• Can I flatten a sheet metal part after cavity cut

    I've got a simple baffle (flat sheet of metal) with an offset bend (currently built as two sketch bends).  It's going in a vessel with an odd elliptical shape that will change for different sizes.  I want th...
    Kevin Brown
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  • Getting angles right in sheet metal

    Hi, I'm building a sheet metal cover for some tubes, but I can't seem to get the angles right on it. The cover is at an angle of 5 degrees on the front plane and right plane. At first, I tried drawing the flattened p...
    Laurens Te Boekhorst
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  • Miter Flange - Sheet Metal

    I created a part with the miter flange feature and it has several bends. Am I able to control each bend radius independently? Or am I only able to achieve this using several edge flanges?
    Jack Hsu
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  • How to make a spline flange?

    I can make a flange out of a circular section, but the envelope and flat length requirements are not quite right.   If I sketch the base flange as a spline, I can meet my dimension requirements, but I can't seem...
    Paul Mak
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  • How do I add holes on a flat pattern?

    Specifically, I've drawn a parabolic arc which I've turned into a flange (it's a reflector). Now I want to add mounting holes. I can't sketch on a curve; and when I "unfold" the flat pattern after adding holes, the ho...
    Paul Mak
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  • Flatten sheet metal not working in multibody part

    Whenever I create a multi-body part sheet metal part, it seems to not be able to flatten some parts.   The first part flattens fine But the second part, which is directly perpendicular to the first part, does...
    Francois Wong
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  • Thin sheet metal manufacture - threaded inserts versus built-in threads

    I need to add threads to my thin sheet metal (1mm thickness). The options as far as I understand are A) Designate locations for threaded inserts which can be added later with pressure/force/etc B) Do built-in insert...
    Valery Volkov
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  • Need to add bend but SW wont allow?

    Hi all,   I'm pretty new to working with sheet metal so sorry for the newb question. Can anyone help me understand why I cant add 2 extra bends to create basically a folded up box?   Thanks,   Josh
    Joshua Sharp
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  • Can a press brake bend a part like this?

    Can a press brake bend a part like this? My intuition tells me no, but i'm hoping that you guys might know something that i don't. They would have to put the backstop at different offsets to accommodate the angle of t...
    Kevin Song
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  • Lofted-Bend - Bent option adding extra bend

    I'm working on a sheet metal part and I'm having issues with a lofted bend using the Bent manufacturing method. It's 2 bends however when I use the lofted bends it adds a third bend across the face:     ...
    Peter Kennedy
    created by Peter Kennedy
  • Why won't this bend unfold?

    Hi all   I have a sheet metal part as attached and for the life of me cannot work out why the Edge-Flage1 will not unfold! I must be missing something simple   The only way it will unfold to a flat pattern...
    Baz Burtt
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  • A better way to manufacture this part?

    Hi all   Long time SW user, First time posting on here   After some ideas, we currently manufacture the 'door jambs' in the attached part in house out of 4 seperate folded 3mm plate parts welded in a squar...
    Baz Burtt
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  • I think Solidworks miscalculates flat pattern if bend radius is set to 0

    I made a simple flange "U" shape with three equal 2" inside dimensions. I set the custom material thickness to .625 and bend radius to 0, and when I go to flat pattern I was expecting the overall width to be 6" with b...
    Dmitri Safonov
    created by Dmitri Safonov
  • separate bending lines

    Hi all, question if the following would be possible to execute with sheet metal in SolidWorks.   I have an artist illustration show a 90 degree angle but half way the bend splits in 2 separate bending lines. Se...
    Geert De Boer
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  • How to change default Flatten view position in Solid works Sheet metal?

    How to change default Flatten view position in Solidworks Sheet metal?       Without rotating the flatten view in the drawing page I need horizontal position by deafult itself.   Please le...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • Tried creating this bend in an edge flange with a form tool

    I'm trying to duplicate this feature, my best attempt was using a forming tool. I can't quite get it right, can anyone offer help?  
    Reggie Stecher
    created by Reggie Stecher
  • Create either an edge flange or sketched bend on an arc

    I have a base in the shape of a "D" and need a flange in the 70-80 degree range. I am having loads of trouble getting absolutely anything to work. I have almost zero experience in sheet metal, so this is proving very ...
    Reggie Stecher
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  • I am designing and building flat beds and would like to use 2 sheet metal parts to cut each other,

    William McEntire
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  • Convert to Sheet Metal produces strange bends that won't flatten.

    Does anyone know how to avoid creating these strange merged bends (see attached images)?  When using "Convert to Sheet Metal" I would like to be able to use the normal relief options rather than adding material a...
    Lindon Lawn
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  • "A form tool part cannot have external references"

    I created a forming tool based on a model. I added a delete body to remove the referenced feature.  I even broke external references, but I still got the error message "A form tool part cannot have external refer...
    Derek Shearin
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