• Switching Reference Plane in a Layout

    I created a layout sketch on the X-Y plane by accident, now I want that sketch to appear in the X-Z plane. Is there an easy way to switch this? Thanks DJ
    DJ Vander Veen
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  • Can you Mirror a sketch ?

    Hi, I having been playing around and I can't seem to figure out how to mirror a sketch. I have 2 parts 1 on each side of the Front Plane so I would like to make a sketch on 1 one of the parts that would just be conv...
    Ben Guenther
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  • Convert 2D Sketch to 3D Sketch

    I'm have a part that has a 2D sketch in it and I am looking for a way to turn it into a 3D sketch. I know the long ways of recreating the sketch and what not. What I really want is a button that I can click on that co...
    Chris Kamery
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  • Parrallel relation to a plane

    I searched the SW Help manual. And the forum. My question: Is it possible to parallel relation an entity to a plane ? If so, how is it done. I seen it done on a video using SW14 but my later version does not seem to...
    F. Leatin
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  • How to create a straight plain tube with non-uniform wall thickness?

    Hi everyone,   I'm relatively new to SolidWorks and I am unsure how to design a tube for a project I am working on. I am trying to design a tube with non-uniform wall thickness. The tube has an inner diameter of...
    Hashim Khan
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  • How to stop snap relations from overriding dimensions?

    I keep "Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation" turned on, and use it often.  However, I occasionally run into a situation where my cursor is nowhere near anything for the line to snap to, but when I e...
    Glenn Schroeder
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  • Are there any issues with switching back and forth between standard and metric often within the same file?

    I have been told, through a semi-reliable source, that it is a bad idea to switch back and forth between standard and metric, because the measurements can eventually walk off the mark if you do it frequently within th...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Why are all my sketch lines yellow/brown by default?

    Hi everyone,   I've somewhat new to SolidWorks (just finished a non-Mechanical engineering BS degree) and have been using SolidWorks 2015 for work on my Dell laptop with Intel 4600 HD graphics card for a year or...
    Connor H.
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  • Double click on dimension defaults to dimension name, not the value

    For a while (it might be since the update to SW2014 - SP5), I have this annoying problem: After double-clicking a dimension, the cursor defaults to the dimension name, instead of the dimension value. So, when when I...
    Maurits Homan
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  • How to sketch lines on a revolve????

    I need some help sketching on a revolve....please help me understand how to do this.
    Brian McCall
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  • Equation Manager

    I am trying to develop some relationships between dimensions on the same sketch.  I have done this countless times in the past and never had any problems.  However, as of lately when I click on tools>equa...
    John Pagel
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  • Convert Entities does not work with points?

    Is this correct?     Sketch with points in part A.   Sketch with points in part B. Click on sketch in A and then convert entities???
    Tim Cochrane
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  • Boundry surface pointing out problem 

    Hello all ! I've been desinging these tiles made with the Boundary surface tool by the combination of two perpendicular splines the outcome is the top surface of the tile, when you look on the...
    Reem Neri
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  • Are you using the "Make Reference Sketch" command (SW2020)?

    How many of you are aware of the existence of a new state for a sketch, called "Reference Sketch"? It can be used as an excellent tool for preventing "accidental edits". No dimensions or relations on that sketch will...
    Alin Vargatu
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  • How can I auto-number sketch lines or reference planes?

    I have a project where I need to create a pattern of lines (or even better - planes) that I could use for reference to create other sketches and features, sort of like a grid. Imagine if the model was like a loaf of b...
    Justinas Rubinovas
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  • 'Modify dimension' dialog box doesn't show up

    I recently installed SolidWorks 2018 but I'm having a problem with assigning global variables. I understand you have to double-click the dimension, and then use the 'modify dimension' dialog box to assign the variable...
    Arno Goossens
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  • Copy & Paste Sketches with Reference

    Do we have a option to Copy & Paste sketches with Reference in Solidworks?   I like to copy few entities of sketch from one to another sketch and want it to be pasted with Reference. This is something which...
    Rajiv R.
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  • Insert sketch picture icon greyed out

    I cannot seem to figure out why the insert "Sketch Picture" on SW2012 SP4 64bit installation will not work. The icon is greyed out. Any chance I have a "option" flipped somewhere? It is working on my SW2012 SP4 32bit ...
    Gerald Fought
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  • sketch dimension text box

    Hi. I'm running soldiworks 2018 and I have the following problem. every time I select a dimension in a sketch, a text box containing the dimension value opens and I have to either press Enter or Esc to close it. Dr...
    Ben Galili
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  • Sketching a surface (or non surface) in Section View.

    Hello there, I'm having some trouble keeping up with this tutorial I'm using to learn SW.  I was able to model the pencil until the instructor drew a centerline down the  length of the eraser, while the mod...
    Michael H. Palmer
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