• Can Unfold but not Fold

    Making a rolled sheet metal part using a Lofted Bend. One end of the part needs to be slightly larger than the other. The smaller end needs to have tabs to mate with another part.   The problem is that when I Un...
    Kyle Groening
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  • Can I make this as a sheet metal part?

    The attached drawing is 2018.  I am designing a part out of bendy plywood (attached part).  I thought I could make the part from sheet metal and flatten it to get the pattern to cut the bendy wood to.  ...
    Robert Eppig
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  • Base Flange Issue

    I'm trying to extrude this sketch with the Base Flange feature but not having any luck. Some other members have claimed I can do it but its not working for me. So If I'm doing something wrong and you can explain it l...
    F. Leatin
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  • How to adjust the Edge Flange Radius ?

    I need to come off the edge of the sheet metal (at the red arrow) with a 12mm radius before I go straight down with a flange. I keep trying different ways to change the radius but keep getting the same .27 mm radius. ...
    F. Leatin
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  • edge flange default radius

    I would like to edit the Edge flange "Default Radius". If I check the box, it reverts back to numbers opposite of what I have now. . Can anybody tell me where to find this setting ? Thank you.  
    F. Leatin
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  • Closed corner sheet-metal very slow

    When I make performance evaluation, the closed corner command takes up most of the detailed rebuild time, and who can fix the problem? k-factor and bend radius is fix for our machine.
    Phu Pham Van
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  • Large radius bend in a sheet metal part without stretching it?

    When I put the bend perimeters in, it adds the dimensions of the bend to the part. 
    Lance Lauer
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  • Is there a way to add the indent in the coner of an angled part?

    Making an angle braket that has an indent in the middle where the curve is. Can this be created ?
    Tristan Scranton
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  • Sheet metal vs solid part

    A new employ work with me since 3 weeks, and he want to make a template for flat parts with no bend from the sheet metal feature. Just to have the lenght as a quick proprety.   My question is since sheet metal a...
    Bobby Vallée
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  • Sheet Metal techniques for Curved Lamination in Wood.

    Hi Guys   Being a woodworker I don't do much sheet metal, just the occasional dabble.  However I have a project where I think it may be a good fit.   The project is still in a conceptual stage.  ...
    Rob Edwards
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  • How to solve the " Sketch contains unsupported entities for this future "

    Here i'm attached the image of drawing . please guide me , how make the model in sheet metal .
    Vijay Gowda
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  • Sheet metal cone issue

    I’m trying to design a roof for an API 650 tank. The roof will have several triangular parts which will be welded together. I tried creating with a normal sketch, but I because there is curvature on the outside ...
    Nelson Echeverria
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  • Gap has to be really large if a third bend is added

    So I'm trying to make a Truck bumper, and I have had success in the past, but this particular feature is not bending properly. If I bend it all with .250" sheet metal, and .040" bend radius, this angled gap works prop...
    Eric Stuckey
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  • Stamping or Marking round sheet metal

    I think I already know the answer to this: That you can't use a forming tool on sheet metal and then bend it into a cylinder (only through cuts) - but I can't deboss on it either using the wrap tool. How would you go ...
    Corey Wardrop
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  • Export flat pattern-origin not correct in 2020

    I'm using Solidworks 2020.  When I flatten a sheet metal part and export to a DXF I pick a vertex for the origin and then an edge to define the x/y axis.  In 2019 it worked well, but in 2020 the origin doesn...
    Louis Smith
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    If someone has answered this already please forgive me , I did search extensively. Can someone please give me a concise explanation of how to add a sheet metal thickness property to the custom property tab builder?...
    Matt Furches
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  • How to add lofted bend between these two sketches?

    I am not able to create loft bend between these two sketches.
    Aashish Jain
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  • Sheet Metal Chassis Design

    Hello, I am relatively knew to Solidworks and going into the deep end and have a sheet metal chassis to design. Each side of the rail is suppose to be 1 piece of sheet metal. I tried using convert to sheet metal...
    Justin Zammit
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  • Gauge table flatten/DXF error "Could not find bend table"

    Hi all, I have recently started using a simple gauge table, at the moment it is largely to "force" me to use the "correct" bend radius for a given thickness without having to look it up, and to lock my K-factor at 0....
    Ben Foskett
    created by Ben Foskett
  • Does anyone know how to model this roof vent in sheet metal?

    Hi everyone, I`ve been fighting for a while to model this from a single sheet cut with lots of bendings afterwards. But couldn't make it... Does anyone ever model this or have any ideas? It need to be manu...
    Martin Rojtenberg
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