• How to change default Flatten view position in Solid works Sheet metal?

    How to change default Flatten view position in Solidworks Sheet metal?       Without rotating the flatten view in the drawing page I need horizontal position by deafult itself.   Please le...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • Tried creating this bend in an edge flange with a form tool

    I'm trying to duplicate this feature, my best attempt was using a forming tool. I can't quite get it right, can anyone offer help?  
    Reggie Stecher
    created by Reggie Stecher
  • Create either an edge flange or sketched bend on an arc

    I have a base in the shape of a "D" and need a flange in the 70-80 degree range. I am having loads of trouble getting absolutely anything to work. I have almost zero experience in sheet metal, so this is proving very ...
    Reggie Stecher
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  • I am designing and building flat beds and would like to use 2 sheet metal parts to cut each other,

    William McEntire
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  • Convert to Sheet Metal produces strange bends that won't flatten.

    Does anyone know how to avoid creating these strange merged bends (see attached images)?  When using "Convert to Sheet Metal" I would like to be able to use the normal relief options rather than adding material a...
    Lindon Lawn
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  • "A form tool part cannot have external references"

    I created a forming tool based on a model. I added a delete body to remove the referenced feature.  I even broke external references, but I still got the error message "A form tool part cannot have external refer...
    Derek Shearin
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  • First attempt at sheet metal. My Edge Flange doesn't look correct

    I used Base Flange to make my U-shaped panel and then I added an Edge Flange on one side. The part fits the way I need it to in the assembly and, creating the feature didn't give me any errors but, don't I need a bigg...
    Stephen Wilson
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  • [v2 code uploaded] Sheet Gauge Tracker: Linked sheet metal gauge names and linked material mismatch message

    05/07/2020 Update: v2 code attached. SW2019 required. Sample part and drawing (with linked properties attached.     03/30/2020 Update: v1 code attached. SW2019 required.   Sheet  Gauge Tracker (...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Seeing Double: Linked Property In Drawing

    Solidworks 2018 SP5.0 Any suggestions of why this sheet metal property always displays the number twice? Even on new text boxes where I can be sure I don't already have the property in it it shows up and on every she...
    Britton Sanders
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  • Bend lines not mapping on DXF export from slddrw

    Hi all,   I'm having problems getting bendline to export from slddrw files.   If I make a DXF directly from the SLDPRT file (bendline1.png) then in the mapping settings Bend line up and down are available ...
    Garreth Cregg Guinan
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  • DXF Export with Extended Bend Data

    Hello all,   We are a distributor of industrial sheet metal folding equipment. The control on out machines uses a DXF file of a specific format to define the part geometry, material, part thickness, and other pa...
    Kurt Jacobson
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  • Tapered step bends!

    Pulling my hair out !!!!!!!!! I'm SUPER new to Solidworks and giving my all.. I've spent hours trying to accomplish a rather simple model for our sheet metal guys in the shop. Half of the model is a simple sketch pro...
    Nate Oliver
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  • Slot Tab 2018

    I'm pretty sure the answer is "No it does not do that in 2018" and "You have to make an extra cut to remove the remaining material"....but I thought I'd ask anyway in case there was some super slick trick.   I'm...
    Matt Juric
    created by Matt Juric
  • How do I link a sheet metal depth dimension to a global variable?

    I am designing a sheet metal trough to be driven by equations, which means extruding the profile of the trough a certain distance. I am unaware of how to set up the depth of the sheet metal piece to be linked to a glo...
    Connor Kirby
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  • Does Solidworks have a "Bulge relief feature"? 

    Solid edge has this feature.  I am using Solidworks 2019.  When making a bend in thicker sheet metal there will be a small bulge, or displacement of material at the end of the bend.  Specifically I am b...
    Rod Peer
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  • Is there a way to flat pattern a bottle or growler shape?

    I'm trying to make a dxf sketch for a flat pattern of a growler to be able to cut it out of fabric and sow it together to make a growler coozie. Is there a way to flat pattern this shape?    Thanks,   ...
    Garren Hahn
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  • Fused Bend Issue when using Construction Geometry

    This is a simplified example of a part that I am working with currently.   The attached part was created in SolidWorks 2018 SP5.0 I’m back in the office, so I can’t test it with SolidWorks 2019 or 202...
    Todd Blacksher
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  • How to flatten sweep flange sheet metal with concentric cylinders?

    I want to create a sheet metal part consisting of two concentric cylinders using sweep feature like this: But I don't know how to flatten it. If the transition between cylinders is vertical, the flatten w...
    Louise Yi
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  • Curved folded

    117/5000 Hello, I try to make these forms in solidworks. Has anyone else encountered such forms? I don't know how to approach it example 01 example 02 Thank you.
    Dragos Popovici
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  • How to connect a cylinder with a flat plate and flatten all parts?

    I want to connect a cylinder/tube with a flat plate and then flatten all of them. The picture below is what I get with non-sheet metal features. But I don't know how to achieve them in sheet metal.    For...
    Louise Yi
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