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Sheet Metal

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Elmar Klammer
Click to view contentA couple of days ago some asked how to model a basic looking sheetmetal part. SolidWorks can't often handle bends inside another bend region. What looks easy to do is not so. That is if you want a working sheetmetal part, that gives you the folded & flattened state plus the parametric bend line info populated in drawings. Standard modeling… (Show more)
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Jonathan Gwinn
Hey everyone!  I work at a manufacturing company that emphasizes on aluminum fabrication. We've recently purchased a plasma table to cut flat pattern parts on. Currently, to get our flat pattern, we are drawing the parts flat rather than using the sheetmetal tool. I've frankly had issues getting to be a quick, effective solution without large… (Show more)
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Jonathan Lee
Click to view contentHi All,   I'm requiring the bounding box area to be in the custom/configuration specific property tab so I'm able to use it elsewhere later on. I'm only requiring this on a sheet metal parts so I can do some pricing up later on. Its frustrating as i can see the bounding box area in the cut list properties but don't know how to link it to the… (Show more)
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Noemi Gioia
When a make a profile and I want to make it a sheet metal, appear a mistake with the table of gauges
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Stephen Wilson
I'm sure I can find a tutorial for this but, I don't know what the operation is called. It's where a piece of metal is punched out in the surface on three sides, and then formed into an edge flange. Obviously, I can knock a hole in the sheet metal and the use the edge flange tool on one side of it to form the tab. But, since this is such a… (Show more)
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Sake De Jong
Hello, i need some help about sheet metal in SolidWorks 2020. i have a sheet metal part and when going into the flat pattern, 1 bend says ''that this part contains a feature that cannot be unbended'' by that particular bend - a rounded bend. i have looked it up on the internet, but with no results yet.   The specs about the part = a thickness of 2… (Show more)
in Sheet Metal
Shea Nelson
Click to view contentHi,    I am using SW 2019 to design a relatively large aluminum sheet metal part that has some acute angle bends that are vital to function. I need to put a closed hem around the top edge but there are gaps left at the bends. I have been trying to figure out a way to extend the hem around the bend. I know is isn't possible to have the whole hem… (Show more)
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Kevin Brown
I've got a simple baffle (flat sheet of metal) with an offset bend (currently built as two sketch bends).  It's going in a vessel with an odd elliptical shape that will change for different sizes.  I want the baffle to be a tight fit to the vessel and I did a cavity cut on it.     When I go back to the part (baffle) it looks correct but it gives… (Show more)
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Laurens Te Boekhorst
Hi, I'm building a sheet metal cover for some tubes, but I can't seem to get the angles right on it. The cover is at an angle of 5 degrees on the front plane and right plane. At first, I tried drawing the flattened profile and sketch bending it. This came out pretty good, but if you look from the top the bends are not at 90 degrees. When I… (Show more)
in Sheet Metal
Jack Hsu
I created a part with the miter flange feature and it has several bends. Am I able to control each bend radius independently? Or am I only able to achieve this using several edge flanges?
in Sheet Metal
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