• A better way to manufacture this part?

    Hi all   Long time SW user, First time posting on here   After some ideas, we currently manufacture the 'door jambs' in the attached part in house out of 4 seperate folded 3mm plate parts welded in a squar...
    Johnathan Baz Burtt
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  • How to change default Flatten view position in Solid works Sheet metal?

    How to change default Flatten view position in Solidworks Sheet metal?       Without rotating the flatten view in the drawing page I need horizontal position by deafult itself.   Please le...
    Lokesha Kj
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  • [v2 code uploaded] Sheet Gauge Tracker: Linked sheet metal gauge names and linked material mismatch message

    05/07/2020 Update: v2 code attached. SW2019 required. Sample part and drawing (with linked properties attached.     03/30/2020 Update: v1 code attached. SW2019 required.   Sheet  Gauge Tracker (...
    Kevin Chandler
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  • Seeing Double: Linked Property In Drawing

    Solidworks 2018 SP5.0 Any suggestions of why this sheet metal property always displays the number twice? Even on new text boxes where I can be sure I don't already have the property in it it shows up and on every she...
    Britton Sanders
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  • Tapered step bends!

    Pulling my hair out !!!!!!!!! I'm SUPER new to Solidworks and giving my all.. I've spent hours trying to accomplish a rather simple model for our sheet metal guys in the shop. Half of the model is a simple sketch pro...
    Nate Oliver
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  • Curved folded

    117/5000 Hello, I try to make these forms in solidworks. Has anyone else encountered such forms? I don't know how to approach it example 01 example 02 Thank you.
    Dragos Popovici
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  • How to connect a cylinder with a flat plate and flatten all parts?

    I want to connect a cylinder/tube with a flat plate and then flatten all of them. The picture below is what I get with non-sheet metal features. But I don't know how to achieve them in sheet metal.    For...
    Louise Yi
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  • Sheet metal bend groove?

    Doing a simple sheet metal bend, is it possible to add a groove/guide where the bend is, almost like a trench all along where the bend is to help when the bend is done in real life?
    Charlie Stanley
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  • Flattened Part Unflattening Itself When I Click Away

    All,    I am having an issue where when I flatten an edge flange it flattens fine until I click away from the document, save and re-open the document, or try to make any changes to the document. So, pretty ...
    Kyle Singh
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  • What is the proper way to set up a part/drawing for Press Braking?

    I have a pretty decent understanding of the k-factor, bend allowance, bend deduction, however i'm having trouble understanding how this translates to the press brake. Right now how my department has the bend stuff set...
    Kevin Song
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  • Need bend lines in circular shape

    I am trying to get bend lines in the drawing file of semi-circular shape. I am looking to bend this circular shape instead of the rolling method. I have created this part through sheet metal and its gives me just cent...
    Parth Patel
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  • Unfolded sheet metal of trapezoidal shape cover

    Hi to all! I would like to ask someone of you to help me how to get unfolded metal sheet for cover that have trapezoidal shape. Actually, I'm not familiar with using that (Sheet Metal module).   Thank you in ad...
    Mirko Žohar
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  • Help bending a metal sheet

    I'm currently trying to bend a metal sheet that already has bends on it, no idea how to do it, i've been using solidworks for around 3 weeks now. Any help would be much appreciated. I basically need the metal sheet wi...
    Diego Verdugo
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  • Flat Pattern for a Sheet Metal Disc

    I am trying to create a flat pattern for a sheet metal disc that will be rolled to Ø10 3/4". I can create the part, but the flat pattern fails. The component is highlighted in blue. 
    Andrew Miller
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  • Curved sheet metal

    Any ideas what i am doing wrong? Can`t solve those errors...
    Viktoras Laptevas
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  • Select correct fixed face for the DXF export

    We have a habit of posting helpful, 1-minute quick-tip videos for our CUSTOMTOOLS users. This time, as this was related to core SOLIDWORKS sheet metal functionality, we thought it might be useful for people ...
    Olli Murto
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  • biconical silo on sheet metal, something gone wrong

    I got some troubles makin a biconical silo As you can see I got some troubles at the end 560x560mm area...I know maybe it will be too simple but I can't see the result as it will be on real sheet metal biconical......
    Ruben Rodolfo Balderrama
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  • Where are the flat pattern bounding box sizes?

    Hi, Some customers first draw a solid model, then turn it into sheet metal. I cannot reach the flat pattern bounding box. Is this normal, or is it my fault?   Important! This applies only to parts that have be...
    ömür tokman
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  • Sheet metal Loftbend issue

    I am not able to loft bend in between sheet metal sketches? Can any one help me in this, why its not happening ? I am attaching part file.
    Aashish Jain
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    Can some one help me to flat pattern the attached model please
    Joji Johnson
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