• 'Modify dimension' dialog box doesn't show up

    I recently installed SolidWorks 2018 but I'm having a problem with assigning global variables. I understand you have to double-click the dimension, and then use the 'modify dimension' dialog box to assign the variable...
    Arno Goossens
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  • Torsion Continuity Relation

    Why does this torsion continuity relation give warning sign? You can only try this with SWX 2020.  
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Copy & Paste Sketches with Reference

    Do we have a option to Copy & Paste sketches with Reference in Solidworks?   I like to copy few entities of sketch from one to another sketch and want it to be pasted with Reference. This is something which...
    Rajiv R.
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  • Insert sketch picture icon greyed out

    I cannot seem to figure out why the insert "Sketch Picture" on SW2012 SP4 64bit installation will not work. The icon is greyed out. Any chance I have a "option" flipped somewhere? It is working on my SW2012 SP4 32bit ...
    Gerald Fought
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  • sketch dimension text box

    Hi. I'm running soldiworks 2018 and I have the following problem. every time I select a dimension in a sketch, a text box containing the dimension value opens and I have to either press Enter or Esc to close it. Dr...
    Ben Galili
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  • Lines not constraining in sketch

    Recently I've been having issues with my sketched lines not constraining. For example, if I were to do a sketch on the face of a square model, and I 'Convert Entity' the outside profile of the face so that I can sketc...
    Chris Polito
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  • 3D Sketch Path Length

    Hi Guys,   I have a query regarding Path Length Dimension. I did create a 3D Sketch Spline and wanted to apply the Path Length Dimension. But, it is not allowing me to do so.   Is there a correct way to do...
    Wilbert Flora
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  • Can only see shadow but not sketch.

    I cannot see my sketch even I selected the shaded with edges. the Display already selected sketch. This is what I see:   How can I change this? Please help
    Sharah Abdul Mutalib
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  • Snap not working? Cannot create connected profile and path for Sweep?

    Hello Forum,     I always have trouble getting my paths and profiles to match up. On my current drawing I cannot get my profile to align with my path? And for some reason my snaps is grayed out? This j...
    John Gaertner
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  • Sketching a surface (or non surface) in Section View.

    Hello there, I'm having some trouble keeping up with this tutorial I'm using to learn SW.  I was able to model the pencil until the instructor drew a centerline down the  length of the eraser, while the mod...
    Michael H. Palmer
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  • What is this weird symbol showing as my dimensions?

    Hello, there is an odd phenomenon happening to the dimension units displayed on my sketch. (see attached). It sometimes reverts to normal looking when I zoom or move, but then appears in that strange way once again. ...
    Michael H. Palmer
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  • how do i control the zoom level when openning a sketch?

    Hi when I open an existing sketch, SW zoom automatically on some part of my sketch. but it is not the level including all my sketch and dimensions, just a part.... I'm using SW 2019 SP5 regards philippe
    Philippe Bujard
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  • Error issue

    Hi,   The attached file has an equation error (I cant find the 2 dimension errors D1@Plane2 and D1@Plane3) and a sketch error that I cant fix. I need to do 2 things; Flip the direction of the extrude boss ...
  • Can't change dimenion in 3D sketch

    Is this a bug? I can't change 303,8 dimenison in 3D sketch. Arc is mated through x and y coordinate.    
    Damir Galic
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  • Hide style spline vertices and their lines

    Is there a way to hide Style Spline's vertices and the construction lines between them?
    John Shih
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  • Sketch visibility

    Hi,   I need to know if there is a way to make a sketch only visible if the sketch is unobstructed by another section of the part.   I made a sketch of one of the sides of the attached model, the problem i...
    Michael Mullineux
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  • Jagged/pixelated/aliased text when Editting Sketches

    [Edit: a fix may be to enable full-scene anti-aliasing in the System Options]   Hello everyone, quick question about the rendering of text in sketches for dimensions, notes, etc.   I frequently run into a ...
    Ryan Feeley
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  • Design Table and SLDCRV file

    As the downloaded dimension of the airfoil is micro, it is very difficult to work with it, therefore I want to increase the dimension by Design Table. But DT is not reading the dimension of airfoil. How to fix it...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • How do I make sketch lines that are behind a solid not show?

    I am making a 3D solid model of a iPhone. It was working out fine, but suddenly when I began sketching on a front plane, it was showing the sketches on the back of the model when I rotated it. I do not want that to ha...
    Kazi Hossain
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  • Sketch coordinate system

    Hi all.   I'm sketching a rectangle (in a new part I've created within an assembly), and horizontal and vertical are aligned with the wrong coordinate system (circled red), and not the assembly coordinate system...
    J. H.
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