• Dimensions of joined flattened sheet metal part

    Hi   We have several bent aluminium parts in our design and we'd like to manufacture (cut and bent) as one part. What I have done so far is adding these parts in an assembly flattened and joined a...
    John Munroe
    created by John Munroe
  • How to create sheet metal developments of SolidWorks HVAC duct routing?

    Hello,   What is the best way to crate sheet metal development of SW HVAC duct routing. I'm using SW 2018 premium sp 0.1.   Thanks. Manupriya.
    Heshantha Manupriya
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  • How do you flatten a dome shaped sheet metal pattern?

    I am using the Swept Flange Feature to make a domed shape part but I am not able to get this to flatten.  Does anyone know if this is possible?
    John Wells
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  • Exporting DXF of Multibody Sheet Metal Part

    Hello there!   I have a multibody sheet metal part. I am facing problem in exporting flat-pattern dxf's of the two bodies.   The major problem is when exporting the dxf of the body named 'Back Big'. When ...
    Bhavarth Sharaf
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  • How to use dxf mapping with a multi body part

    HI, I export dxf files for our cutting table. Our cutting table also scribes so it would be nice to be able to export a dxf files with that in there. We sometimes use scribing for the bend lines on our sheet met...
    Travis Giesbrecht
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  • mirrored sheet metal part becomes randomly flat

    I have a c-shaped side rail, which has a mirrored configuration. (mirror and body-delete/keep features)   The original configuration has a flat pattern derived configuration, which is sufficient for the drawing....
    Sean Johnson
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  • What is the proper way to set up a part/drawing for Press Braking?

    I have a pretty decent understanding of the k-factor, bend allowance, bend deduction, however i'm having trouble understanding how this translates to the press brake. Right now how my department has the bend stuff set...
    Kevin Song
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  • Faulty sheet metal face

    Hello to everyone.   Has anyone faced this problem? Do you have any solution suggestions? A drawing from a customer. See attached videova, part is attached. Thank you to everyone who helped in advance.  
    ömür tokman
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  • Need bend lines in circular shape

    I am trying to get bend lines in the drawing file of semi-circular shape. I am looking to bend this circular shape instead of the rolling method. I have created this part through sheet metal and its gives me just cent...
    Parth Patel
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  • Drawing Flat Pattern wrong

    The SLDDRW Flat Pattern View "defaultSM-FLAT-PATTERN" is incorrect.   I've seen this in the past and now seeing it again in 2014 thru 2019.   The only way I found to fix it was to open both the SLDDRW and ...
    Paul Salvador
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  • Sheet Gauge Tracker: Linked sheet metal gauge names and linked material mismatch message

    Sheet Gauge Tracker (SGT) is a utility that links the sheet metal gauge name to the thickness. SGT also tracks the part's material to ensure the values listed in the gauge table are valid since gauges are materi...
    Kevin Chandler
    last modified by Kevin Chandler

    Hello,   I am trying to create and edge flange, however i keep getting an error that this is not possible. The adjacent flanges are all 90-90, however the flange I am trying to create is 85-95     ...
    David Slabbert
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  • Sheet metal part doesn't flatten right

    I have an imported part from a customer. I added sheet metal to it and everything looks good until I flatten it. The radius doesn't flatten out right and I am not sure why it is doing this. Any help is appreciated. 
    Peter Muesch
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  • Disappearing features when flattening a part

    Hello,   This is the first time I am working with Sheet Metal. I created this part:     But when I try to flatten it, I get this:   As you can see, the big semi-circles are gone. I cannot ...
    Justinas Rubinovas
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  • Forming tools - derived part

    Everytime I try to insert a dimple that I have created on to a surface of a sheet metal part, the program is asking me if I am trying to make a derived part.  If I choose no, it opens the dimple that I have drawn...
    Patrick Blad
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  • LEFT/RIGHT hand BEND via configurations

    Sorry, it's me again asking elementaries...   (SW2017 SP5)   What you folks consider the most convenient & efficient & less crashy way of modeling LEFT/RIGHT hand SHEETMETAL part variants via c...
    Heikki Jalonen
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  • Miter Folding

    Miter fold that can fold and unfold.  we do a lot with wood with post laminate and miter folds are part of life. i would like to be able to model it as it really would be.  Any thoughts? 
    Steven Price
    created by Steven Price
  • Flat pattern bend notes can't be moved

    Hello,   Anyone have the same issue. I have a sheetmetal flat pattern view and the bend notes can't be moved. You can drag them away from the original position but they snap into place when you let go. I haven't...
    Elmar Klammer
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  • How to flatten this sheet metal strip?

    Hello, I have this imported strip that I would like to convert to sheet metal and get a flat from it. What is the best way to go about this?
    Peter Muesch
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  • Problems making sheet metal flat with a split line

    I am having problems making sheet metal flat when I have a split line. I am trying to do this with a cone but I realize its not working ever on a simple piece. Has anyone come up with away around this? I have tried ma...
    Bert Wilkinson
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