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Andreas Kihl
Have a "problem" that solidworks becomes very small due to my high screen resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels. how do I get the icons to get normal size without setting the screen resolution lower ?
in User Interface
Nishihama Sayuri
I want to create a spring sweep. Its spring pitch is valiable. so I use variable-pitch HelixCurve.   When I sketched a circle on normal plane to curve, sweep failed. So I create a new plane (copy TOP PLANE), and sketched a circle on it. I could create a sweep feature, but the shape of the end is different from my wish.     How can I… (Show more)
in User Interface
Alex Dixon
In a part with a long design tree, it's quite tedious to have to scroll up the top of the tree every time I want to start a sketch on the three basic planes or select a body from the folders. I'm hoping there is a way to keep the body folders and F/T/R planes visible no matter where the rest of the tree has scrolled to. Thoughts?
in User Interface
Sid Stevens
I clicked on something and my command manager disappeared from the tool bar. How do I get it back? I have tried right clicking on the toolbar, and then command manager. It shows command manager, but I can't use it, and it won't snap to the tool bar.
in User Interface
Iain Carr
Hi All   I am having an odd issue we just upgraded from 2012 to 2018. Now every time I try to save as a part and change its name, when its referenced anywhere else, solid-works crashes. This is a big problem for me as a lot of my job is renaming standard parts and having to close everything to use the rename tool in Windows is a serious hassle as… (Show more)
in User Interface
Michael Hill
I'm using SW 2018 SP3 and have a UHD screen (3200 x 1800). Unfortunately after upgrading (from 2017 to 2018), it seems the measure tool font is much too large (see attachment). I noticed that font sizing in the measure tool was something changed in 2018, but even with the smallest font allowable, it's still too large. Any way to fix this? It looks… (Show more)
in User Interface
Eric Salvo
It seems like I randomly need to reload favorites to my Hole Wizard, especially when I create a new part. Simply picking the desired favorite from the drop down list doesn't always set the hole size and countersink correctly. Am I doing something wrong? I only have about 30 different holes that I use the Hole Wizard for and it would be nice to not… (Show more)
in User Interface
Garrick Lo
I'm a student looking to get a 3D mouse. All of the new 3dconnexion gear is out of my budget so I was looking at buying a used Spacepilot (not pro) on eBay. I know that it is no longer officially supported, but I was wondering if anyone had gotten the Spacepilot to work with the latest Solidworks release (I'm using 2017-2018 Education Edition).
in User Interface
Peter Cohen
Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop with a 4K screen (e.g. Yoga 920 14"). Have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved?
in User Interface
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