• surface offset problem

    15 mm surface offset problem in single selection  
    Jitendra Patel
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  • Can you create a surface using a 3D sketch

    Hello,   Excuse me for being a noob with surfaces but is it possible to create a surface using a 3D sketch?   Here's some context. I don't know how to work with surfaces but I'm the one in charge of deroug...
    Alex Lachance
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  • where do i find lesson02

    for example label
    Ron De Veld
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  • Please help with complex fillet

    Hello all,   I am having some trouble with a complex fillet on my part and I am looking for some suggestions on how to get what I want.  The part has a linear "bar" that I am trying to blend into the "yoke"...
    Galen Woerner
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  • The 29th SOLIDWORKS Power-User Challenge: Surface Modeling - Perfect Blending

    Writing in progress...Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome the 29th SWPUC!
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Can't thicken this part from some reason

    I have this file (attached) which I can't thicken from some reason. Using the "thicken" command produces various errors along the lines of "failed to offset or face could not be deleted"... but it's a pretty clean fil...
    Valery Volkov
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  • Surfacing practice problem

    I have a solid part and a sketch as shown in the bottom left, I want to use the sketch and cut away 5mm material around the model as shown in the bottom right. I have my own approach(part file) attached unde...
    Jack Hsu
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  • How to make a P2M file from a jpg or other pic file

    I'm trying to create a new fabric or appearance for the surface a part. The files in sw are .P2M. Does anyone know how to turn a jpg or other pic file into a P2M?
    Andrew Tremblay
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  • Making a Section View like cut on a revolved base

    I am creating a lens that is based on a semicircle with spherical curvature. The lens needs to be truncated at the tangent point of a circle starting at what would be the center point of the semicircle. I have no...
    Nathan Oehler Oehler
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  • Dimensioning tangent spline handles independently

    I'm trying to figure out how to dimension the middle tangent spline handles with different values. See attachment. SolidWorks allows me to drag the handles independently, but the moment I add a dimension it fully cons...
    Dave Klimas
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  • How to design this Part in Surface Design?

    I'm trying to improve my Solidworks skills, but I'm stuck on how to model this enclosure. Moreover, this is easm part. not able to measure the model. Kindly give some suggestions to complete this. Who would you do it?
    Madav Sugumar
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  • Surface Quality Checking

    Some times to Check a Quality of a Surface C series is used other times G series is use what is the reason for this difference?      C0-Contact C1-Tangent C2-Curvature Continues   G0-Contact...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Ruled Surface and Extended Surface

    This is a part from following forum posting. I wish to know why Ruled Surface works whereas Extended Surface does not work.     lofting    
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I repair these surfaces to make one smooth surface?

    Hello SolidWorks people! I want to machine a model of this bomber on a CNC but I want my surfaces to be a lot nicer. I did not design this model! I imported it from GrabCAD.   How do I fix these surfaces? Atta...
    Roy García
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  • How to add fillet onto a step?

    I have created this model from surface and it needs to follow a specific curvature path but what I am having trouble with is that I need to add a 3" radius to that step shown. The furthest solidworks will let me add i...
    Richard Flores
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  • Direction and option

    This is an example of a part from Spanner Serious. When selecting the direction option “None” is selected. Is there any specific reason for selecting “None” instead of “Normal to Pro...
    Maha Nadarasa
    created by Maha Nadarasa
  • Closing open surfaces

    Hello,   I have a question about something that I've been struggling with every since I've been on SolidWorks, and that is closing open surfaces on imported models. I know how to work on SolidWorks but was never...
    Alex Lachance
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  • Profile, Path and Guide Curves

    This is an example of a part from Spanner Serious. Usually we select a path which originates from the profile. In this example path is away from the profile and two guide curves are going through the profile. Is there...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Wrapping Text on Complex Surface

    I'd like to wrap or fit text to a complex surface.  Does anyone know how this can be done?  The wrap feature works on prismatic surfaces (cylindars, cones, etc) it doesn't work on complex surfaces.  &#...
    Peter Loring
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  • Curvature combs extend beyond selected surface

    Hi all!   When creating a boundary surface, my curvature combs extend beyond the surface I'm creating and show up as blue and red lines on adjacent faces. This makes viewing the surface uncomfortable, as I only ...
    Zhuk Daniel
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