• How to flatten this sheet metal strip?

    Hello, I have this imported strip that I would like to convert to sheet metal and get a flat from it. What is the best way to go about this?
    Peter Muesch
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  • Problems making sheet metal flat with a split line

    I am having problems making sheet metal flat when I have a split line. I am trying to do this with a cone but I realize its not working ever on a simple piece. Has anyone come up with away around this? I have tried ma...
    Bert Wilkinson
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  • Unfolded sheet metal of trapezoidal shape cover

    Hi to all! I would like to ask someone of you to help me how to get unfolded metal sheet for cover that have trapezoidal shape. Actually, I'm not familiar with using that (Sheet Metal module).   Thank you in ad...
    Mirko Žohar
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  • Not sheet metal - corrupted file

    Was working on attached weldment, found it is somehow corrupted, thinks a part is sheet metal when it isn't.  It used to have some sheetmetal bodies in it.    I found the bad feature and can fix, but w...
    Terry Raymond
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  • Automatically set bend radius based on material thickness and bend angle?

    Hi guys,   Been using this forum for years to answer questions and finally have one I couldn't find an answer to.  Here's what I am dealing with:   We are air bending steel on a press brake to form pa...
    Sam Visger
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  • Help bending a metal sheet

    I'm currently trying to bend a metal sheet that already has bends on it, no idea how to do it, i've been using solidworks for around 3 weeks now. Any help would be much appreciated. I basically need the metal sheet wi...
    Diego Verdugo
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  • Linking Flat Pattern Dimensions

    Hey guys,   I have a bent piece of sheet metal and it gives me a flat pattern as expected.  I want to be able to link the flat pattern dimensions from the auto-created "Bounding Box" sketch so that I can pu...
    Marshall Long
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  • Normal Cut feature adds material when it should remove it

    I have a weird thing going on. I am trying to use Normal Cut feature to normalize a beveled cut in a sheet metal part - but for some reason, instead of removing extra material like it normally does, in this part it ad...
    J. R.
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  • Trouble converting to sheet metal and flatten.

    Hello all   This type of file is still a headache for me.   I don't have premium for the flatten feature and dont know much about lofted bends.   If it was just a round i could probably handle it...
    Bob Deschenes
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  • Flat Pattern for a Sheet Metal Disc

    I am trying to create a flat pattern for a sheet metal disc that will be rolled to Ø10 3/4". I can create the part, but the flat pattern fails. The component is highlighted in blue. 
    Andrew Miller
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  • How to Capture a Cut List Property as a Custom File Property

    Hello Everyone,      I'm a long time user and I was a long time contributer as some of you may know. Anyway, I have performed many searches on this topic but I haven't been unable to find the answer I'...
    Ed Cyganik
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  • multi-body duplicate flat patterns

    I am working with a multibody sheetmetal part that has fifteen bodies with ten being unique, and have a need to save out all of the unique bodies as a dxf. While I have a macro to save out all of the flat patterns ind...
    Shawn Pantzke
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  • Can Unfold but not Fold

    Making a rolled sheet metal part using a Lofted Bend. One end of the part needs to be slightly larger than the other. The smaller end needs to have tabs to mate with another part.   The problem is that when I Un...
    Kyle Groening
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  • Can I make this as a sheet metal part?

    The attached drawing is 2018.  I am designing a part out of bendy plywood (attached part).  I thought I could make the part from sheet metal and flatten it to get the pattern to cut the bendy wood to.  ...
    Robert Eppig
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  • Base Flange Issue

    I'm trying to extrude this sketch with the Base Flange feature but not having any luck. Some other members have claimed I can do it but its not working for me. So If I'm doing something wrong and you can explain it l...
    F. Leatin
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  • How to adjust the Edge Flange Radius ?

    I need to come off the edge of the sheet metal (at the red arrow) with a 12mm radius before I go straight down with a flange. I keep trying different ways to change the radius but keep getting the same .27 mm radius. ...
    F. Leatin
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  • edge flange default radius

    I would like to edit the Edge flange "Default Radius". If I check the box, it reverts back to numbers opposite of what I have now. . Can anybody tell me where to find this setting ? Thank you.  
    F. Leatin
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  • Curved sheet metal

    Any ideas what i am doing wrong? Can`t solve those errors...
    Viktoras Laptevas
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  • Closed corner sheet-metal very slow

    When I make performance evaluation, the closed corner command takes up most of the detailed rebuild time, and who can fix the problem? k-factor and bend radius is fix for our machine.
    Phu Pham Van
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  • Large radius bend in a sheet metal part without stretching it?

    When I put the bend perimeters in, it adds the dimensions of the bend to the part. 
    Lance Lauer
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