• Trouble creating mould for cleat

    I have tried several ways to get this part to create core and cavity halves. The parting surface command give very unfriendly and small surfaces so I created surfaces for the split surface I would like to use.   ...
    Paul Gamble
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  • max mold opening

    Hello I'm preparing to take the CSWPA-MM and I want to know more about max mold opening the correct way this could be done, this is not my expertise area, maybe you could show me a difficult assembly example in order ...
    Cristhofer Sierra
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  • Mold Cooling Problem

    Under the cswpa mold making certification exam, one of the topics that we need to know is the "mold cooling problem" as shown below.   From what I searched, mold cooling is done by using water and coolant to kee...
    Jack Hsu
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  • Design Library and Ejector Pins

    I need a little direction here. I have Ejector Pin file set up in the design library. I want to bring a pin into the assembly and mate it into position. (up to here I am fine.) Now, I want to save this as a ne...
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  • Having problems with final steps of mold

    Hi everyone, I designed a propeller blade for model aircraft (type folding prop which has a hinge at the root of the blade). I want to create a mold, so followed the steps: created parting line and parting surface. T...
    Peet Doddema
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  • The parting surface must be larger than the boundary of the sketch. Help...

    Hello,   I'm trying to make a mold for an old project as practice. I got to the tooling split, but got the error "The parting surface must be larger than the boundary of the sketch." I'm very much a beginner and...
    Madeline Kistler
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  • the parting surface must be larger than the boundary of the sketch

    Hello,   I've been trying to make a mold for an old part as practice. I'm a student and very much a beginner at solid works and especially mold making. I got to tooling split, but I'm having the error "the parti...
    Madeline Kistler
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  • deleted

    Umberto Zanola
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  • Molds for composites from existing .step files

    First and foremost, I'm not able to post photos of any of these parts. I'll do my best to keep things away from specific geometries. I just want to get a handle on workflow for this type of work.   I've got a ha...
    Daniel Mikiten
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  • Complex Part - Cavity / Core / Side Cores help!

    Hey, I have this part that i have to create a mold design for. However, due to its complexity, i have struggling in a few areas. 1. SW won't create the drafts that are required on the inner surfaces, would i just c...
    D. Russell
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  • Draft analysis parting line in Mold feature

    Hello, I am trying to create a mold for the folding propeller, every time I do draft analysis (first step creating the mold), it leaves curved faces as straddle (what to do with them). All the tutorials I have seen, ...
    Shivam Goswami
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  • How do I add text to a curved surface and add draft for injection molding?

    If you look in the design tree, you can see i extruded the test and then used an offset plane to cut .030 from surface. I've had no success with the draft feature.
    Jim McCarthy
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  • Straddle Face and Draft Analysis

    This is a extension of a following forum thread. A video by Alin Vargatu shows how to repair a straddle face of a part.   About Straddle Face   In the following attached “Straddle Face-Ratchet”...
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • End Condidtion "up to next" error

    Since i moved to 2020 I noticed weird behavior of Hole wizard. When I make a hole with End Condition "up to next" i get this message: I I select "up to surface" it's not going to the surface. I found the dimensions...
    Piotr Kluba
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  • Adding Draft for die-cast part

    Hi   Below is image of die-cast part for which I need to apply draft on EXTERNAL SURFACE. This part is to be made by split mould with split line as highlighted in BLUE. If I try using this split line for adding...
    Nish Parab
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  • replace face

    some time i have small portion of face different lever from the main face , due to draft or few face joint together. simple shape can be correct by create a surface and replace it. but some time it is not that simpl...
    Jackmow Tan
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  • Idea to design this part

    This is a question from OP. Could any one gives any an idea to design this basket? https://forum.solidworks.com/message/1001797    
    Maha Nadarasa
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  • Designing Groove for Mold

    Hello, I am designing another mold: I want to design two grooves so that the molten plastic can enter in the rounded spaces: Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that .. Could you give me some ideas? Thanks in ...
    Alex Dauphin
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  • best way to make core and cavity

    Hi everyone. I m kinda stuck on this part for while. I want to 1 inch height to the edges and later on core and cavity. I also want to add 3 sweep cut on core, because of fibre glass layup. Errors i m getting is uneve...
    Assa Singh
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  • Moldability question - side action passing through the B-side core?

    Hello Everyone! I'm in the conceptual design stage for a plastic part that will be injection molded and I have a question about locating a pair of side holes in neighboring internal protrusions.   (This model i...
    Ryan Feeley
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