• How to adjust the Edge Flange Radius ?

    I need to come off the edge of the sheet metal (at the red arrow) with a 12mm radius before I go straight down with a flange. I keep trying different ways to change the radius but keep getting the same .27 mm radius. ...
    F. Leatin
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  • Sheet metal vs solid part

    A new employ work with me since 3 weeks, and he want to make a template for flat parts with no bend from the sheet metal feature. Just to have the lenght as a quick proprety.   My question is since sheet metal a...
    Bobby Vallée
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  • How to solve the " Sketch contains unsupported entities for this future "

    Here i'm attached the image of drawing . please guide me , how make the model in sheet metal .
    Vijay Gowda
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  • Select correct fixed face for the DXF export

    We have a habit of posting helpful, 1-minute quick-tip videos for our CUSTOMTOOLS users. This time, as this was related to core SOLIDWORKS sheet metal functionality, we thought it might be useful for people ...
    Olli Murto
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  • Sheet metal cone issue

    I’m trying to design a roof for an API 650 tank. The roof will have several triangular parts which will be welded together. I tried creating with a normal sketch, but I because there is curvature on the outside ...
    Nelson Echeverria
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  • Gap has to be really large if a third bend is added

    So I'm trying to make a Truck bumper, and I have had success in the past, but this particular feature is not bending properly. If I bend it all with .250" sheet metal, and .040" bend radius, this angled gap works prop...
    Eric Stuckey
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  • biconical silo on sheet metal, something gone wrong

    I got some troubles makin a biconical silo As you can see I got some troubles at the end 560x560mm area...I know maybe it will be too simple but I can't see the result as it will be on real sheet metal biconical......
    Ruben Balderrama
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    If someone has answered this already please forgive me , I did search extensively. Can someone please give me a concise explanation of how to add a sheet metal thickness property to the custom property tab builder?...
    Matt Furches
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  • Where are the flat pattern bounding box sizes?

    Hi, Some customers first draw a solid model, then turn it into sheet metal. I cannot reach the flat pattern bounding box. Is this normal, or is it my fault?   Important! This applies only to parts that have be...
    ömür tokman
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  • Sheet Metal Chassis Design

    Hello, I am relatively knew to Solidworks and going into the deep end and have a sheet metal chassis to design. Each side of the rail is suppose to be 1 piece of sheet metal. I tried using convert to sheet metal...
    Justin Zammit
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  • Gauge table flatten/DXF error "Could not find bend table"

    Hi all, I have recently started using a simple gauge table, at the moment it is largely to "force" me to use the "correct" bend radius for a given thickness without having to look it up, and to lock my K-factor at 0....
    Ben Foskett
    created by Ben Foskett
  • Does anyone know how to model this roof vent in sheet metal?

    Hi everyone, I`ve been fighting for a while to model this from a single sheet cut with lots of bendings afterwards. But couldn't make it... Does anyone ever model this or have any ideas? It need to be manu...
    Martin Rojtenberg
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  • Sheet Metal Lofted-Bend Error

    I have a solid loft that I am trying to convert to sheet metal.   I am getting an error while trying to create a lofted-bend. I have attached the error and the file.   I tried recreating the profile using ...
    Jonathan Albert
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  • some Forming Tools (Design Library) doesn't work anymore

    Hi, I have a PCI Low Profile bracket that I've made a time ago. I have a custom Design Library that I usually use, but I'm not an expert with that. Now the problem is that the Forming Tools, which worked a time ago, ...
    Eugen Popa
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    Can some one help me to flat pattern the attached model please
    Joji Johnson
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  • Sheet Metal Base Flange - cannot create simplest of edge flanges?

    Morning All, Just wondering if anybody ever saw the attached & below screenshots for sheet metal edge flange creation.  I've been using this feature to create them for years w/o issue, now when I try to cre...
    Dave Krum
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  • Need Help to Make a Patch on Stack.

    I am trying to get 23in long patch all-around long duct of the extended stack. if anyone knows through which process or tools we can make that patch then please share it to me. Also, I have to make flatten that sheet ...
    Parth Patel
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  • Eccentric Cone

    This is a problem I have seen on the forums, but solutions I have seen do not work for me.   I am trying to insert a bend at the line made by "cut-extrude 5", and get "Non Linear edge is invalid" error.   ...
    Chris Phillips
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  • Dimensioning sheet metal jogs

    I've been looking for a drafting standard to show how to properly dimension a sheet metal jog's leg length for the purpose of calculating bend deductions and haven't found one. I have always dimensioned to outside con...
    Barry Watkins
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  • sheet metal

    Hello all I work with solid 2018 . in sheet metal I want to use tools fromeing for example Rib. when I Drag a forming tool (Rib) from the Design Library onto a sheet metal part. the forming tool insert as a dr...
    Taghi Nasiri
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