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Kk Kkj
Hello Gentlemen / Ladies question? has experience in surface modeling using POWER SURFACING overlays. Because I have some questions. Thank you in advance for your answer
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Lokesha Kj
Click to view contentHi all,   I tried the like Measure, Section properties & Mass properties to find the surface area of the body. I couldn't able to get a one-click answer. So, later I calculated individually(or two surfaces) to find all areas of the surface.  
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Andrew Emmert
Good morning everyone!   I have attached below a master model of a left hand thumb that I've been designing for a prosthesis as a senior design project.   The composite curve has been formed using a 3D scan that I took of the patients' hand, and as you can see the boundary loft feature successfully completes.  The problem is that there is a… (Show more)
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Jeremy Savage
Click to view contentNot sure if this should be in sketching, or surfacing, but I am trying to smooth out a surface I am working on. I cant seem to make this form fluid all the way around. It has a hard edge where the corner radius ends. Does any one have any recommendations on how I could lay out the sketch better to make the curvature smooth when displaying zebra… (Show more)
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Syed Tariq Akram
I am trying in making laminates of different thickness in SolidWorks surfacing but couldn't complete. Please see the attached model and images for exact coring. I request to have the exact model to the given requirement in surfacing and to understand how to model it.    Note: 1) For reference am attaching .STEP format of base model as well.  2)… (Show more)
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Kevin Liu
Click to view contentxNURBS SolidWorks addon V3.0 is just available ( ). A short answer to "why xNURBS": As demonstrated by the animated GIFs below, xNURBS is one super powerful NURBS tool that fixes virtually all surfacing issues for SolidWorks. If you would like more feedback from end users:… (Show more)
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Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentI want to have a curved slot like this. I tried to create this slot by mutual trim, so that I created 3 helper surface to enable this but it does not work. How to fix this?  
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Ed Hopson
Hi everyone,   The surface body named Surface-Trim13 won't thicken to 2mm as needed - any suggestions would be great, thanks.    File attached. 
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Kevin Hh
How to divide a sphere surface to 12 equal pentagonal ?
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