Has everyone seen the new video they posted about the Structure System for 2019? Structure System - SOLIDWORKS 2019 - YouTube It seems relatively useful as long as it actually works the way it seems (lol) Does any...
    Kyle Taylor
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  • Modifying structural member cutlist length

    I've got a unique situation, trying to utilize structural members within a weldment. We have drawn the model as the finished welded assembly using a single weldment. The issue lies with one of the members having sever...
    J. P.
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  • how to make weldment tubing with bends a single member

    I am having and issue with weldments and bends. I have multiple tubes that have bends in them but are need to be on single member not multiple so i can make a sheet to be sent out. I tired merge arc length and i thoug...
    Catello Acanfora
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  • Is there a way to make a weldment profile with regular perforations?

    I am working with some custom profiled extrusions that have regular cutouts for mounting hardware (think a bar with slots cut every 6 inches), it would be really helpful to be able to create a weldment profile that wh...
    Otis Clapp
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  • Getting an error now whenever I try to create a weld profile - corrupt registry?

    Hello all, I was testing a weld profile configuration file I added to Solidworks 2015 file locations, then didn't like it so I manually deleted it back out.  I had it under the file path as noted.  And chan...
    Dave Krum
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    Hello all, I've spent hours trying to figure this one out.  I have a weldment and made a drawing for it with all the balloons and cut list table.  I later added a derived part using "insert part" to the wel...
    Dave Krum
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  • downloaded weldment profiles won't show up

    I go to the design library and download the weldment profiles, it won't like me download them in the existing weldment profile folder so I created my own folder, I added that folder to the file location for weldment p...
    Tim Muir
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  • How do I remove this material with Trim/Extend

    Hello All. I'm struggling with trimming the body shown in the picture below. In this weldment, I run into this scenario multiple times. I don't remember having this issue with 2018 but after upgrading to 2020 sp5 I f...
    Zach Worman
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  • Configurations within a weldment

    For simplicity I drew a quick weldment to show a weldment with a single variable in length. While I can handle this in the drawing with either a weldment cut list or a BOM, I was curious how everyone else creates...
    J. P.
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  • Hole Wizard Data

    I have a weldment that has a plate that I need to make a separate drawing for. I saved the body out into a new part. The issue is the tapped holes will not call out in the drawing. I get the tap drill diameter not the...
    Kirk Pedley
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  • Weldment straight cut for round pipes (Trimming)

    I want a straight cut the bottom round pipe (without extention), like in 2nd and 3rd example to the right. But I can't figure out how to do that in weldment using Trim/Extend command.  Trimming command doesn't...
    Vald Mand
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  • Trimming / Extending solid bodies in Weldment w/o using structural member?

    Hi all, I have a multi-body weldment where I sketched all the individual tubes and plates and extruded the profile shapes from planes - used these from the Toolbox / Structural Steel library, or just simple extruded ...
    Dave Krum
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  • Weldment end miter trim has an offset

    When trimming two similar size structural members using end miter condition. the miterd end corner does not overlap and has a small offset. Does anyone know a fix for this?
    Sachira Vidanage
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  • Weldment Profiles Description Change

    Hi All,   I have weldment profiles saved. But the description on the weldment profile is not fully available. For example a Square Hollow Section weldment profile has a description on the profile as 100 x 100 x ...
    Lakhvinder Singh
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  • Weldments Cut List Properties

    Okay this is a two part question. I want to be able to add a weight property to all my cut list items.  Is there a way to do that in bulk? I want my attached sldflp file to get the description property listing ...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Weldment tab not available

    I've just started learning SolidWorks, and am trying to learn how to do weldments. The problem is I don't have the Weldment tab (see image below). There's a weldment toolbar available, but it doesn't seem to have all ...
    Robert Doonan
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  • Bug!Don't combine weldment parts or 100+200=600

    I'm sorry but for some reason I decided to combine two straight weldment segments and that's what I got.
    Igor Fomenko
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  • Add Weldment Cutlist Custom Property in Title block for Drawing template and Sheetformat

    Add Weldment Cutlist Custom Property in Title block for Drawing template and Sheetformat.   Alex Lachance could you please shed some light on this?
    Anup Harak
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  • Loft failed/disappeared

    The first loft in my model has decided to fail AFTER I finished my model. It was there, I could flatten it, isolate it, then poof it failed. I attached the model. The failed loft is in the folder MOLDBOARD FEATURES. &...
    Don Weber
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  • Can't load custom profile in weldments

    Hi, I made a 3d sketch and I wanna apply custom profile as solidworks weldments member. I made the profile and saved in a custom directory.   Then I added the same location in the system option. I restarted soli...
    Asif Hosain Khan
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