• View Orientation Stuck on Front View

    Was trying to edit a part, wanted to switch to a bottom view from the View Orientation menu, and ever since then my view orientation is stuck on front view when using that menu and all of the buttons are highlighted. ...
    Shellbie Liberty
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  • Global Variable changes not reflected in model

    I'm still pretty new - studying for the CSWP and using an online course to do so.  I'm in SW 2018, and seem to have found some sort of glitch.   Last night the instructor went through global variables. ...
    Jonathan Riel
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  • I cant find an issue in a sketch

    I tried searching but came up unsuccessful.  I have had this issue for years but generally was able to get through it but now its just really annoying.     I have a sketch that needs to offset fro...
    Eric Fosdick
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  • Keyboard shortcut to convert a Line to a Contruction Line?

    Hi, I want to convert Lines to Construction Lines with a keyboard shortcut - is this possible?   The only way I've found to do this is to select the Line then go to the box to the left and click on the tickbox ...
    C. D.
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  • Numbers in smart dimension on top of each other

    I've got a sketch with some smart dimensions.  Two of them are not displaying correctly.  They should be 120 and 350, but they show up as 1 followed by the 2 and 0 overlapped, and 3 with the 5 and 0 overlapp...
    Jesse Powers
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  • reget into the sketch

    when i finish a sketch,i suddenly find there is a error in it, so i have to edit the sketch, but i have entered into the (extruded base)feature editing enviroment.if the error in the sketch is that the entity is not c...
    Jacky Hao
    created by Jacky Hao
  • Symbol Library File

    Even though Symbol Library File is okay, diameter symbol in a sketch coming like this. How to fix it?     Symbol option in property manger popups following window.    
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Can you Mirror a sketch ?

    Hi, I having been playing around and I can't seem to figure out how to mirror a sketch. I have 2 parts 1 on each side of the Front Plane so I would like to make a sketch on 1 one of the parts that would just be conv...
    Ben Guenther
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  • Can't select hidden lines in sketch

    I'm having this issue where I can't select hidden lines in a sketch.  I have to exit the sketch, edit it again, and then it works.  It seems to happen after I have already used a hidden line for something (c...
    Adam Meyer
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    hello,when i use search command to search the command of sketch picture,it didn't point the positon of it(come up an arow),seems it is hided below,so it could not come up when the command is in the pull-down menu?
    Jacky Hao
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    Jacky Hao
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  • Why I cannot select a sketch to mirror?

    Hi, I drew half of a face but when I went to Sketch->Mirror Entities, I am unable to select the sketch of half of the face and the center line to mirror. How come?
    Peter Cohen
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  • How do I make sketch lines that are behind a solid not show?

    I am making a 3D solid model of a iPhone. It was working out fine, but suddenly when I began sketching on a front plane, it was showing the sketches on the back of the model when I rotated it. I do not want that to ha...
    Kazi Hossain
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  • How to change the dimension orientation in 3d sketch?

    I can not find a way to change the orientation of 3d sketch dimension. This is a video: https://youtu.be/NtoMuXYyCps     As you can see, at the beginning I create dimensions that are placed on Front and Ri...
    Ben D.
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  • how to easily model npt external threads using Hole Wizard?

    i'm having trouble modeling NPT based threads on my model. I have to design it based on a 1" thread. I dont know how to get it going on solidworks via hole wizard. I've tried but it doesent work.   I tapered my ...
    Varun Sharma
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  • Change color of the spline handles?

    Is it possible to change color of the spline handles? If so, how?   Thanks, Hans
    Veryday Helpdesk
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  • Changing the number of control vertices in a Generic Spline

    Solidworks 2019 has this new feature called Generic Spline, which is something I've been awaiting for a long time. Apparently, the only way to create them in sketches right now is to Offset some other spline, delete t...
    J. R.
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  • Spline and Length

    Is there any way to control the length of the spline? I mean if want a desired length of a spline whether it is possible to have it.  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Is there a way to find what's under defining a sketch?

    I have a sketch that appears fully defined, but is saying it's not. There are as far as I can tell no rogue points or anything anywhere. Is there a function to easily find underdefined portions of a sketch, and if not...
    Laura Arns
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  • Sketch Issue

    When selecting a face of a part to do a sketch that face moves and becomes Normal to the view. Is there any way to stop this? That mean part remain as it is even in the sketch mode.   I couldn’t find out ...
    Maha Nadarasa
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