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Sheet Metal

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Bert Wilkinson
I am having problems making sheet metal flat when I have a split line. I am trying to do this with a cone but I realize its not working ever on a simple piece. Has anyone come up with away around this? I have tried many ways to flaten and to make this work in different ways this is the base of the problem though.
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Terry Raymond
Click to view contentWas working on attached weldment, found it is somehow corrupted, thinks a part is sheet metal when it isn't.  It used to have some sheetmetal bodies in it.    I found the bad feature and can fix, but was wondering if Solidworks QA like to look at these?  
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Sam Visger
Hi guys,   Been using this forum for years to answer questions and finally have one I couldn't find an answer to.  Here's what I am dealing with:   We are air bending steel on a press brake to form parts between 12 ga (.1046") and 1/4" thick.  When modeling parts we use a different inside bend radius depending on the angle of the bend and the… (Show more)
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Diego Verdugo
I'm currently trying to bend a metal sheet that already has bends on it, no idea how to do it, i've been using solidworks for around 3 weeks now. Any help would be much appreciated. I basically need the metal sheet with bends on it to be like the second image here on this link   Ive tried to unfold the piece and… (Show more)
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Marshall Long
Hey guys,   I have a bent piece of sheet metal and it gives me a flat pattern as expected.  I want to be able to link the flat pattern dimensions from the auto-created "Bounding Box" sketch so that I can put shear size on my bill of materials.  I tried creating a reference dimension and every other kind of dimension but the option to link this… (Show more)
in Sheet Metal
J. R.
Click to view contentI have a weird thing going on. I am trying to use Normal Cut feature to normalize a beveled cut in a sheet metal part - but for some reason, instead of removing extra material like it normally does, in this part it adds some:   Why does it work like this, and how do I make it remove material instead of add it? I know there are other ways to… (Show more)
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Bob Deschenes
Hello all   This type of file is still a headache for me.   I don't have premium for the flatten feature and dont know much about lofted bends.   If it was just a round i could probably handle it  , but it's an Eclipse.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Andrew Miller
Click to view contentI am trying to create a flat pattern for a sheet metal disc that will be rolled to Ø10 3/4". I can create the part, but the flat pattern fails. The component is highlighted in blue. 
in Sheet Metal
Ed Cyganik
Hello Everyone,      I'm a long time user and I was a long time contributer as some of you may know. Anyway, I have performed many searches on this topic but I haven't been unable to find the answer I'm seeking.      I have a sheet metal part created using a Base Flange feature and I'd like to capture the flat pattern length in an existing… (Show more)
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Shawn Pantzke
I am working with a multibody sheetmetal part that has fifteen bodies with ten being unique, and have a need to save out all of the unique bodies as a dxf. While I have a macro to save out all of the flat patterns individually (fifteen bodies)  I have a need to have the flat pattern name linked to the cutlist item. This would allow me to bypass… (Show more)
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