• Naming Saved Bodies

    Okay so I am new to weldments, this method was sugggested to me thru a freind in a similar industray as a alternative to assembly. We build heavy equipment here and use alot of plate and tube etc in our weldments (no...
    Angela Hill
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  • The missing 5% functionality: STRUCTURE SYSTEMS

    So, I've been lead to believe Structure Systems will eventually replace Weldments.  I was also lead to believe that development on Weldments has ceased and all future development will go toward Structure Systems....
    Matt Peneguy
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  • damhe!!

    wrong length of a cut list member created over a spline when you using cut with plane after structure system. I am using SolidWorks 2020 sp2.0
    Miguel Anxo Abad Sabaris
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  • Weldment, Item length in Description property, help!!

     I am trying to add the item length to the description property in a weldment profile template file. I am using a design table to generate the profile configurations and I am using the Excel concatenation fu...
    Rick Donnellon
    created by Rick Donnellon
  • Accessing Weldment Profiles

    I've just been watching a video on CADjunky showing how to get access to all the weldment profiles in a legal way. Apparently it has been an option since SW2007. He went into the SW design library>SolidWorks Design...
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  • Request for developers

    Can you people unify fillet bead and weld beads and make them applicable in assemblies too?   What I was thinking about is the weld should: - automatically chamfer corners in parts if added in part or assembly ...
    Damir Galic
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  • Weldment cut list problem in total length

    Hello everyone I have attached a photo with some explanation on it hoping that it will explain better than my words do .   I inserted a usual weldment cut list table into my drawing. I customized it so it give...
    Emad Ktifany
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    I used to do this in Inventor all the time, creating a "weldment assy" of several parts, then importing (or inserting) that assy to make a new finished machine part...   I see in SW how to "Insert Part" in order...
    Jess Shows
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  • Using Plate in Weldments

    I've referred to using Plate in weldments on several Forum posts, and a member contacted me about sharing my files, so I created this Discussion in case someone else is interested.   For some background, a few y...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • move/copy bodies wrecks weldments

    I have submitted this to my VAR already, just want to know if anyone else has this issue. when you take weldment members and move/copy them and then use the trim feature on them it (A) takes weldment physicality away ...
    Shane Kozlowski
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  • Exploded View for Weldments

    How can I get my weldment parts to explode like in an assembly?
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  • Weldment cut list for mirrored weldment part

    I have just created a section of a machine frame as a weldment.This frame will be bolted to a mirror versionof itself. (ie. Themain frame consists of two welded frames which are boltedtogether.)I created an assembly i...
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  • ! Library feature is empty

    I have been working my way through my Weldments tutorial and after editing a piece of 2x2 angle .SLDLFP to make a 2x3 angle and saving it in my newly created folder as a 2x3 angle.SLDLFP I then navigate my way through...
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  • Mitering on a Curved Path

    Hi all   I had a bit of unexpected time this Sunday morning so I had a little play to see how SW handles curved mitres. Consider this profile running round a segmental arch Here is what SW produces with a ...
    Rob Edwards
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  • tubing bends and coping?

    I need to provide a drawing and part file to a laser tube notcher. The issue is the tube has 2 bends which both are in differnet datums/planes. The laser tube notcher needs the .step file to be a straight tube with t...
    Joe Gesicki
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  • As Machined suffix

    has nothing to do with a BOM. see attached pdf. it's just the anal nature of some users.
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  • combine like profile lengths on cutlist?

    Is there an easy way to combine all the lengths of the same profile of tubes on the cutlist? I need to put in a total length of each size into our inventory system for ordering and was hoping for an easier way than a ...
    Tom Goplin
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  • Total lengths of strutural tubing

    Is there a way to find out the total of the lengths in a weldment part with out having to make a drawing then insert a cut list and then add up the numbers. Can SW give you that info with out having to go through that...
    Roberto Torres
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  • Sub-Weldment Cut List

    Hi, I am having difficultly using the sub-weldment feature as it doesn't seem to carry over my cut list properties (Type of Weldment/Length) to the sub-weldment. I made a large Weldment Part. Then I selected the par...
    Peter Giles
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  • Plug welding. Need help.

    Im trying to plug weld (for this example) two brackets that are 1x1. I want to plug weld these two parts together. Im using a 1/4" dia. hole. I only see "fillet" welds, but no where do i see an option for plug welds. ...
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