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Hi All,   I'd like to know the regular workflow for use of Breadcrumbs & Context Menu in Parts/Assemblies. Have 3 questions:   1. Breadcrumb VS Context Menu - which is the most frequently used? (OR do you use both for different purposes?)   2. Which is the next most frequent operation in the Breadcrumb menu? (OR what are your end goals where in… (Show more)
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Baris Ozbay
Hello,   I am using Solidworks student edition 2015-2016 with SP5.0 (I have had the same issue with 2014-2015 as well). I have run the program on two separate Surface 4 Pro computers and have had the same issue. I don't have this issue with desktop PCs. I run with 150% display scaling on Windows 10.   The crashes always occur when clicking in… (Show more)
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Thymen De Vries
- HP Z440 - HP Quadro P2000 - HP Z27S (4K)   Certified graphics drivers, up-to-date Windows 10, latest firmware..   Since upgrading to 2017 SP 4.1 I am experiencing graphics issues. The Solidworks window, in maximized/full screen gets corrupted every now and then. Parts of the menu/command bar are shown twice: once where is should be, and a… (Show more)
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Eric Salvo
Ever since the old equations box was replace more than a few years back, I have been using workarounds to avoid equations. Every so often I try it again and "The syntax of this equation is incorrect". It's annoying because the same thing used to work and was quite useful. Usually it is something that should be simple such as… (Show more)
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Sarah Dwight
Has anyone had a problem with the SW Help file switching languages? Working in SW16 clicked the ? button, searched a phrase, and BAM Japanese??? Of course it won't find anything matching those keywords if the help file is searching in the wrong language.. And it got stuck like that. Unless SW knows something I am unaware of about myself, I… (Show more)
in User Interface
Charles Hilton
Is there a way to disable the prompt (shown below) a user receives when creating a new configuration, that asks if the user if they want to link display states to configurations. If there are any developers reading this discussion, why was it decided upon that amongst all of the prompts which a user can choose to not be reminded of, that this… (Show more)
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Judy Wilson
This is happening in some of my assemblies.   the cursor acts as if a set of selection filters are set on, but if you look at the selection filter toolbar they do not seem to be selected.   in particular the dimension and face selection are always coming up. This is also accompanied by very slow movement of the assembly.   Have I just hit a set… (Show more)
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Jasen Baskette
I downloaded Solidworks from my university website. When I run the installation, It fails when attempting to install Solidworks Electrical. The log files report many errors and it ends with "** Install FAILED with code 1603". Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks.
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Jon Trifol
Hi!   I was working with the SolidWorks 2016, when I made a sketch and I apply there the feature "boss extruder". A menu that will allow me configuring the feature (i.e. 1 or 2 directions, blind or up to a surface, ...) should appear but facts are that it does not.   How could I fix this?   Regards
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Matthew M
Is there a way to have combination keyboard shortcuts?  For example, I'd like the shorcut VW to change the view to wireframe and VS to change the view to shaded with edges.  When I try to put it in, it only lets me enter one letter per command.  If I enter two is gived multiple shortcuts so V or W will both activate the same command.   I'm coming… (Show more)
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