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Elijah Personette
In the photo, the highlighted line on the right is real, the other one only shows up when I mouse over it. I did not place this line and it is not visible unless I use the "repair sketch" feature and zoom in very close. The real line is not highlighted when I mouse over it, only when I mouse over the phantom line. The point off to the side is… (Show more)
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Stephen Wilson
I want to make sketches within an assembly to allow for clearance with other parts but, I don't know how to transfer that sketch to the actual part file. Thanks in advance for your time.
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Aaron Zheng
Click to view contentRecently, I have created a closed contour consisting of two parallel lines joined by a spline, as shown here, similar to my last question:  Right now, the spline endpoints are coincident with the lines. The sketch is closed by lines on the top and bottom, and splines on the right and left. However, I need parts of the spline to be a line for a… (Show more)
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Alex Lachance
Hello,   Is there a way to convert a 3D Sketch into a 2D sketch or vice versa..? I noticed that 3D sketches are a little heavier then 2D sketches and sometimes some of my co-workers use 3D sketches when it could have been done in a 2D sketch. The best example is when they use the hole wizard. If they do not select the face and click in the abyss… (Show more)
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Unspecified Unspecified
I just recently upgraded to the the 2012 solidworks and so far I am experiencing more and more problems.  I needed to edit a bolt pattern on a housing and when I go to edit the sketch it won't let me select any of the lines.  I cannot dimensions them or view any relations on them since they cannot be selected.  Next to my cursor is a dimension… (Show more)
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S. Leacox
Is there a way to set up a hotkey for starting and closing a sketch no matter what command the sketch is for?
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Michael Gera
Click to view contentWhen I select a sketch entity, sometimes I am presented with the options shown in the first (left) screenshot below, and sometimes I'm presented with those shown in the second (right) screenshot.  How do I set the SW options so that I will always have access to the "For Construction" checkbox? I make very heavy use of construction geometry, as I… (Show more)
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Sunny Chan
I may have messed with something in the settings and now all endpoints on my sketches have a dot on there and I dont remember how to remove it.
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Chris Vos
Click to view contentI am trying to model a shape inspired by the pattern you see on the inside of the dome in this picture. (The radially symmetric pattern on the ceiling of the dome in the bottom left of the picture, not the pattern on the underside of the arch to the right of it.) I'd like to keep only the shapes made by the light yellow tiles and turn them into… (Show more)
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Don Smith
I have a plan for a model boat and two jpeg images from the plan to the same scale , one is the side view of the plan and one of the top view. I need to draw the the bulkheads  which are basically an end view derived from the side and top views. I could do this by measuring the dimensions of each bulkhead in the top and side views and draw them… (Show more)
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