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Renan Barbosa
Click to view contentSo wanna make a single tube using different lines, at the connection of the lines I wanna it to have a certain radius just like I bended the tube.   Example 1: wanna make it a continuous single tube
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Kyle Blough
Hello Folks,   I have been working on trying to link the cut-list properties to the drawing while keeping the property generic so a macro can easily enter the info without adding a lot of extra lines (Not a macro expert).  I found out away to do this; just not sure if its a bug or actual feature (meaning its there by design).  I am running 2019… (Show more)
in Weldments
Christopher Accursi
Click to view contentHi all.  For some of our weldment profiles we have configured library features that are driven by externally linked design tables.  This has all been working fine for years.  Now (seemingly just happened with 2020 upgrade) - whenever a weldment is edited in the part level, Solidworks will open all of the profile library features (the configurable… (Show more)
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Jack Hsu
Click to view contentWhen I use weldments, sometimes I get these brackets that are broken at the end. What's the reason that is preventing it to extend all the way to the end? Are there any tips to be aware of when dealing with weldment corners? Thanks!
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Steen Østergaard
Click to view contentProblem using move face on weldment profil , SW2019(sp5) 1st Selecting a point to rotate about   2nd selecting the face to rotate     Entering the rotation angle and selectig the direction. All is fine,   BUT if “Edit feature” is used the face moves up, and parameters are cleared. WHY? Is there any other way to do this, "I have no… (Show more)
in Weldments
Derek Cutfield
Click to view contentHi   We are currently using SW 2017   I would like to modify our weldment profiles to match our company description specification and also update the material so that the weldment part takes on the material as designated in the part file that is created.     for example, I need the description to read; ANGLE, EQUAL, 20 x 3 (I could live with… (Show more)
in Weldments
Daen Hendrickson
I am using SW2010 SP4.   I have a series of similar part files with weldment features. In fact, all were created with "Save As Copy" from the first part.   I am now cleaning up the details of the part files including renaming features and adding some additional custom properties to the cutlist details. I am also renaming the folders under the… (Show more)
in Weldments
Angela Hill
Okay so I am new to weldments, this method was sugggested to me thru a freind in a similar industray as a alternative to assembly. We build heavy equipment here and use alot of plate and tube etc in our weldments (not structural members, like sw teaches) When I do a save bodies and then name the parts etc, Is there a way to name the bodies in… (Show more)
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Kevin Song
Click to view contentHow do I model this branch thing? I used a weldment profile for the horizontal branch, but i need to model vertical stubs that are conical in shape. Is there a way to use a weldment profile for this conical feature? Ideally, i'd like to be able to use the trim/extend feature so that it will match the diameter of the horizontal tube just right.… (Show more)
in Weldments
Matt Peneguy
So, I've been lead to believe Structure Systems will eventually replace Weldments.  I was also lead to believe that development on Weldments has ceased and all future development will go toward Structure Systems. I voted for an SPR on adding splines to Weldments, and they added it to Structure Systems and not Weldments.  So, I have anecdotal… (Show more)
in Weldments
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