• Equation Driven Curves sine waves help

    Hello all, I'm trying to make an equitation driven curve spline that will consist of 2 combined sine waves, that will have first the lower wave and than the higher wave and continue the order of one of each. my equit...
    Reem Neri
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  • Generating hook using sweep feature

    Hi everyone. I am using SW2020 and I have trouble with generating hook. Any kind of help is very acceptable. I attached my sketch and the photo of the drawing that I want to draw. In my opinion, the plane should be ma...
    Ali Kablan
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  • Need help with this particular sketch. SW2019

    Hi everyone. I am using SW 2019 and I am trying to improve my sketching skills and my perspective. So, here, this sketch made me a little confused. I tried to sketch 3 circles and connect them with 3 point arcs but it...
    Ali Kablan
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  • Transition Point on Airfoil

    I want to find a transition Point on Airfoil so that I created a fix point away from airfoil sketched a line between fix point and point on airfoil. I assumed minimum distance of this line will give transition point o...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • View Orientation Stuck on Front View

    Was trying to edit a part, wanted to switch to a bottom view from the View Orientation menu, and ever since then my view orientation is stuck on front view when using that menu and all of the buttons are highlighted. ...
    Shellbie Liberty
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  • Are you using the "Make Reference Sketch" command (SW2020)?

    How many of you are aware of the existence of a new state for a sketch, called "Reference Sketch"? It can be used as an excellent tool for preventing "accidental edits". No dimensions or relations on that sketch will...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • Cannot use style splines and centerlines together

    There seems to be a fundamental inability to use style splines and centerlines together at their control vertices (at least on both machines/systems I'm using). I can use centerlines to set the end points of a style s...
  • Can we fully define spline skectch?

    Hi I'm wondering that the spline sketch can be define fully or not. Becouse I can't add parameter or relations to tangent weighting handles of splines. Does anyboby Know about it? Please tell me...... 
    Seiko Sasaki
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  • Helix Revolution Glitch ?

    I'm attempting to create a Helix Taper spring. \ When the Property manager opens and I fill in the Height, SW reacts, but when I enter the Revolutions it ignores me ?   I'm I doing something wrong ?   th...
    F. Leatin
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  • How to select multiple sketch endpoints with selection box?

    I'm needing to select a large number of sketch end points to assign them a either a vertical or horizontal relationship. This comes up mainly when I am using a linear pattern of lines, and when trimming the lines all ...
    Josh Schorp
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  • Resizing holes

    So i have recieved this autocad DWG. I need to make a suitable dwg for my punching machine. But the problem is that the holes in dwg are not exactly rounded, the holes should be 26,37,50 and 70. My question is, is the...
    Karli Kasin
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  • Center Point of the arc 

    In my view an assumption is made to draw this sketch. That is center point of the arc R6 is on the ø70 Bolt Circle. What do you think? Time 1.35 Model Mania 2020 - SOLIDWORKS     Sketch  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Is it possible to insert dimension right after mouse click?

    I use the option "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation". Is it somehow possible to input the dimension without moving mouse a little bit after creating the entity? I mean, when I select circle, click some...
    Kari Lindberg
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  • What is the easiest way to change sketch relation from related to not when sketching

    Hello all,     There is a setting under: System options/Sketch/relations/snaps/Automatic relations   When that setting is on, it created a relation between the assembly file and the part that was snap...
    Scott Leacox
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  • Linking to hole wizard C'bore feature

    I would like to use the hole wizard to define a Counter bored hole for a socket head cap screw with a set distance from an edge. Can I link to the C'bore dimension when I position the fastener location so if I change ...
    Kirby Wilkerson
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  • Select Tangency 

    Select Tangency is missing in my version. How to fix it?       
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I turn a bunch of circles into a single entity?

    Im trying to create a gear on solidworks which has a bunch of cicles attatched to the edge of a bigger circle in which 4 of those are put on the cornerd of one bigger circle. How might I go about merging the smaller c...
    Yonatan Cohen
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  • Power Trim Delay

    I've noticed a delay when using power trim in Solidworks 2018 and 2019 across a number of computers.  I'm wondering whether this behavior is inherent to Solidworks these days.  I don't believe older versions...
    Joel Witman
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  • Trying to model a high pressure Bourdon tube.  I have the attached drawing, but unsure how to make it.  Seems like a 3D sketch is the only way but really having difficulty getting things sized correctly.  Any advice as to how to approach this? 

    Jim Roberts
    created by Jim Roberts
  • Dimensions do not scale with view

    Whenever I try to make a new sketch and I insert the dimensions, I get the dimensions in a given front size, other than them scaling with my camera view. How can I change this back? I have been through all of the sett...
    Twan Kloosterman
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