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eddy reilly
Hi Guys,   Been having a problem with skethcing for some time and have not been able to fix. It seems to be an intermitent problem happening only on occasion;   Basically I can not select the origin in the sketch mode. I can see it but putting cursor over it does not highlight for selection, nor is it available in the design tree.   Has anyone… (Show more)
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Kristian Lukander
Click to view contentHi! I'm trying to create a revolved boss, but fail to do so even if the preview works just fine. Here's a simple reproducible example: A circle, and a centerline which have a tangent relation so the circle should rotate just fine around the axis. Even so, I get a rebuild error stating that the sketch is open (just a circle), self-intersecting, or… (Show more)
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Daryl Hurwitz
Hi, I have this random text box I've been trying to remove.  Without starting from scratch, how do I remove it?
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Reem Neri
Click to view contentHello all, I'm trying to make an equitation driven curve spline that will consist of 2 combined sine waves, that will have first the lower wave and than the higher wave and continue the order of one of each. my equitations are: y= 2sin( 3.14*x) sin(1.5707* x ) y= and :I've hand drawn something similar to what I'm looking to achieve          … (Show more)
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Ali Kablan
Hi everyone. I am using SW2020 and I have trouble with generating hook. Any kind of help is very acceptable. I attached my sketch and the photo of the drawing that I want to draw. In my opinion, the plane should be made in order to use a sweep feature but I couldn't make it. 
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Maha Nadarasa
Click to view contentI want to find a transition Point on Airfoil so that I created a fix point away from airfoil sketched a line between fix point and point on airfoil. I assumed minimum distance of this line will give transition point on airfoil. Is there any tool to find minimum distance of this line? Or Is there any other way to find transition point on airfoil?  … (Show more)
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Shellbie Liberty
Click to view contentWas trying to edit a part, wanted to switch to a bottom view from the View Orientation menu, and ever since then my view orientation is stuck on front view when using that menu and all of the buttons are highlighted. Now, I can still rotate the part with the mouse, but trying to zero in on a particular view won't work. Selecting any of the other… (Show more)
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Alin Vargatu
Click to view contentHow many of you are aware of the existence of a new state for a sketch, called "Reference Sketch"? It can be used as an excellent tool for preventing "accidental edits". No dimensions or relations on that sketch will be available for editing, as long as the sketch is declared "reference".   The Help file is not really helpful about what this is… (Show more)
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Robert Kapers
I was wondering if it is possible to move a 3d sketch just likemoving a sketch with modify sketch function. Thanks for any useful input. Robert
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Jim Tauby
After a recent crash my sketch tab at the top docked area shows the import diagnostics and import geometry buttons instead of the normal sketch tools. I have to keep a separate sketch toolbar on the side of my screen to actual create sketch details. Is there a setting I can change to fix this? See attached image below.
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