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Suresh Kumar Radha Krishnan
Click to view contentHi, is it possible to float the search bar location instead of fixed in top right side of menu bar. My idea is if it floatable, when i use shortcut key, command bar will activate and i can select the required command easily if i keep it in middle.   Or if any keyboard shortcut option is available, like one for shortcut bars to show search bar at… (Show more)
in User Interface
Frederick Law
I guess it's time to consolidate my whining so I don't poison the forum Add your experience. Teach me how to use SolidWorks.   Hopefully I'll learn something and help other learn something. Also help SolidWorks to be more user friendly. And get SolidWorks to work like Inventor.
in User Interface
Doug Perzyk
Anyone know how to turn off the tool tips that pop up when you hold your mouse over a button in the ribbon?
in User Interface
Peter Cohen
Hello, I am considering to buy a laptop with a 4K screen (e.g. Yoga 920 14"). Have those issues related to 4K scaling been resolved?
in User Interface
Dan Bovinich
Click to view contentI was changing some settings in Windows and it caused my SW2019 SP2 to lock up. The only way to get out, was to mouse down and click on anything in the Windows taskbar.   It would lock up SW when I was in a part > sketch, trying to CTRL select two lines to make them equal (relation).   Make a long story short, it was this setting in Windows… (Show more)
in User Interface
Why is it that Solidworks will randomly turn settings off on… (Show more)
in User Interface
Eric Allen
Is anyone else having an issue with selecting faces in 2019? Sometimes when we select a face there is no highlight until we roll the mouse wheel. We've noticed it happens on part faces in parts files and assemblies. We haven't figured out how to reproduce it consistently and it only happens intermittently. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe… (Show more)
in User Interface
Igor Fomenko
Is it possible to switch off or change behavior of new midpoint selection feature of SW2016? It`s very inconvenient for me when you want to select line but select midpoint instead.
in User Interface
Daniel Cane
Click to view contentHi, I know when Features get suppressed, they get greyed-out in the Feature Manager Tree, and when shetches are hidden the icon gets thinner and monochrome - but doesn't anything change about the icon if the feature is Hidden....?   Feature is HIDDEN here...   Feature is SHOWN here....     It looks the same...???   Btw, this is version… (Show more)
in User Interface
Don Hill
Click to view contentTrying to reduce eye strain and headaches. Between Windows themes, Firefox and Chrome extensions and SW color management, it's all giving me a headache. I've read up on all the discussions in regards to SW UI customization (or lack thereof). My issue involves the Comment box inside of a part. I was finally able to balance the colors between… (Show more)
in User Interface
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