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Wendy Staats
Is it possible to change the color (or other properties) of Measurement attachment points... Or better yet, remove them entirely?   I'm not a fan of the yellow bubbles and would love to do away with them: I combed through the dimension Properties and the Help files but couldn't find anything.
in Composer
Alexandre Magnette
Bonjour, quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment réaliser la configuration d'une pièce pour que cette configuration soit la pièce d'origine en symétrie? Merci.
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Ethan Kessel
Hi, I'm trying to produce assembly instructions for my FRC robotics team and heard that composer is the way to go, but when I try and load my assembly, I can only see two of the parts. Changing visibility to show all does nothing. I have absolutely no idea how to use this tool so if this is something painfully obvious, I'm sorry, but I would… (Show more)
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Thibaut Bruyer
Hello forumreaders   When I click on file and then open, for importing a 2nd file, the opening tab does not appear. I have looked for similar problems on this forum but can not find the solution anywhere. I have already repaird solidworks composer but it didn't work.   Does anyone know the problem?   many thanks!
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Paul Roberts
Hi,   Has anybody seen this before, I can't pull the BOM into composer properly. I cant call out any parts at all with this     There is a dummy assembly in the tree which seems to be the actual Solidworks BOM. If I delete this dummy assembly the BOM disappears and I cant generate the actual BOM  
in Composer
Satam Atta
I draw a poligon but when i want to revolution it work fine until 359º, but in 360º the preview disappear and i see an error "Error of reconstruction. The sketch is open, it cross-link or cross the constructive line". The sketch is complete defined. screen capture error-revolucion.jpg - Google Drive I think it must be something simple but I do… (Show more)
in Composer
Fowler Ben
Hi,   I'm trying to create an interactive menu where the user clicks the image of a build step to go to that step. I have managed to do this fine. However, when I update the images files, the ones in the composer view do not update. On top of this, going in and manually changing them does not work as the images have the same file names and the… (Show more)
in Composer
Rob Poppe
  Hi   My Assembly selection button is gone, normally it is visible on top of the Assembly menu and the Collaboration menu, but on top of the assembly menu it is gone.   I even reinstalled Composer, but it didn't come back. What can I do to get it back?     Gr Rob
in Composer
Jon Bartlett
I have a SMG file with a lot of views. I have used Composer to add various colours to the parts in all the views. Changes have been made to the original SLDASM file and i am trying to update my SMG file, but every time i try the colours i've set in Composer are being changed to the colours/textures on the original SLDASM file. Is there any way to… (Show more)
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