• Configurable Weldment Profiles and External Design Tables

    Hi all.  For some of our weldment profiles we have configured library features that are driven by externally linked design tables.  This has all been working fine for years.  Now (seemingly just happene...
  • Bulk Custom Property Changes and Additions to a Lot of Weldment Profiles

    Hi   We are currently using SW 2017   I would like to modify our weldment profiles to match our company description specification and also update the material so that the weldment part takes on the ma...
    Derek Cutfield
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  • Cutlist Folder Renaming Conflict

    I am using SW2010 SP4.   I have a series of similar part files with weldment features. In fact, all were created with "Save As Copy" from the first part.   I am now cleaning up the details of the part file...
    Daen Hendrickson
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  • Naming Saved Bodies

    Okay so I am new to weldments, this method was sugggested to me thru a freind in a similar industray as a alternative to assembly. We build heavy equipment here and use alot of plate and tube etc in our weldments (no...
    Angela Hill
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  • How do I model this branch?

    How do I model this branch thing? I used a weldment profile for the horizontal branch, but i need to model vertical stubs that are conical in shape. Is there a way to use a weldment profile for this conical feature? I...
    Kevin Song
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  • The missing 5% functionality: STRUCTURE SYSTEMS

    So, I've been lead to believe Structure Systems will eventually replace Weldments.  I was also lead to believe that development on Weldments has ceased and all future development will go toward Structure Systems....
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Weldment Custom and Configuration specific properties

    Hello I'm having trouble with some Weldment profiles. We have a configured library of some of  the standard tubes and pipes available. In the Custom properties we have the basic information about the profile( Ma...
    Henrik Steéde
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  • complex structures with SolidWorks Structure System

    You can do complex structures with SolidWorks Structure System. It is easy and friendly. But it is urgent to fix the bug when you cut member on curved paths, splines or arches. The sistmen is not able to calculate the...
  • How it was necessary to create weldment?

    From the beginning SW had part file,assembly file and drawing file.Later (SW2004) we get possibility to have several bodies inside one file. But after this I think SW went wrong way:they made weldments which contains ...
    Igor Fomenko
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  • Sheet format for Individual Weldment Cut List Items

    When making 2D Drawings of a weldment I usually have the first sheet displaying the whole weldment with a Weldment Cut List. The Sheet format on the drawing have fields as "Material", "Description", Weight", "DWG NO."...
    Martin Kynde
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  • 80/20

    Has anyone successfully added 80/20 profiles into the weldment profiles, and gotten correct corner cuts?#   edited to add simple frame model, and 80/20 profile.....
    Noel Rodes
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  • damhe!!

    wrong length of a cut list member created over a spline when you using cut with plane after structure system. I am using SolidWorks 2020 sp2.0
    Miguel Anxo Abad Sabaris
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  • Change BOM quantity for all cut list members

    Hi there!   We are a looking to find a way to change the BOM quantity to "-none-" for all cut list members so that they appear as qty number rather then total length in the BOM.   Dose anyone know how to c...
    Anthony Campana
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  • Weldment Cutlist "Open Drawing" menu item

    Could someone point me to the documentation for this weldment cutlist "Open Drawing" menu item?  I'm not able to find.  Or figure out how it is supposed to work.  Thanks!  
    Terry Raymond
    created by Terry Raymond
  • Weldments Cut List Properties

    Okay this is a two part question. I want to be able to add a weight property to all my cut list items.  Is there a way to do that in bulk? I want my attached sldflp file to get the description property listing ...
    Matt Peneguy
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  • Weldment Cut List; Adding Part Number And Using Item Number For Individual Parts

    So I have two questions regarding Weldment Cut lists.   #1. We often use commercial or machined parts in out weldments weldnuts ect. Is there a way to automatically grab the file name i.e. part number from a par...
    Brett Peterson
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  • Accessing Weldment Profiles

    I've just been watching a video on CADjunky showing how to get access to all the weldment profiles in a legal way. Apparently it has been an option since SW2007. He went into the SW design library>SolidWorks Design...
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  • Multi body part with weldments - very slow

    Hi. So i iave a miltibody part. Quite a heavy one... Its 16mb and it has additional parts inserted into it like inserts. Kt also has a big part inserted i to it.  When i i wo on the part without converting it t...
    Ben Galili
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  • Weldment Cutlist Issue with Trim/Extend

    I have a Weldment with two members that pass through other members. It is a rectangular tube frame with mitered corners and it has fork pocket tubes that are continuous through the outer frame so that the outer frame ...
    Jason Frey
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  • Structual member issue

    I'm trying to fill is sketch with structural members but for some reason it's now following my commands. I drew the profile myself and added it to the weldment profiles file. If somebody and figure this out it would...
    F. Leatin
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