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Bryan Willman
Coming from 2014, just installed 2018.   Used to be with sketch open, right mouse click would come up with list of sketch items - circle, ellipse, so forth. Now, no matter what I can see to do so far, that is hidden in a sub-menu.   Is there a way to cause right mouse click to bring those things up directly in a menu, rather than buried?   This… (Show more)
in User Interface
Kevin Chandler
V1.01: Changed search from beginning portion of the title is required to input any portion of the title. Hello,   I've written an Autohotkey ( ) script that with try to find a lost dialog box/window by using the dialog's title. Instead of minimizing and maximizing windows, dragging and closing windows to find a missing… (Show more)
in User Interface
Matt Lombard
Do you use the touch interface? If you do, 2 questions, what hardware (screen and stylus) and what type of design do you do? It seems touch is most accessible on small devices, but it's only really practical on large (expensive) devices. Do you actually use the interface (icons, menus) with touch, or just sketching, editing, graphical stuff?
in User Interface
Adam Nunn
Hi,   I'm hoping to be able to add the edit sketch tool to the in context menu that appears when you left click on a face of sheet metal part, either on the base flange or any other flange on that part. I have tried the customize button (see Pic. 2) for in context menus, but I can't find the edit sketch command in the lists of options to add.… (Show more)
in User Interface
John Lhuillier
Is there a way to keep the bounding box that was added in 2018 from showing besides the setting in Visibility on/off or not using it at all. When the size of the part changes any the bounding box turns itself back on. This is a real pain when you go to the drawing and the box is visible once again. Plus when it's visible in the drawing, this then… (Show more)
in User Interface
Michael Hill
I'm using SW 2018 SP3 and have a UHD screen (3200 x 1800). Unfortunately after upgrading (from 2017 to 2018), it seems the measure tool font is much too large (see attachment). I noticed that font sizing in the measure tool was something changed in 2018, but even with the smallest font allowable, it's still too large. Any way to fix this? It looks… (Show more)
in User Interface
Josh Brady
So we already have context-sensitive menus for part/assembly/sketch/drawing.  What would be your opinion on context-sensitive shortcut keys?    For example, I've created my own sorta context sensitive keys by mapping a macro to a shortcut.  Both functions are sorta conceptually the same... if a sketch is active,  it adds a coincident or… (Show more)
in User Interface
M. Siler
I recently inherited a computer from my boss and when I received it from our IT person he had already installed Solidworks. For some reason I don't seem to have solidworks launcher, I even searched for the swlauncher.exe file. This causes any file I open from windows explorer to open a new session and I also don't have solidworks integration into… (Show more)
in User Interface
Jim Wilkinson
This post is intended to put together a complete list of all icons that are shown in the FeatureManager design tree. It is almost complete, although I still know of a few that I am researching and will add when I am positive they show in the FeatureManager design tree. If there are any that I have missed, please provide details in the comments so… (Show more)
in User Interface
Eric Poe
I'm not sure what I did, but suddenly menu buttons are only working as dropdowns (they've lost their single-click functionality).   For example, in the standard toolbar, it used to be that I could click the save icon and the part/assembly/etc would save immediately. If I wanted to choose save as, save all, or publish, I would click the dropdown… (Show more)
in User Interface
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