• How do I link a sheet metal depth dimension to a global variable?

    I am designing a sheet metal trough to be driven by equations, which means extruding the profile of the trough a certain distance. I am unaware of how to set up the depth of the sheet metal piece to be linked to a glo...
    Connor Kirby
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  • Does Solidworks have a "Bulge relief feature"? 

    Solid edge has this feature.  I am using Solidworks 2019.  When making a bend in thicker sheet metal there will be a small bulge, or displacement of material at the end of the bend.  Specifically I am b...
    Rod Peer
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  • Is there a way to flat pattern a bottle or growler shape?

    I'm trying to make a dxf sketch for a flat pattern of a growler to be able to cut it out of fabric and sow it together to make a growler coozie. Is there a way to flat pattern this shape?    Thanks,   ...
    Garren Hahn
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  • Fused Bend Issue when using Construction Geometry

    This is a simplified example of a part that I am working with currently.   The attached part was created in SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0 I’m back in the office, so I can’t test it with SolidWorks 2019 or 202...
    Todd Blacksher
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  • How to flatten sweep flange sheet metal with concentric cylinders?

    I want to create a sheet metal part consisting of two concentric cylinders using sweep feature like this: But I don't know how to flatten it. If the transition between cylinders is vertical, the flatten w...
    Louise Yi
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  • Curved folded

    117/5000 Hello, I try to make these forms in solidworks. Has anyone else encountered such forms? I don't know how to approach it example 01 example 02 Thank you.
    Dragos Popovici
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  • How to connect a cylinder with a flat plate and flatten all parts?

    I want to connect a cylinder/tube with a flat plate and then flatten all of them. The picture below is what I get with non-sheet metal features. But I don't know how to achieve them in sheet metal.    For...
    Louise Yi
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  • Easy way to make 360 deg?

    What the easiest way to make this go 360 deg?
    Scott Leacox
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  • Sheet metal corner problem

    Attached is a file and screen shot of a problem sheet metal corner.   My goal is to fill in a small notch of a sheet metal corner. Other than that notch the design is as desired. What is the path of least resis...
    Scott Leacox
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  • Sheet Metal Flange Error

    Hello all, Shouldn't the program fix this part automatically? Why is it constructed incorrectly and I have to fix it every time. If this is my ignorance, please inform me!     Best regards, Öm...
    ömür tokman
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  • How: different relief type on both sides of an edge flange

    Hello Guys, I would like to have tear-extend type on left side and tear,obround whatever on right side. Is it possible? I sit on 2019sp4. The bottom picture shows preview, but I get an error.  
    Michal Lamentowicz
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  • Only some of my bend lines are showing on my part and not others

    In one of my steel parts there are 4 bends. I have updated this part and as such have unfolded, then modified, and then folded the part again. Now when I click on flatten, it only shows the bend lines for 2 of the ben...
    Evan Hughes
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  • Flatten sheet metal in a multibody part

    Hello all //referring to the file attached.   I am trying to flatten the sheet metal cylinder that has extruded cuts in it. But it won't flatten properly. Could this be because its a multi-body part?   In...
    Zach Sycks
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  • PEM features from SolidWorks design library in Sheetmetal parts

    We are starting to use the PEM features from the SolidWorks design library in our sheetmetal parts (SLDPRT). We are doing this instead of making an assembly of the sheetmetal and inserting separate models of PEM capti...
    Carrie Ives
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  • convert letters

    I am working on a model for some large letters that are going to be built and installed on our campus. I have the font sized correctly and extruded using a thin feature and capped the ends to create the letters as (fo...
    Derek Goodson
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  • Sheet metal bend groove?

    Doing a simple sheet metal bend, is it possible to add a groove/guide where the bend is, almost like a trench all along where the bend is to help when the bend is done in real life?
    Charlie Stanley
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  • Copper ball segments FEA

    I'm looking at making a 400mm ball from copper, Is there anyway in simulation or in sheet metal to calculate when the material will tear. can I make the ball in two sections or will it need 10 segments? I ca...
    Laurence Turner
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  • Threaded sheet metal emboss?

    Is there a preferred method for creating threaded embossed features in sheet metal, to accept screws without using PEMs?  The attached shots are of a metal junction box and kind of what I'm trying to achieve, for...
    Garet Holcomb
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  • Flattened Part Unflattening Itself When I Click Away

    All,    I am having an issue where when I flatten an edge flange it flattens fine until I click away from the document, save and re-open the document, or try to make any changes to the document. So, pretty ...
    Kyle Singh
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  • Sweep Flange Flatten not working?

    Hi all,   I have a imported solid I am tasked to remodel and make into a sheet metal part that can be flattened so we can cut out on a laser machine.   dumb solid:     now I have attempted to ...
    Jim Moses
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