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Vadivel Palanisamy
Drawing are created in English Language and opened in other language portuguese brazil . Is there any option to transalte English to portuguese?
in User Interface
Ronald Plesh
I have some drawings with 15-20 sheets in them.  I regularly hit ctrl-tab unconsciously thinking that will switch sheet, which of course it does not.  Is there a shortcut that will switch sheets?   Thanks.
in User Interface
Donna Hewitt
I have read online where people have had escape key issues related to Photoshop, but I do not have Photoshop installed.  Has anyone else experienced the escape key not functioning in Solidworks?  It has never worked for me in SolidWorks on this computer, but functions fine on all other programs.   Thanks
in User Interface
Ibrahim Sanal
Click to view contentHi, When i select a component in assembly, a green wireframe appears out of component. I have faced this issue my recent assemblies.How can i cancel it?
in User Interface
Frederick Law
I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWorks to be more user friendly. And get SolidWorks to work like Inventor.
in User Interface
Randy Eisenhardt
Have selected MMGS as default units. Lower right of screen shows MMGS, but when I select a feature in an open drawing, inches are displayed. Any thoughts/suggestions? I have re-booted my computer 2X, NG. Thanks, Randy
in User Interface
Owen Johnstone
I have seen several parts where the feature tree will expound all after a rebuild or a save or an open. Nothing I do (ctrl+c or collapse items has any effect.   This is not unique to sheet metal, I've seen it in weldments also. I think it's confined to when a cut list is used.   I am currently using SW 2019 sp05 but I've seen this as fare back… (Show more)
in User Interface
David Ovidiu
Click to view contentDear All, My name is David and after I installed the SOLIDWORKS 2020 SP1, I can't see the 3D parts anymore If I select it from the command bar, only the outline is displayed.   Thank you in advance for your help!
in User Interface
Matt Graves
I just installed SP01EV on Windows7 64bit.  Everything is working great, but the Heads-Up view toolbar is gone.  If I RMB on toolbar to turn off/on toolbars, it says it's on - toggling does nothing.   Any suggestions?   Thanks, Matt
in User Interface
Poskus Jazeps
Hi!   I am trying to solve this problem for weeks. I did full SW reinstall, nothing changed. I'm using SW 2013 SP4.0 Win7 64bit The problem:   I am missing this SW Explorer extension. When you click on a SW file in Windows explorer, there was a menu for pack&go/rename etc., but now it's missing. Also, all of my SW file icons look the same… (Show more)
in User Interface
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