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Maurits Homan
For a while (it might be since the update to SW2014 - SP5), I have this annoying problem: After double-clicking a dimension, the cursor defaults to the dimension name, instead of the dimension value. So, when when I try to change a dimension from value 10 to 15, I accidentally change the dimension name to 15, not the value. Workaround is to… (Show more)
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Brian McCall
I need some help sketching on a revolve....please help me understand how to do this.
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John Pagel
I am trying to develop some relationships between dimensions on the same sketch.  I have done this countless times in the past and never had any problems.  However, as of lately when I click on tools>equations or right click on the equations folder in my design tree and then click "manage euqations" something goes wrong.  My main solidworks window… (Show more)
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Rod Thompson
Is there a way to mass convert points from a 3D sketch to a 2D sketch? Currently I have to click on each point to convert. Copy and paste also does not work properly.   Thanks
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Maha Nadarasa
Some times sketch color is not retained, how to fix it? Video is attached.
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Tim Cochrane
Is this correct?     Sketch with points in part A.   Sketch with points in part B. Click on sketch in A and then convert entities???
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Reem Neri
Click to view contentHello all ! I've been desinging these tiles made with the Boundary surface tool by the combination of two perpendicular splines the outcome is the top surface of the tile, when you look on the part from the sides(attached pictures) it seems like the boundary surface is much higher and wider than the original splines,it is like the boundary surface… (Show more)
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Alin Vargatu
Click to view contentHow many of you are aware of the existence of a new state for a sketch, called "Reference Sketch"? It can be used as an excellent tool for preventing "accidental edits". No dimensions or relations on that sketch will be available for editing, as long as the sketch is declared "reference".   The Help file is not really helpful about what this is… (Show more)
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Elmar Klammer
Click to view contentWhy can I pick sketch points only if I want to dimension sketch block entities outside "edit block" environment. Huge Bummer!!! I.e. I cannot add an angle dimension between two straigh lines. If you pick entities it will stop you with a friendly "cannot add a constraint on this entity" Maybe someone at SW can tell me why that is. I would be… (Show more)
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Justinas Rubinovas
Click to view contentI have a project where I need to create a pattern of lines (or even better - planes) that I could use for reference to create other sketches and features, sort of like a grid. Imagine if the model was like a loaf of bread, and these lines represent the slice locations. There will be 114 of these lines, so I need them numbered somehow so I can… (Show more)
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