• Composite curve swept boss base not working

    Composite curve swept boss base not working:  I am creating a torsion spring (below) and have already successfully done so several times in the past but I needed to adjust the end lead sketches and now the centra...
    Tom Friddell
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  • Gap when extending extrusion to curved surface

    I am building a bracket that will attach to the end of a PVC pipe. I want some ears to stick out across a slit for tightening the bracket with a bolt between the ears. I created a plane tangent to the cylindrical surf...
    Brian Catlin
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  • Elipsoidal pipes end section misalignment

    Hello, as you guys can see on the screenshot, no matter whether I choose one or the other section/sketch as the first input, whenever I validate the function swept, it leads to the end section/ellipse not aligned to t...
    Ano Ano
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  • Quater turn fastner

    Hi all,   I would be grateful if anybody could help,   http://grabcad.com/library/quarter-turn-fastener   In the link above there is a quater turn fastner with a quater turn cut out. Does anybody kno...
    Boland Pierce
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  • Need help with alternate fillet solution, since they won't solve in SW.

    Three other CAD packages solve this with zero problems... solidworks, not so much.  Customer wants solidworks so here i am asking for help on this.  normal fillet won't work, face fillet acts like it will th...
    Evan Hart
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  • surface offset / surface thicken

    Hi,   I  don't understand why the surface thicken feature or surface offset NEVER works unless you are doing something real basic with no small radius corners.. This feature should automatically fix those s...
    Alexandru Anghel
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  • FeatureManager Icon

    what is it? what does it mean?
    劉 旭 峰
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  • Parameterized material properties, density

    Given either a part property or global variable in `equations' representing the porosity of a material, is it possible to create a parameterized expression for material density which is some function of porosity? ...
  • Derived sketch in belt feature will not update

    I'm using the belt/chain feature for a conveyor belt, and have created a belt model around the derived sketch that it creates from the auto-generated sketch belt profile.   Now, I've changed the size of the roll...
    Tom O'Boyle
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  • The parameter is incorrect for threading, or cannot select the checkmark.

    I have had this issue in several part files which I am trying to add standard threads in (1/4-28 for instance). I typically use cut-threads on my assembly instead of extruded threads because I cut into a lead-in chamf...
    Marc Raby
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  • multi-body parts and rename - a warning!

    I have the following problem, hope someone can help, failing that perhaps it will prevent another user falling into the same trap.   I have a multi-body part. It is a collection of plates which will be welded to...
    James Craig
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  • Create a radial (shadowing) extrusion

    I'm looking for a way to do the equivalent of an "up to next" extrusion, but starting from a point rather than a plane.  For some reason I can't insert my image of what I want to do so I'm attaching it instead.&#...
    Michael Foegelle
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  • I can't use fillet correctly

    I am trying to model bent metal. I can use fillet on one portion but not the other 3. It flips the fillet in the wrong direction. I've tried fully defining the sketch and flipping where the extrude sketch is drawn to ...
    Andrew Branch
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  • Cannot flatten sheetmetal tube

    So I'm working on making a playground slide out of sheet metal, but when I try to add bends to convert the part into sheet metal so I can flatten it I cannot get it to flatten for the life of me. It keeps telling me t...
    Michael Gibson
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  • Creating a complex template: Hello, I have a part template with global variables to make similar parts with different dimensions for the slots (or fingers). A problem I haven't solved yet it when the part has a different number of fingers. The template is

    (first time posting, I just copied my heading and put it here)   Hello, I have a part template with global variables to make similar parts with different dimensions for the slots (or fingers). A problem I haven'...
    Cameron Curet
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  • BSP, BSF, BSW hole wizard

    Is it possible to select BSP BSW and BSF threads in the hole wizard and if not can they be added to the hole wizard in the same way you can add weldment profiles in the weldment menu?
    Ben Amos-Reed
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  • Part Disappears and yet tree shows all items.

    I was using the Dual screen feature.  I had an assembly on one screen and the part I was changing on the other screen.  I changed a sketch measurement.  I exited out and the part in the assembly disappe...
    Lynn Loughmiller
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  • Hole Wizard Legacy Hole Counterbore

    Hi all,   I came across an issue this afternoon, I tried using a legacy hole counterbore and the depth does not quite equal what I input. Diameter is correct, counterbore diameter is correct, counterbore depth ...
    Kyle Mitchell
    created by Kyle Mitchell
  • I've edited the png file for the decal, but the decal won't update in SW...

    I've even deleted and re-added the decal and it still shows the old one.  The preview of the decal shows correctly.  How can I get this thing to update?   I have the option to "Store Appearance, Decal ...
    Angela Crawford
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  • Is there a way to limit the length of a fillet?

    I am trying to replicate the following drawing:   The problem I am encountering in solidworks is creating the radius around each of the four corners of the main body of the part. I tried using a variable fille...
    Marcus Solis
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