• Equations - 'Round' Function

    I know the 'round' function works in an equation but I need to round up everytime. Is there syntax for this? Thanks Chris Tellers
    Chris Tellers
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  • 3D circular sketch pattern?

    Hi all,   I'm learning 3D modelling with Solidworks and my task is to create parts and assemble a classic desk lamp. Everything is going great until the final part, where I'm creating the actual lamp-shade looki...
    Peter Hertsbacka
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  • Global Variable changes not reflected in model

    I'm still pretty new - studying for the CSWP and using an online course to do so.  I'm in SW 2018, and seem to have found some sort of glitch.   Last night the instructor went through global variables. ...
    Jonathan Riel
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  • reget into the sketch

    when i finish a sketch,i suddenly find there is a error in it, so i have to edit the sketch, but i have entered into the (extruded base)feature editing enviroment.if the error in the sketch is that the entity is not c...
    Jacky Hao
    created by Jacky Hao

    hello,when i use search command to search the command of sketch picture,it didn't point the positon of it(come up an arow),seems it is hided below,so it could not come up when the command is in the pull-down menu?
    Jacky Hao
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    Jacky Hao
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  • 3D sketch showing over defined

    Hello,   I'm designing a cover for a device that is full of sub assemblies. For that reason, I decided to make relations of the cover design sketch within the assembly. It worked fine for the last couple of week...
    Joon Kim
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  • Dimensions disappear when I edit sketch in Solidworks 2018, how to fix it?

    Dimensions disappear when I edit sketch in Solidworks 2018. It happens when I edit sketch in a part or in assembly. Here's a video demonstration of a problem: 2018 12 03 12 01 53 - YouTube    You can see t...
    Sergei Kulagin
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  • Conditional on plane relations

    Some background on my issue:  I am trying to have SolidWorks do some raytracing of a LIDAR on some target planes.  I have modeled some radial lines in one part (LIDAR scan lines), surface targets in another ...
    Matt Atlas
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  • Some of my letters are gone if i put appearance on them after wraping

    Hi,  i made a sketch text to make a wrap around the bottle, wrapped it and then when i tried to put appearance on my wrap, some of my letters from start are gone. Text should be this "mango made a job". ...
    Karli Kasin
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  • Linking a text to the dimension

    Hi everybody, There is a part and I have created text which is linked to some dimensions of the part (photo 1). When I delete the reference dimension, a long text (dimension reference address) is created by the so...
    Damoon Ba
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  • Exporting all parts of an assembly automatically

    Hi everybody, We produce sheet metal parts and normally we have a big assembly of many parts. How can I export all parts of an assembly automatically in dxf format for laser cutting? Thanks  
    Damoon Ba
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  • tangent weighting handle of spline

    hi guys why we can change tangent weighting handle in spline manually separately but when we use of smart dimension its not possible  to define two separate dimension for each side?
  • Can't Suppress A Fixed Sketch Relation

    Anyone else ever noticed this?
    Rob Edwards
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  • Trim entities enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2019

    I'm just loving the trim entities enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2019. Have you tried the following two new options? If yes please share your thoughts.   Keep trimmed entities as construction geometry Ignore trimmi...
    Deepak Gupta
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  • Equation driven curves: cool equations?

    I myself don't really get the equation driven curve, math gives me the shivers... But it seems like equation driven curves can do some really cool things.   Does anybody have cool equations to share? Either pra...
    Kevin De Smet
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  • SWW2018 Top Ten List: Submit your ideas now!

    Attention all SOLIDWORKS users!   The SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Top Ten List is currently open for Idea submissions! As a reminder, the idea submission phase will be open until January 5th, 2018.  If you haven...
    Justin WOOD
    created by Justin WOOD
  • What do guys at Solidworks are really doing?

    Starting from SW2017, all of a sudden SW locked the x-axis of Linear Sketch Pattern without any description (as far as I know) anywhere and how it can be useful to be locked. This is a discussion if you're interested...
    Habib Ghalamkari
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  • Slow sketch performance

    I have Solidoworks 2017 SP4.1. Windows 10 x64 i5 7400 3Ghz, 16 GB RAM, SSD drive and i have problem with very slow sketch performance. During zooming dimentions line dissapear, need to wait about 5 sec to appear agai...
    Łukasz Pakuła
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  • Ordinate Dimensions - "Cannot add a constraint on this entity"

    I am trying to dimension the position of several blocks in a sketch using horizontal and vertical ordinates, but I get a message box stating "Cannot add a constraint on this entity." I can still dimension to them ...
    Aaron S
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