from your desk. We use GoTo Meeting web conferences.


Two examples, right now.


First, we are looking for somewhere between eight and ten people to participate in a study about 3D ContentCentral. It doesn't matter if you are a frequent 3D ContentCentral user, or if you have never used it before - we are looking for a wide range of 3D ContentCentral experience. As long as you have about an hour to spend from your office, and have a working Web connection, you can participate. This study is helping to improve navigation and 3D ContentCentral home page design. This study is in progress now, and we expect to be running it through to the middle of next week.


Next, we are also looking for eight to ten relatively new SolidWorks users. Specifically, we're looking people who have less than 12 months of experience using SolidWorks, although you may have some (not a lot mind you, some!) experience with other CAD packages. This is a study about sketching and modeling in SolidWorks. As with the 3D ContentCentral study, this study is in progress now. Likewise, you can participate from your desk.


If you are interested in possibly participating in either of these studies, please send email to and provide us with a couple of hour time slots that would work best for your schedule.


More generally, we keep a list of people who are interested in participating in future feedback sessions. This list is our first "go to" point when we are looking for input and feedback on our designs. If you're interested in joining this pool of SolidWorks usability testers, please fill out our short sign up questionnaire. When your profile matches an upcoming feedback session, we will contact you.


Tom Spine

SolidWorks User Experience