• Curved sheet metal

    Any ideas what i am doing wrong? Can`t solve those errors...
    Viktoras Laptevas
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  • Select correct fixed face for the DXF export

    We have a habit of posting helpful, 1-minute quick-tip videos for our CUSTOMTOOLS users. This time, as this was related to core SOLIDWORKS sheet metal functionality, we thought it might be useful for people ...
    Olli Murto
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  • biconical silo on sheet metal, something gone wrong

    I got some troubles makin a biconical silo As you can see I got some troubles at the end 560x560mm area...I know maybe it will be too simple but I can't see the result as it will be on real sheet metal biconical......
    Ruben Balderrama
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  • Where are the flat pattern bounding box sizes?

    Hi, Some customers first draw a solid model, then turn it into sheet metal. I cannot reach the flat pattern bounding box. Is this normal, or is it my fault?   Important! This applies only to parts that have be...
    ömür tokman
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  • Sheet metal Loftbend issue

    I am not able to loft bend in between sheet metal sketches? Can any one help me in this, why its not happening ? I am attaching part file.
    Aashish Jain
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    Can some one help me to flat pattern the attached model please
    Joji Johnson
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  • Need Help to Make a Patch on Stack.

    I am trying to get 23in long patch all-around long duct of the extended stack. if anyone knows through which process or tools we can make that patch then please share it to me. Also, I have to make flatten that sheet ...
    Parth Patel
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  • Edge flange of rolling sheetmetal

    Dear all, I have a rolling sheetmetal part. When I add the edge flange I cann't flatten. So could you help me the best way to make it.
    Nam Hung Nguyen
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  • How to do hem on round edge in sheet metal ?

    Hi.  How is possible to do safety edge or hem on round edge using sheet metal design? I want to do circle bin with safety edge for production. Kind Regards, Eugen 
    john connolly
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  • How to select sections to remain unbent

    So I am very new to working with sheetmetal in solidworks.  I am trying to take a flat pattern and make two bends in it.  However, there are some areas which I intentionally would like to remain straight....
    Cameron Dickson
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  • Linear Pattern of Sheet Metal Bends along same Edge

    I am trying to create a series of 1" Hem Bends with a spacing of 1" along the same edge.   I tried creating one 1" Hem Bend and attempting to linear pattern it along the same edge, however it said "Unable to pat...
    Fabio Ketter
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  • Designing rolled sheet metal with cuts

    Hello   I have a doubt. I'm trying to design a rolled sheet metal for an air duct. I need to make it some circular cuts, but when I unfold the sheet, they turn into splines (logical).  I need those holes ...
    Raul Borobio
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  • Any customized software or program to export sheet metals to DXF

    Hi everybody, We produce sheet metal parts and need a software or program to export all sheet metal parts in an assembly to DXF format, but it must be customized to our needs. I will appreciate you if you recommend m...
    Damoon Ba
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  • Text will be flipped in exporting dxf

    Hi everybody, I have created a part in sheet metal and there is text. When I want to export the flat pattern to dxf file, the text on the part will be flipped. Is there anybody who knows what the problem is? Thanks...
    Damoon Ba
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  • Solidworks Top down assembly with BOM

    I want to learn Complete Top-down Assembly modeling and all the tricks/technique to get proper Bill of Material.   I want to design a big project but always I go with bottom to top, Now realize that sometimes it...
    Parth Patel
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  • Flat pattern WAY too long.

    I designed a backhoe bucket and the flat pattern for the shell is too long. It should be ~55", but is ending up being 104". I am using the same method that I use for all our other buckets, including previous backhoe b...
    Don Weber
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  • Lofted Bend / Formed command/ Sheet Metal rolling

    I want to create lofted bend which passes through 3 sketches, Which I can Make flatten in sheet metal and roll it. Or any other technique to create this loft from 3 sketches and convert in sheet metal and make it fla...
    Parth Patel
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  • Need to closed hemming corner

    Hi I need to closed corner comes during hemming. please see attached images.     Thanks   Raj
    Raj Chorghe
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  • Need to Flat Big Barrel

    I try to flat middle big two-barrel but it won't happen can someone please help me?,
    Parth Patel
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  • open inventor part in solid works but Cant edit it.

    Can we open inventor file to Solidworks and modified in Solidworks? I try and I did open inventor file in Solidworks but it won't allow me to do any modification like dimension change and make the little different cut...
    Parth Patel
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