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Frederick Law
I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWorks to be more user friendly. And get SolidWorks to work like Inventor.
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Kevin Pymm
Click to view contentAfter updating to SW2020 SP3.0 I have noticed that the active file name is being cutoff by the search box. All I can see is the first few characters, anyone else having the same problem or know of a fix for it?     Thanks
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Kevin Chandler
Click to view contentUpdated 02/24/2019: Added "AltRButton-Escape.exe". Same concept as Ctrl+RMB, except hold down the Alt key instead when you RMB and you'll get an Escape. This utility was kept separate from "CtrlRButton-Enter.exe" so you can choose to run either (or both) and it has its own icon: Other than pressing the Alt key and getting an Escape, its the… (Show more)
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The Merovingien
How to correct this text color ? Under "File - Save as" see picture, i tried to search un "Setting / Colors" but i found Nothing...   maybe it's possible to solve this somewhere in regedit ?   if someone else have the same problem ?
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Roy Potter
How do you get Dassault to address the 4k UI issues?   There are a few posts about issues with the scaling and it seems that they won't be fixed until 2017 SPxx. It all seems fascial when the reason given for UI re-hash was to cater for 4k monitors. Posts have been put about to try and solve the issues but most fall short. The problem with the… (Show more)
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Rien Euser
Click to view contentHello solid workers,   I'm having trouble selecting subassemblies using the right click menu in the viewing window. Only the right part of this arrow brings up the different subassemblies. I used microsoft paint to indicate there is an area of about 10-11 pixels wide where the drop down menu is able to be accessed. (hard to see how small it would… (Show more)
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Stephen Edelblut
I have a complex assembly and some of the parts/sub-assemblies are located in different file locations on my hard drive. What is the best way to re-save the assembly so that all parts are in the same folder location?   Thanks!
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antho pelaz
I have a problem, when I launch SolidWorks, not everything is displayed on my page, I need help to resolv this.
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Joseph Connelly
On SolidWorks 2019, my cursor for 3D Sketching has the plane indicator (XY, YZ, XZ) on the tool is in Black and White. How do I get it to show in color (coordinated to the axis).   Thank you   Joseph
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