• Sheet Metal Edge Flange on Lofted Bend

    Hey All, I'm working on a sheet metal part that's based off a lofted bend. I have Edge Flanges coming off the top of the part. The issue is that every time I update the dimensions of the Lofted part, the top edge and...
    Caleb Theriault
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  • Bounding Box Area in Custom Properties Tab for a Single Sheet Metal Part

    Hi All,   I'm requiring the bounding box area to be in the custom/configuration specific property tab so I'm able to use it elsewhere later on. I'm only requiring this on a sheet metal parts so I can do some pri...
    Jonathan Lee
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  • closed corner - overlap - we should punish someone

    such an error in the program is unacceptable
    Grzegorz Kukliński
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  • Can I make a flange off a tapered cone?

    I'm trying to make a sheet metal guard for a warning light with a tapered sheet metal cone. I need to make small mounting flange on the bottom bent out (sorta perpendicular ?) on the base edge. I can do this on a cyli...
    Jim Mooney
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  • Cannot Add-In Vents in the Design Library

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to create our in-house Cutouts using Design Library feature. So far so good until the Vents Feature. It does not allow me. Attach is the error message.     Appreciate if any...
    Wilbert Flora
    created by Wilbert Flora
  • Flat pattern of helix rod

    Hello guys,   Tryed to search it, but didn't find.   Well we are using a lot of sheet metal for augers and I never had problems with their flat pattern.   But now we decided to test a auger made...
    Paulius Vidziunas
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  • New to Sheetmetal - How do I close reliefs?

    Hey everyone!  I work at a manufacturing company that emphasizes on aluminum fabrication. We've recently purchased a plasma table to cut flat pattern parts on. Currently, to get our flat pattern, we are drawing ...
    Jonathan Gwinn
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  • Model finicky sheetmetal part -Create bends inside existing bend region

    A couple of days ago some asked how to model a basic looking sheetmetal part. SolidWorks can't often handle bends inside another bend region. What looks easy to do is not so. That is if you want a wo...
    Elmar Klammer
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  • "The part intersects with itself after bend operation" - yet I see no self-intersection

    Attached is the sheet metal. Edge-Flange5 gives me an error "The part intersects with itself after bend operation" - yet I see no self-intersection. What could possibly be the issue? Is it not DFM enough?   ST...
    Valery Volkov
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  • Why appear a trouble when I want to add a gauge in a sheet metal piece

    When a make a profile and I want to make it a sheet metal, appear a mistake with the table of gauges
    Noemi Gioia
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  • What is this sheet metal feature called?

    I'm sure I can find a tutorial for this but, I don't know what the operation is called. It's where a piece of metal is punched out in the surface on three sides, and then formed into an edge flange. Obviously, I can...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Sheet metal - a part that contains a bend that cannot be bended

    Hello, i need some help about sheet metal in SolidWorks 2020. i have a sheet metal part and when going into the flat pattern, 1 bend says ''that this part contains a feature that cannot be unbended'' by that particula...
    Sake De Jong
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  • Can you extend a hem around a bend with sheet metal?

    Hi,    I am using SW 2019 to design a relatively large aluminum sheet metal part that has some acute angle bends that are vital to function. I need to put a closed hem around the top edge but...
    Shea Nelson
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  • Can I flatten a sheet metal part after cavity cut

    I've got a simple baffle (flat sheet of metal) with an offset bend (currently built as two sketch bends).  It's going in a vessel with an odd elliptical shape that will change for different sizes.  I want th...
    Kevin Brown
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  • Getting angles right in sheet metal

    Hi, I'm building a sheet metal cover for some tubes, but I can't seem to get the angles right on it. The cover is at an angle of 5 degrees on the front plane and right plane. At first, I tried drawing the flattened p...
    Laurens Te Boekhorst
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  • Miter Flange - Sheet Metal

    I created a part with the miter flange feature and it has several bends. Am I able to control each bend radius independently? Or am I only able to achieve this using several edge flanges?
    Jack Hsu
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  • How to make a spline flange?

    I can make a flange out of a circular section, but the envelope and flat length requirements are not quite right.   If I sketch the base flange as a spline, I can meet my dimension requirements, but I can't seem...
    Paul Mak
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  • How do I add holes on a flat pattern?

    Specifically, I've drawn a parabolic arc which I've turned into a flange (it's a reflector). Now I want to add mounting holes. I can't sketch on a curve; and when I "unfold" the flat pattern after adding holes, the ho...
    Paul Mak
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  • Flatten sheet metal not working in multibody part

    Whenever I create a multi-body part sheet metal part, it seems to not be able to flatten some parts.   The first part flattens fine But the second part, which is directly perpendicular to the first part, does...
    Francois Wong
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  • Thin sheet metal manufacture - threaded inserts versus built-in threads

    I need to add threads to my thin sheet metal (1mm thickness). The options as far as I understand are A) Designate locations for threaded inserts which can be added later with pressure/force/etc B) Do built-in insert...
    Valery Volkov
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