• separate bending lines

    Hi all, question if the following would be possible to execute with sheet metal in SolidWorks.   I have an artist illustration show a 90 degree angle but half way the bend splits in 2 separate bending lines. Se...
    Geert De Boer
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  • Can a press brake bend a part like this?

    Can a press brake bend a part like this? My intuition tells me no, but i'm hoping that you guys might know something that i don't. They would have to put the backstop at different offsets to accommodate the angle of t...
    Kevin Song
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  • Tried creating this bend in an edge flange with a form tool

    I'm trying to duplicate this feature, my best attempt was using a forming tool. I can't quite get it right, can anyone offer help?  
    Reggie Stecher
    created by Reggie Stecher
  • Create either an edge flange or sketched bend on an arc

    I have a base in the shape of a "D" and need a flange in the 70-80 degree range. I am having loads of trouble getting absolutely anything to work. I have almost zero experience in sheet metal, so this is proving very ...
    Reggie Stecher
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  • I am designing and building flat beds and would like to use 2 sheet metal parts to cut each other,

    William McEntire
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  • Convert to Sheet Metal produces strange bends that won't flatten.

    Does anyone know how to avoid creating these strange merged bends (see attached images)?  When using "Convert to Sheet Metal" I would like to be able to use the normal relief options rather than adding material a...
    Lindon Lawn
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  • "A form tool part cannot have external references"

    I created a forming tool based on a model. I added a delete body to remove the referenced feature.  I even broke external references, but I still got the error message "A form tool part cannot have external refer...
    Derek Shearin
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  • First attempt at sheet metal. My Edge Flange doesn't look correct

    I used Base Flange to make my U-shaped panel and then I added an Edge Flange on one side. The part fits the way I need it to in the assembly and, creating the feature didn't give me any errors but, don't I need a bigg...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • Bend lines not mapping on DXF export from slddrw

    Hi all,   I'm having problems getting bendline to export from slddrw files.   If I make a DXF directly from the SLDPRT file (bendline1.png) then in the mapping settings Bend line up and down are available ...
    Garreth Cregg Guinan
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  • DXF Export with Extended Bend Data

    Hello all,   We are a distributor of industrial sheet metal folding equipment. The control on out machines uses a DXF file of a specific format to define the part geometry, material, part thickness, and other pa...
    Kurt Jacobson
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  • Slot Tab 2018

    I'm pretty sure the answer is "No it does not do that in 2018" and "You have to make an extra cut to remove the remaining material"....but I thought I'd ask anyway in case there was some super slick trick.   I'm...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • How do I link a sheet metal depth dimension to a global variable?

    I am designing a sheet metal trough to be driven by equations, which means extruding the profile of the trough a certain distance. I am unaware of how to set up the depth of the sheet metal piece to be linked to a glo...
    Connor Kirby
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  • Does Solidworks have a "Bulge relief feature"? 

    Solid edge has this feature.  I am using Solidworks 2019.  When making a bend in thicker sheet metal there will be a small bulge, or displacement of material at the end of the bend.  Specifically I am b...
    Rod Peer
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  • Is there a way to flat pattern a bottle or growler shape?

    I'm trying to make a dxf sketch for a flat pattern of a growler to be able to cut it out of fabric and sow it together to make a growler coozie. Is there a way to flat pattern this shape?    Thanks,   ...
    Garren Hahn
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  • Fused Bend Issue when using Construction Geometry

    This is a simplified example of a part that I am working with currently.   The attached part was created in SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0 I’m back in the office, so I can’t test it with SolidWorks 2019 or 202...
    Todd Blacksher
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  • How to flatten sweep flange sheet metal with concentric cylinders?

    I want to create a sheet metal part consisting of two concentric cylinders using sweep feature like this: But I don't know how to flatten it. If the transition between cylinders is vertical, the flatten w...
    Louise Yi
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  • Easy way to make 360 deg?

    What the easiest way to make this go 360 deg?
    Scott Leacox
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  • Sheet metal corner problem

    Attached is a file and screen shot of a problem sheet metal corner.   My goal is to fill in a small notch of a sheet metal corner. Other than that notch the design is as desired. What is the path of least resis...
    Scott Leacox
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  • Sheet Metal Flange Error

    Hello all, Shouldn't the program fix this part automatically? Why is it constructed incorrectly and I have to fix it every time. If this is my ignorance, please inform me!     Best regards, Öm...
    ömür tokman
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  • How: different relief type on both sides of an edge flange

    Hello Guys, I would like to have tear-extend type on left side and tear,obround whatever on right side. Is it possible? I sit on 2019sp4. The bottom picture shows preview, but I get an error.  
    Michal Lamentowicz
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