• Select Tangency 

    Select Tangency is missing in my version. How to fix it?       
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I turn a bunch of circles into a single entity?

    Im trying to create a gear on solidworks which has a bunch of cicles attatched to the edge of a bigger circle in which 4 of those are put on the cornerd of one bigger circle. How might I go about merging the smaller c...
    Yonatan Cohen
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  • Power Trim Delay

    I've noticed a delay when using power trim in Solidworks 2018 and 2019 across a number of computers.  I'm wondering whether this behavior is inherent to Solidworks these days.  I don't believe older versions...
    Joel Witman
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  • Trying to model a high pressure Bourdon tube.  I have the attached drawing, but unsure how to make it.  Seems like a 3D sketch is the only way but really having difficulty getting things sized correctly.  Any advice as to how to approach this? 

    Jim Roberts
    created by Jim Roberts
  • Dimensions do not scale with view

    Whenever I try to make a new sketch and I insert the dimensions, I get the dimensions in a given front size, other than them scaling with my camera view. How can I change this back? I have been through all of the sett...
    Twan Kloosterman
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  • Exporting all parts of an assembly automatically

    Hi everybody, We produce sheet metal parts and normally we have a big assembly of many parts. How can I export all parts of an assembly automatically in dxf format for laser cutting? Thanks  
    Damoon Ba
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  • Is there a way to add spline point parameters to configuration table?

    I have added a spline's points to a configuration table by way of their dimensions.   However, unless the spline points' parameters also get stored in the configuration table it doesn't make sense to change thei...
    Axel Dahmen
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  • How to display all icons for Display/Delete Relations on toolbar?

    It takes too many clicks to use the drop down every time you want to add a relation. I just want the icons on my toolbar without having to select the drop down every time. Seems silly for something used so often to be...
    John Stevenson
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  • Solidworks part modelling

    Hi ,  If any one could please help me to understand what is given in the diagram, would be really helpful. Thanks in advance 
    Harshavardhan Konka
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  • The Missing 5% Functionality:  "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation"

    See How to stop snap relations from overriding dimensions?   "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation" is a great feature, but snapping shouldn't take precedence over the value entered by the user...
    Glenn Schroeder
    created by Glenn Schroeder
  • Referencing cosmetic thread pitch

    Hi,   I'd like to reference the pitch of a cosmetic thread in the dimension of another sketch. I can see the diameter being referenced, but never the pitch. The idea is that if the thread changes the associated...
    Ollie Campbell
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  • How do I connect these two bars.

    I need help connecting these two rectangle bars. Thanks!
    Kevin Wang
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  • How to stop snap relations from overriding dimensions?

    I keep "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation" turned on, and use it often.  However, I occasionally run into a situation where my cursor is nowhere near anything for the line to snap to, but when I e...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Midpoint Line

    Do you use this line often what is your experience? I found usage of this line is very limited. Particularly if you are doing loft you can’t use this as construction line because it places an active point at the...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Equation Manager

    I am trying to develop some relationships between dimensions on the same sketch.  I have done this countless times in the past and never had any problems.  However, as of lately when I click on tools>equa...
    John Pagel
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  • Solidworks Maximum radius problems

    Good day all, I am working on an overhead crane bridge that needs to be cambered. My crane span is 91 ft from rail to rail, my camber is 2 inches, it creates a radius that is approx. 1 900 000mm. Solidworks Max radiu...
    Guillaume Raby
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  • Why am I in X-Ray mode ?

    The view of my model is anonying me. I'd like to know why my model looks like it's in X-Ray mode. Can somebody straighten me out ? thank you, Frank  
    F. Leatin
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    I may be late to this party, but is there a fix to center CAPITAL text in the annotation box? Text seems slightly higher than center and it is throwing off my title block spacing, annotations blocks, etc....
    Chris Smith
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  • Learned Something New Today

    I was working on a sketch and wanted a construction line midway between two model edges.  In the past I'd have placed one construction line spanning between the edges, then made the other construction line coinci...
    Glenn Schroeder
    last modified by Glenn Schroeder
  • How do you flip the side of a plane that a sketch is placed on?

    I want to flip a sketch to the opposite side of the sketch plane.  As I recall you could easily do this with Sketch Tools-Modify by double clicking orientation arrows which caused them to flip.  Now, for som...
    M. B.
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