• Cannot Close Open surfaces

    I cannot close the surface using simple commands and whenever i try to close it by extruding surface and trimming the rest it give errors and always has some open surfaces. I need to close it and fix open surfaces to...
    Taha Nadeem
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  • How to find find one time Total surface area of the body?

    Hi all,   I tried the like Measure, Section properties & Mass properties to find the surface area of the body. I couldn't able to get a one-click answer. So, later I calculated individually(or two surfaces...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • prosthetic thumb housing surfacing issue

    Good morning everyone!   I have attached below a master model of a left hand thumb that I've been designing for a prosthesis as a senior design project.   The composite curve has been formed using a 3D sca...
    Andrew Emmert
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  • I was trying in making laminates of different thickness in SolidWorks surfacing. Please see the attached model and images for exact coring. I request to have the exact model to the given requirement.

    I am trying in making laminates of different thickness in SolidWorks surfacing but couldn't complete. Please see the attached model and images for exact coring. I request to have the exact model to the given requireme...
    Syed Tariq Akram
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  • xNURBS SolidWorks Addin: The Super Powerful NURBS Tool That Fixes Surfacing Issues for SolidWorks

    xNURBS SolidWorks addon V3.0 is just available ( https://www.xnurbs.com ). A short answer to "why xNURBS": As demonstrated by the animated GIFs below, xNURBS is one super powerful NURBS tool that fixes virtually ...
    Kevin Liu
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  • Problem with Knit Surface

    Hi guys!   Any idea why this is happening:     all I'm doing is knitting the three surfaces together, it happens elsewhere on the model as well, this is just the easiest to show the deformation th...
    Marton Kulcsar
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  • Advanced Surface Modelling Advise

    I am trying to improve my surface modelling skills by attempting to produce a CAD (near) replica of my bicycle helmet.    Creating the shapes seems very difficult. I was wondering if anyone had an advi...
    Greg Smith
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  • Have you ever met a cardiac surgeon? I mean one that is also a SOLIDWORKS Surfacer...

    Have you ever met a cardiac surgeon? What about one that is using SOLIDWORKS to revolutionize the way surgeons practice their stitching? Let me introduce you to Dr. Mac Quantz.   Read this: You "Heart" 3D Model...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Anybody heard any more about the xShape?

    Just curious.
    Kevin Quigley
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  • Problems with Knitting Surfaces together

    Hi i'm trying to build a part of a gaming headset as part of my project and i'm trying to knit all my surfaces together but i keep getting rebuild errors, can anyone take a look. I've attached 2 files, one is made by ...
    Sanjutharun Sudhagaran
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  • Undesired twist during loft using spline guide curve

    I'm trying to perform a lofted cut with multiple guide curves to get more control over the resulting shape. One of the guide curves(which is in my opinion identical to the other guide curve) causes the resulting loft ...
    Tom Kamperman
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  • Cut with surface problem

    I'm trying to hollow out a solid body using a surface body, but if I set it to keep the material outside the surface, it gives the "Failed due to geometric condition" error.   I tried finding the error, but had ...
    Marton Kulcsar
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  • "selected faces and surfaces cannot be knitted into one"

    I am trying to join together three separate knitted surfaces for a part I am creating that i'll be getting 3-D printed and I keep getting the error "The selected faces and surfaces cannot be knitted into one surface."...
    Danny Ross
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  • tricky lofted spline to surface

    Hi,   So im trying to turn that wireframe into a 3D surface, I can't use revolution since the bundary isn't symetrical I found this video where "boundary surface" is used to create a surface from 2 connected o...
    Void Void
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  • Thickening an imported surface model

    I have imported a surface model (modular back of the DrivAer model), and I would like to thicken it, because I have to create measuring points in it, so we can later test it in a wind tunnel. I managed to repair the s...
    Marton Kulcsar
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  • how to divide a sphere a equal parts ?

    How to divide a sphere of equal parts?
    Kevin Hh
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  • Problems making surfaces from a 3d scan

    Hi Forum I made a 3D scan of a Motor Cycle fairing and I want to model it up using surfaces in SolidWorks. I got a problem getting surfaces to blend together. Can anyone give me some advice? The problem is that when...
    Peter Uttrup
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  • Creating a surface from 3 points

    I'm having difficulty in creating a surface from 3 points. This surface "covers" a corner made from 3 surfaces. I've attached a picture to show what I am explaining. Surface B is a vertical surface and Surface A is a ...
    Harold Black
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  • Hello, I am having error in thickening a surface part, can you please help?

    I created a part using lofting, stitching and trimming. I wanted to add a thickness of 2 mm to the overall part but it's giving me an error. I am new to surfacing and could use some solid advice. Thanks! 
    Ali Mhowwala
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  • Driving Surface-Offset

    I am using solidworks 2012. Is there a way to drive a surface offset, either by relationship, or selecting a dimension? It seems like the surface offset feature only allows you to type in a number.   I have a sw...
    Carlos Moreno
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