• complex mold design problem!!!

    I can not figure out the best way to make this female mold.  I have given up on the mold tools and I am now looking at extrudes, combine (add, subtract), surfaces, etc....please let me know what you think the bes...
    Johnathon Green
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  • proper speaker installing into ABS cover

    hello all,     im designing a new medical device that has a very small speaker pointed to the back of the device. im looking for some recommendations and/or a guide for properly installing the speaker so t...
    Joel Rapoport
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  • Desk fan - cannot creat tooling splist

    I cannot creat tooling splist details, please help me creat it! Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss!
    Ha Tran
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  • Design For Manufacturing - DFM checks for plastics

    SolidWorks provhen tides easy to use design features for plastic injection molded components. DFMPro further adds power of analysis to iunder dentify manufacturability of design under SolidWorks enviornment.It is daut...
  • Creating electrodes

    I have noticed there are often questions on how to do electrodes on SW.  As a reasonably advanced user of surfacing etc I was suprised at how challenging this was to complete.  I now have a solution that wor...
    Craig Pretty
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  • Survey: Plastic Design in SolidWorks

    SolidWorks would like your feedback concerning the design of plastic injection molded parts using SolidWorks. Please take a moment to fill out this short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s....x9Esiv3jQ_3d_3d ...
    Julie Napolitan
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  • Great Resource for Plastics Industry

    Hi Everyone.   Recently I've found the free webinars on the IDES prospector site to be a fountain of knowledge for engineers in the plastics industry. It gives insight to cutting edge technology and guidelines f...
    Geoffrey Leonard
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  • Pictures of Tooling

    Hi all,   Discussions recently on tooling have been quite good in sharing the information and skills around.  Similar to a thread in the General category, it would be great if people could share the tools t...
    Craig Pretty
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  • Techniques for splitting molds.

    Hi. I'm curious about the techniques you experts use to perform tool splits. I have been trying to use the mold functions a couple of times but don't know if this is the right way to go. In my experience Solidworks p...
    Mikael Martinsson
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  • unable to select surface through transparency

    I have a plastic enclosure from two parts Top and bottom created by using a split feature. I would like to select the mating surface. Even though I have enabled selection through transparency in tools / options/system...
    Basam Rafou
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  • Electrode creation

    I am looking into creating electrodes for our EDM department but am having trouble extracting the electrode out of the cavity. I am thinking that calling the cavity up in assembies and creating using convet entities a...
    Aaron Smith
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  • Beta Testing a New CSWp-Advanced Mold Tools Exam

    Since this sub forum is a pretty focused group I thought I would post an open call for some beta testing. Before joining SolidWorks this year, I spent the past 15 years working in the plastic injection mold trade. One...
    Mike Puckett
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  • Does Solidworks offers gears as a toolbox?

    We have this unit we are designing and it needs a little door on the front panel. How do we make the door open and close using mechanism such as gears? Gears are not the only option. If you guys know of any other ...
    ernie lorenzo
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  • Complex parting line / split line

    I have a part that will be mirrored. The part line is created on three sides or faces (three sketches) and joined by a composite curve. As the surface to create the parting line is sweep, a 3DSketch was used to add co...
    Christopher Thompson
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  • Lip Feature

    ...on non-planer edges? I saw the demo last night at our VAR's SW2009 rollout but failed to ask the question. Most of my plastic parts are from one body with a split that isn't planer. Also, I think I read somewhere t...
    Steve Calvert
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  • Mold tools troubleshooting

    Hi all, I have recently tried to get involved with the mold tools on Solidworks and I have been working through the tutorial that is available. However I have found that if you either go to edit the shut-off surface f...
    Dan Mogridge
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  • Mold Tools

    John and others not using the mold tools. I understand some aspects of NOT using the mold tools. Such as drafting filling the hole and extending out the shut off surfaces. But, how do you avoid not using the ...
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  • Where were we?

    We had a discussion on using the "thickness" link value, one on plastic flow analysis and another one I forgot.
    Matt Lombard
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  • Better Name

    I wonder if this will stick this time. I know this thread is at risk of vanishing, but I wanted to comment on the new name choice. I like it. It is clear, and more encompasing. Please let us know when this forum i...
    Paul McGarr
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